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He attended Earl of March Secondary School in Ottawa and received his high school education. Later he graduated from Carleton University in English Literature, and from Concardio University in Business Administration.

He took his first very wise move in 1994 and was one of Vice’s founders. In 1994 he and Shane Smith decided to create this along with Suroosh Alvi. Shane is Canadian journalist and Suroosh is Pakistani journalist. Vice is a website that’s all about pop culture and news, but it’s more focused on issues facing young people. Vice’s goal is to raise awareness about certain issues and through all the hard work they do, they succeed in that. The magazine also has a production company and a record label on its own website. You can get this magazine on a monthly basis, and read some of Gavin’s work. People seem to enjoy it, because around 900 000 pieces are sold every month.


Because he also spoke badly about Susan Rice but also about Asians and Palestinians, he has been accused several times of being racist. He believes black violence is one of the country’s biggest challenges. He is also an anti-Islamic Jewish hater, and is racist. He claims abortion triggers white genocide that gave him enormous public attention. Gavin has three children and he says he is very worried about them as they can always be in danger due to his fame. Many people have made threats, but nothing has ever been done by anyone.

Net Worth

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