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Kids Cave Kodi don – Best Place For Animated Movies Tv ShowsByNovak Bozovic-April 12, 2018.912 You’re probably aware that Kodi addons are all about the new web content. It includes Tv shows for movies and live TV networks. There’s much more to it than that though. As you’ll see there are some awesome family-oriented addons in this post. Kids Cave is all about children-friendly Tv shows and cartoons as its name implies. It brings a very large content library that is helpful in those times when you want to entertain your children. Let’s see how to mount the Kodi addon to Kids Cave. Disclaimer: Kodi is built with the following program – which is an open-based software on its own. However Kodi does not support this program and it does not come through the official channels of Kodi. This service is still available to the public, and is free of charge. So we do not take any responsibility for how our readers want to use it. In fact, TechNadu does not tolerate actions such as violations of piracy or copyright. Please note we are not in any way affiliated to the following applications. Please read the above mentioned disclaimer carefully and make sure the program is used properly. Warning: Why don’t you have to use Kodi without Vpn? Here are the reasons for looking at it without skipping. Link to a Vpn where your identity is obscured by rotating your IP address when streaming content from Kodi. This is how the prying eyes can keep you safe. The above are the 2 reasons which force us to recommend a Vpn for safer streaming to the Kodi users. In reality we finally came up with a one non-stop solution after reviewing multiple Vpns for Kodi and that is ExpressVpn the top rated Kodi Vpn49 percent Off on ExpressVpn which includes 3 Free Months in it. Get the # 1 Ranked Kodi Vpn Kids Cave Kodi don: Kids Cave’s Basics mainly focuses on children-friendly material covers pretty much everything from movies to TV shows – both the new titles and very old titles. The addon provides a setup that is easy to use, where various types of material are well defined. You can choose a group or conduct a search right from the Home screen. Furthermore, Kids Cave scraps the web for multiple sources, ensuring you’ll still find a working link. How to mount a don Kodi Kids Cave? Important Note We need to make sure your Kodi is ready for what’s next before we start going deeper. By default Kodi will not allow you to install Kids Cave unless you allow inofficial addon support. During the installation you can do this but it’s always safer to go in prepared. All you need to do is visit the Settings of Kodi, and make a few quick changes. We have put together a quick guide to help you do this. Learn how to allow unknown sources, and read this article afterwards. Setup guide We are now ready to jump in. First we install the repository from Gentec. We will then use Kodi to access the file, and install the Kids Cave. Let’s continue. Return to the Home screen of Kodi by pressing the key on your keyboard to back-space. Then click on ‘ d-ons ‘ in the main menu; in the top-left corner you will see an Open box icon. Click on this icon;.917.917 Select ‘ Download Zip file ‘; go to Gentec> New Repo for Gentec Wizard using a popup. Then press the ‘ repository.gentec.zip ‘ file. Wait until the repository is installed for a few moments;.919.919 Next click ‘ Repository Install; ‘ go to Gentec Repository> Video d-ons> Kids Cave. Click on the name of the addon; .920.920 That is it. You can go back to your d-ons screen, where you will see the Kodi Kids Cave addon. Kodi don Kids Cave: What to expect? We have put together a guided tour to make it easier for you to find your way around Kids Cave. Read on to find out what kinds of content you might expect. Audio Books: The addons to Kodi mainly involve videos. Hence it is a big surprise to see audiobooks. Kids Cave is currently the only addon that brings audio books to kids so make sure they take advantage of this amazing tool. .921.921 Teen Tv Shows: This is where you will find TV shows for them if you have a bit older kids. But there are some names that shouldn’t be here like for example Breaking Bad. Cartoons: The name says everything. This is where a long list of cartoons such as Scooby Doo Looney Tunes and the Flintstones is to be found. .922.922 Box Sets: A small range of film franchises so that similar films can easily be found next to each other. You won’t find many titles here but it’s always beneficial to have such quality group. Movies: This is a mixed travel container. Although there are animated films in here some titles are (at least) for children. So make sure you look through this section before telling your children to use it. Dreamworks Animation: Dreamworks has succeeded in creating several high-quality projects over the past few years, many of which can be found here. .923.923 Pixar Collection: What can we learn about Pixar and its world-famous movies? You probably know everything there and certainly your kids will love them. Film Tv Show Search: You can then use an automated search tool to find something unique. You know what your kids love to watch so you can find interesting material the easiest way to do so. Tools Divtional: What’s next?