French Braid Styles

French braid ponytail that conjure up pictures of elementary school days, but modern versions are anything but childish. A braided choice is a perfect look for you when you want to wear a fuss-free updo but grow bored quickly with simple styles. Whether you’re blonde or brunette with curly or straight hair, in our photo gallery below we have a hairdo to inspire you and direct you through spicing up your look.

French Braid Ponytails Charm

A French braid adds interest to a basic pony hairstyle. Since you can place your braids vary in width tightness and texture in different sections, it is easy to create an individual style that will be all your own.

Loosely Braided Style

Try a loose French braid that ends at the nape for a day when you want some extra style, but you don’t want to go all-out. Then put a pony owner in it and it’s fun to go. For anything informal or casual, this look will work. Do not use items to keep it concerned.

Sculptural Punky Ponytail

Swap a swap hawk for a French braid ponytail taking out your I-know-how-to-wail attitude. Part off the top part of the hair and apply deep French braids on both sides to lay flat. Then as far as you can, taunt your head.

Double French Braid Crown

Perfection is the loose look. The braids are free. Curls free. Hair wound loosely around the owner of the pony tail. Before you start, the trick is to use workable products (not after hairspray).

Flowy Side Braid

Full of romance on this side French braid. To get the look work at the crown with a loose tension and medium hair sections that bring the braid down to the nape on one side. Make it unique and texture-filled by choosing a fishtail braid to hold it all together. Add easy waves and finish!

Custom Braided Up-Do

Who says up-dos must be up your neck all the way up? They’re not the facts. Extra-special ponytails may be as ready for events as up-dos that hide the length of the hair. A teased poof produces a fresh formal look, but certainly the curls are the secret to this French braid ponytail.

Creative Side Ponytail

Ponytail braid trend can be interpreted in many ways, but it’s one of our favorites. A headband effect is created by the smaller French braid at the crown, while the larger one provides some visual interest. Keep braiding to make an elegant side braid all the way down. 401/01/01.101.jpg” />

French Braid with Bubbles

You can add a twist to Valentino’s popularized bubble ponytail with ultra-long hair. French braid and lock all of your hair from top to nape. Then braid only a small top section to attach the bubbles created by pulling loose strands for a rounded shape as decoration.

Charmingly Soft Ponytail

You can add a lot of volume and body to your hair with a French braid in ponytail look. The best way to get started is a sea salt spray or texturizing spray. Last, taunt your hair’s back. Hold the braid low when pulling from your part in hair pieces. You’re going to have locks in full flow.

Triple Braid Style

When you see inspiring braid images, you immediately catch your eye. This look is a goddess from Greece that meets the seventies. Okay? Three separate pieces taunt the hair behind them and create a perfect pony to get it braided right now. Loosen the winning waves.

Perfectly Messy Braid Style

Braided ponytails are such a fun way of displaying highlights and lowlights. This look is the new best friend of the messy bun. The braids are performed well, but not perfect. The long bangs of the face were held wispy. The pony’s just teased a little bit. Our guess is that right now you’re already trying this out.

Diagonally braided ponytail

For a French braided ponytail rarely made before beginning with a braid going along a diagonal. You can braid a waterfall or hold a separate section of the top like this example. Next mirror with a second swooping braid at that angle and lock both in a single side ponytail.

Braided Glam Hairstyle

Channel the inside diva with big undone cornets. With this model, twin-tone or shadow hair looks super cool as it exaggerates the difference. French loose braids add height to the top. Put the pony up high to keep the look sassy and glamy.

French Braid with Curls

If you have the skill to braid you deserve to show them off. If not, the trick is to be careful and pick only small hair pieces at a time. Pigtail braids in the cascading curls allow more volume as you can separate the hair further. Go ahead with it!

Artistically Undone Braid

Most definitely, no matter how many photos you have been looking through, a braid ponytail like this still has to be found. You may not note at first glance that the super loose pieces are just a braid that has been deconstructed. The contrasting tiny braids prove this is an artist’s work. 401/01/109.jpg” />

Regal Braided Up-Do

Try a French braid that begins at the front and wraps around a high ponytail for a formal style that is exclusive and classy. The styling’s elegant elegance and the crown’s size make it perfect for a night out.

Cute and carefree Ponytail

A definite update to the braided ponytails on the hippie vibe gives you a partially braided, partly straight hair look without trying too much. In short, we’re not going to wear the festival or costume here for modern style. Apply as you braid with a pomade or wax to keep your hair smooth. ‘

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‘ Fiercely Braided to Perfection’

‘ This braided ponytail is not for the weak of the heart. Tight cornrow-style braids make for a fabulously relaxed style in the temples with a perfectly straight high ponytail. This look will take you from a super fun day to a sexy night out anywhere, not too formal.

Long Elegant Ponytail

Here you can see the magnificent long locks. The temple braids merely add a decorative component that distinguishes the teased upper hair segment from the smooth underneath portion. When wrapped around the pony owner, highlights and shadow strings really stand out.

Complicated and cute French braid

To get this look down the middle part of the hair as if you were going for pigtails then do waterfall braids lowering the strands on top instead of the bottom. Next you can braid the fallen threads, covering the center part together. Divine!

Fantastic French Braid

It’s kind of incredible this French braid ponytail. French Waterfall braids are created in the center and then joined in between on the very sides. The below fishtail braid helps balance the difficulty. Some work has gone into this one so get on with your practice.

Reverse Braid and Side Ponytail

It’s an interesting spin on the usual look to rock your braid behind your ponytail instead of the front. Because you put the braiding in all that hard work doesn’t cover it with a long tail. For a look that’s flirty and full of life, transfer it to the left.

Sloppy Double Braid

Look no further than a side braid with wispy flyaways for a sloppy touch if the bohemian look is more carefree. This plays with proportions instead of a normal French braid by weaving a thin, tight braid into a larger loose braid. The effect is a thoughtful, unmissable detail.

Twin Braid Updo

Although many French braid ponytail styles need longer hair, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to miss it all. You can create full styles by using a weave that last and look realistic in this image like the double French braid updo.

Multicolored Jumbo Braid

Perfect for those who have fond memories of playing with My Little Pony dolls and would like to have one of those colorful clip-on ponytails. For a vibrant look that is still subdued, a more grown-up version uses pink and blonde highlights throughout the wavy mane.

Braid and Bun

It is best to think outside of the box if you are looking for a French braided ponytail that can work for a prom or a fancy event. Adding a twisted bun to your long pony’s base gives you an unexpected and unforgettable feel.

Blonde Pony with Double Braid

At first, this double French braid ponytail seems simple, but when you look at it long enough, you start to notice the different yet simple details that make it unique. It’s the perfect date night look for a beauty obsessed woman from the connecting side braids to the twisted ponytail and the blonde waves.

Elegant Event Pony

Formal hairstyles do not always have to be stiff or above. This high ponytail is polished but still accessible, so it’s a nice choice for a woman wearing a lot of hats and attending a lot of events in one night.

Straight Triple Threat

It is better to pair your braids with straight hair if you want to appear less feminine and more edgy. For a no-nonsense look, this sleek look combines polished strands a wrap around ponytail with three small cornrows.

Trendy Two-Tone Braided Pony

It’s better to experiment with different colors when you know you won’t have much time to primp in the morning but want to make your daily look interesting. The brown and blonde blend of two tones makes a standard ponytail visually exciting.

Medium Hair Side Braid

Updos are great for weddings and this shoulder-long style is a nice option for a bride who wants to get a complete French braided ponytail without using fake hair. You will get an enchanting feel for your special day by combining a jumbo braid with loose curls.

Try a French braid ponytail in the future when you’re stumped with hairstyle preparation. It is a hairdo that, depending on your desire, can work in both casual and formal settings while being sweet or sassy. There’s a perfect look for you no matter what hair length or texture you have. Sophisticated Ponytail Ideas by Viola Pyak Super-Flattering Braids for Curly Hair of Different Types Trendy Ways to Wear Braids with Shaved Sides Triangle Braids Taking Your Box Braids to Next Level A Tall Cool Lemonade Braids Glass! Easy Loose French Braid Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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