Micron Introduces 1Tb MicroSd Card for High Quality Mobile Apps ByNitish Singh-February 25, 2019.301 Figure 1 Photo Credits: At Mwc 2019 (Mobile World Congress) AndroidPit.com Micron unveiled the world’s first 1Tb MicroSd Card. The new MicroSd card offers read speeds up to 100Mb / s and write speeds up to 95Mb / s per second. Micron announced that the new card comes with the Quad-level (Qlc) 96-layer 3D cell and Nand technology. Micron’s 1Tb card aims to cater for power users who heavily use their mobile devices. Showcased at the 2019 Mwc, the product comes with a quad-level (Qlc) 96-layer 3D cell and Nand technology to cram the massive storage space into a tiny form factor. The firm has confirmed that without a delay, the MicroSd card can run high-performance mobile apps. The card earned the A2 App Quality C certificationBroadcom has now acquired the specific sector they were involved in significantly improving its portfolio. Symantec will now be selling the remaining assets and focusing on its consumer products. Broadcom Inc. and Symantec Corporation finally found a way out of the deadlock talks to purchase Symantec as a whole to advance their investment software strategy that would boost the role of the chipmaker in the wider tech market. With the deal going public Symantec figured they might come up with a better offer based on their potential and not their current value but Broadcom resisted pursuing a moving target and refused the terms offered. In reality, Broadcom’s shareholders agreed with this move because purchasing the tumultuous Symantec in the first place wasn’t exactly music to their ears. As announced now, the two have reached a new agreement complementing the 2017 acquisition of network equipment specialist Brocade to base financial investigations. The majority of Symantec’s assets will be monetized from their property. Here’s what interim president Rick Hill had to say about the Broadcom deal: “With a large and growing demand Norton LifeLock products meet the increasing need for cyber security among customers. Our Consumer Cyber Safety division contributed 90 per cent of Symantec’s total operating profit in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. It is our opinion that we can effectively expand our subscriber base and raise our annual revenue per user with an operating model based on increased marketing expenditures and product development for consumer privacy. We expect this asset divestiture to help our Norton LifeLock business to grow revenue in the mid-single digits with continued strong operating cash flow and increased earnings growth. “

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