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App Store and Apple Music Down for some iOs 11 UsersByNitish Singh-February 1 2019.046 Figure 1 Picture Courtesy of Medium Users including Apple Music and App Store are also unable to access device software. Apple has yet to address the issues and implement a patch for the users impacted. There may be a problem with iOs 11 which prevents users from accessing Apple Music and the App Store, according to reports from multiple users. A number of users have reported problems on social media but an official patch is yet to be implemented. The issue affects all jail-broken devices and stock handsets. Users on the Reddit iOs jailbreak subreddit also reported connectivity issues which also affected their devices. Initial reports suggested that the issue only affects jailbroken users but it has also affected a number of users running a legitimate version of the mobile Os. Although users running the stock version of iOs 11 can simply update to iOs 12 if their system is eligible users running jailbroken devices are unable to do so because Apple iOs 12 is not yet available for exploit. Tried uploading into cloud. Told me the room did not suffice. Tried to get more room but couldn’t do it because the App Store is down and so are my buying capabilities. So what next because it’s very stressful. In order to restore access, some users suggested setting the data back to January 29. The problem was related to recently expired security certificates and Apple has yet to update it. Until now, however, there has been no official confirmation and we await the response from Apple. Although down on iOs 11 app store. What an endorsement. Nothing to detail. Thx @AppleSupport — Apple iOs Designer [ @ios designer ] 1 February 2019 According to the uproar over social media, Apple disabled iOs 12 to compel users to update to iOs 11. That’s unlikely to be the case, however, because given the track record of the tech giant upgrading most of its devices for a very long time, there are older devices that haven’t received an upgrade to iOs 12. If the problem is actually related to the security certificates a quick update would fix the problem for all users. The Status page of Apple’s system was not updated to reflect the problem. The only thing the company is currently investigating is the recently discovered bug that affects Facetime users.Since earlier this year, there has been excitement about the new feature of YouTube in the Incognito Modetesting process that any Android user can download to start using the update. Certain applications like Chrome and Gboard apps were first to provide Android consumers with this service. The mode lets a user browse the web while no activity logs are registered. Such settings make searching simpler without having a search engine monitoring your activity. This is an important privacy tool but why is this exciting news for consumers? If you do not currently have this update you need to sign out of your Google account to avoid monitoring. This is an agonizing operation. Thanks to the new modifications you can remain on the site to enable the mode and start browsing. .048.048 Figure 1 Image Courtesy to allow is fast. To reach those settings, a user simply tap on his or her avatar. It also turns off easily so you can start daily browsing. Why can’t you stay in this mode? Because there is a limit on how much you are able to do while it is running. You will not be able to access your Library or Inbox when you have switched on. Nor will your subscriptions work. Grip.