Golden Brown Hair Color

Brown can sometimes be a simple color. But it’s not supposed to be! That’s because you can quickly add dimension and shine to add a touch of gold, not to mention the confidence that your brown hair is nowgolden brunette. We’ll give you the inspiration to get there.

Shine Bright with These Golden Brown Hair Colors

Below you’ll find golden brown hair color ideas ranging from hot red to bronze blonde and there’s every golden variation. Find the perfect match for you!

Golden Brown Balayage

With a mixture of caramel highlights and vanilla tips, this balayage lob is dreamy. The shoulder-length bob makes color easy to maintain and blonde’s touch framing her face and ends is perfect for anyone looking for a brighter side of life with a golden brown hair color.

Long and Layered Browns

For those with brown hair on the darker side, a medium brown balayage that slowly turns golden is a natural look for you! It’s perfect for a colored pop to hit a golden hue without heaving your tresses to dye heavily.

Warm Medium Tones

Asultry take on natural brown hair opting for warm auburnor tones works well on warm skin girls or even fair-skinned with green eyes (to bring out that dreamy color!). The hair base has been painted to match the tone highlights for a smooth melting of color!

Long Golden Highlights

This is the perfect brown hair with golden highlights, both neutral and organic. That’s because, in an effortless way, the balayage is incorporated into her tresses and stays about the same color throughout the entire hair head as opposed to a more darkened look. It’s simple and it’s all working. ‘

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‘ Golden Layered Tresses’

‘ Tons of layers reflect golden tones in the light throughout her hair. Show off your new highlighted brown hair with lots of layers of movement and through your hair running your hands! After the delicate golden tones have been applied, get a blow out (or at-home version) and voila!

Cinnamon Mid-Length Cut

Atouch of golden blonde highlights combined with cooking red tones in the base color make this look spicy warm like cinnamon. If your hair pulls red tones naturally or if you have an auburn-y base adding some golden balayage highlights, just like this one will give you a unique look.

Soft Simple Golden Brown

Sometimes the easiest color of the best golden brown hair. These soft golden tones reflect enough light to make it look like all the work was done by the sun. For a sophisticatedly simple look, d a touch of wave and gloss.

Dark Warm and Wavy

Use warm tones to highlight your naturally dark hair or add a black base for a super sultry hair colour. Dinging golden brown hair color on black hair produces a touch of brightness or you can add highlights closer to the root if you want brighter gold to the bottom of your next session.

CopperGolden Brown

Whether you call your name reddish brown hair or have a touch of red in your hair adding reddish golden highlights is always a good idea. It adds suspense and elegance and is ideal for fall season, have we mentioned? The


Golden Brown Ombre

Long hair works well to show the transition from dark brown to medium brown hair. This shadow-balayage blend is simply amazing paired with long layers and soft curls. It’s easy to maintain the color!

Honey Gold Brunette

It’s easy to get the right honey golden brown hair if you’re a hairstylist. What’s not to love about her long tresses with this soft honey shadow? Keep it neutral and sweet.

Golden Brunette Tiger-Inspired

Don’t know what kind of golden brown you want? Maybe you’d like a mixture of copper and gold just as shown here. These brown streaks of gold are placed on top of a dark base throughout her hair and we love it.

Light Golden Chestnut

Use a scanning technique that leaves a few inches of root in place to add golden brown hair with blonde highlights. This not only refreshes your look without overpowering your natural color, it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Sandy Golden Brunette

This golden brown hair with highlightswill complement you if you have a neutral skin tone! Depending on what you wear that day and your perfectly soft tones will go with each outfit, it’s easy to go warm or cool.

DeepBrunette Dimensions

Sometimes the most exciting thing as a brunette can be to base your entire color on a deep shade of golden brown. To show them off, this deep brown hair colorhasauburn shades and soft curls.

Bob with Golden Lowlights

With lots of layers flowing around the shoulder-length cut this hair>side bang and bouncy waves.

Big Bouncy Brunette

The slight mix of baby lights brightens the otherwise medium to dark brown hair without being too dazzling.

Blonde Balayage Brunette

Any time a brunette goes a bit blonde bordering a brown-blonde, the result is too good to pass. Her golden blonde highlights surround her profile and the best places to go heavy-handed with the blonde get thicker at the edges.

Reddish Brown Bob

Warm golden shades aren’t always the easiest to achieve so why not make things easier by warming up a super fast hair>long bob. This look is perfect for falling when transforming the bob into a cozy look of medium length.

Deep Golden Brown

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