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PornHub Now Offers a Mirror Website Its Own Vpn to Circumvent Indian Porn Ban ByNovak Bozovic-October 30, 2018.792 Indian Isps has already blocked over 800 websites including the most popular adult-oriented website in the world. Aside from their official Vpn solution, PornHub now offers a mirror website for Indian users. Indians are constantly turning to Vpn applications to ensure they’re online secure and anonymous. Back in 2015, India’s ruling lawmakers tried to block more than 800 websites full list of porn here). Lifting the ban and allowing free access to all previously banned websites didn’t take long for the Indian Government. Nevertheless, once again the authorities have agreed to reinstate the ban. To see PornHub reacting to the Indian government in such a way does not come as a surprise. By looking at the 2017 insights from this website we can see that India is in fact the third country in terms of traffic. To PornHub this would mean a loss of millions of users and visitors. For Indians it would mean losing their favorite adult-oriented entertainment source. However, it is important to note that the government can also block the new domain that is bound to occur as soon as possible. Apart from using the mirror website, another viable (and long-term) solution is to use a Virtual Private NetworkGoogle related Vpns trends that have spiked in recent days. .793 For IndiaExpressVpnordVpnvpnhub we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the best Vpn applications. Don’t forget that Vpns not only unblocks websites but also offers much needed data protection. They can make anonymous online encryption of your traffic which makes it impossible for anyone to track your whereabouts online.