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Nuvyyo Launches Tablo Over – The-Air Quad Dvr With Automated SkippingByNitish Singh-January 7, 2019 1336 An extra $5 per month is an optional subscription plan. Nuvyyo confirmed the app is still in beta as the firm is ironing out kinks in the machine-based learning framework. If you’re concerned with the number of ads shown by different content providers Tablo has the right product for you. The company launched its new “Quad Dvr” over the air, which comes with automatic ad-skipping. The Dvr comes with four built-in tuners that allow you to simultaneously record and store content from four separate Tv antenna channels. The system is expected to be available for $200 by March 2019. On the Tablo Dvr the ad-skipping function is identical to TiVo Roamio. By simply activating it from your settings, you can automatically miss Ota advertisements. Currently the app is in beta so users can anticipate some hiccups when using it. The app also adds to the mix material support for cover art and metadata. Vertising has become a controversial topic with providers such as Netflix adding advertising on top of subscription fees and Nuyyo aims to address the new device. Tablo has announced that the ad-skipping function is cloud-based and takes advantage of machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to detect and remove ads while watching movies or live events on your favorite Tv. If you want to use the ad-skipping feature you’ll have to pay an extra $5 a month. You’ve also the option to pay $150 for lifetime ad-skipping.