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ByBill Toulas-May 18 2019.700 A YouTube boxing channel has had enough of Ufc’s unjust takedown notices to give them an attorney. YouTuber presented the issue to a non-profit digital rights group of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The lawyer used a four-point letter explaining that the contents of YouTuber are not antagonistic to the original broadcast. What he did was send an attorney to Ufc to demand that they stop sending takedown notices for using still photos from the games, a practice that does not break any copyright laws. The channel focuses on coverage of boxing matches with MacKay providing insight on still images. No video footage from these battles is used by the station, as they are not permitted to do so. Using this strategy, the channel has succeeded in attracting widespread followership, but the continuous alerts cause great difficulty because YouTube removes all of its videos soon after the Ufc claim is made, usually a few days after the content was first uploaded. It obviously causes significant damage to the channel “Boxing Now,” so MacKay called the Electronic Frontier Foundation (Eff) who sent an attorney to the Ufc. The lawyer has written a letter stating that the commentary and still photos of MacKay can not be regarded as promotional material for the original broadcast. The lawyer deduces, on the contrary, that “Boxing Now” videos increase the demand for the original content. The letter analyzes the matter based on four different considerations all of which are determined in MacKay’s favour. While the letter is intended to help Ufc understand what their actual benefit from the presence of outlets like “Boxing Now” is what will happen if it has not been established that the martial arts promotion firm does not comply. Will the Eff take further action and will the court even seek compensation for damages? Could they even get a shot in a situation like this? That remains to be seen and everything depends on how Ufc is reacting to these developments. The lesson is that YouTubers fight back and I’m sure MacKay is only the first of many to take things to the next level. The situation with unjust takedown notices has just gone too far and time has come to do something about it.