French beard

hard man style

You can use a French beard style to give your face a true angular style. Fill out the French cut outline for a real intensity burst.

French Fishtail Side Braid

and Tutorial Great braided hairrunning or date errors. Its so good and it gives it bonus points because its so easy to make. Dont hesitate to throw on some extensions if youre not blessed with naturally thick and long hair.

Anchor Style

In the case of a possible disconnection between the lower and upper portions of your French beard style, anchor beard may be named instead. This reflects the cuts anchor shape.

Two Dutchbraids Fishtailbraids

This combination of Dutch and Fishtail braids is all but popular. More than this one, there is no hairstyle that says cool. So badass!

Full Beard with Thick French Section

As long as it is a distinctive part of the style, a French beard does not always have to stand alone. Grow the section around your mouth to be longer and more comprehensive than the rest of your style. Beard Styles Without Mustache

Side Swept French Halo Hair

The best way to show how long and healthy it is is to pull your hair to one side and swing it over your shoulder! Show off your weave by creating a no-nonsense French braid and halo braid combo to keep it out of your face at the same time. This

French Braid Pigtails

Keep your face hairout with two stylish, tight French cornrow braids. Theyre so chic and sporty!

Messy Two Fishtail Braids On The Side

Whats better than one French fishtail braid? Two! This beautiful hair style will keep your hair looking cool at all weather conditions.

French Braid Updos

If you have an ultra-long curl then you can take advantage of your new-found hair length by creating a long french braid that fits with your hairline from the front of your head and then twist this braid around to make a sleek bun-style updo that is ideal for any formal occasion.


French Braid Detailing with Vibrant Pastel If youre dreaming with a new weave and applying on-trend pastel tones to your hair, making a halo from this hairpiece at the front of your head is the perfect way to make sure it really sticks out. Then you can wear long and loose the rest of your hair to show off the size of your extensions. Braided French Buns

Messy Side French Braid

Everyone loves a big messy side braid – its simple and looks beautiful! This kind of braid keeps your hair out of your face. Even though its really pretty simple to recreate this haircomplicated, anybody can do it! Check out the video to see how this cool and trendy look can be accomplished. YouTube Tutorial The Dutch braid is just inside out like the French braid. If youve already learned French braid, the Dutch braid probably wont have any problems. The main difference is that, instead of crossing them over the edge, you braid the parts of your hair under the braid. This technique puts the braid above the hair. With or with more strands, Dutch braid can be done. You can use hair extensions to make your braid more thick. YouTube Tutorial

Side French Braid Bun

If you have long hair, youre probably going to want to try this amazing hair. It is recommended to curl your hair before attempting this hairstyle to achieve this messy look. Tutorial

Half Up French Braid For Short Hair

Short-haired women are not crazy! We have find for you some cool braid hairstyles. This is one of the French braid hairstyles easiest and cutest for short hair. Tutorial

Thin French Beard Style

Celebrities such as Will Smith still look stylish with a French beard. A thin style helps fashionable guys to create a sharp and refined look. Braided Beard Styles for Brave Men

French Braid Weave with Statement Bangs

Make the most of your bangs and let them do everything they can by pulling your weave into a sleek and sophisticated French braid that begins in the middle of your head rather than leaving your bangs out of the front. Then, as you prefer, you can style your bangs while sweeping your French braid over one shoulder without effort. Weave

Braided Faux Hawk

Would you like some edge? Loosely braid your hair back and add a stylish ponytail to the rest of your French braid. Using root lifting spray to taunt your upper hair section for maximum volume.

Heavy and tight

A heavy, tight beard creates a really intense guy look. It helps to show off the faces bone structure by keeping the look nice and tight.

Double French Weave Braids

Double French Braids double the effect! Double French braids are an incredibly popular hair trend this season, sometimes also known as boxer braids. They are easy to wear and easy to create: simply divide your hair into two even sections to make sure that your break is as straight as possible and then create two identical French braids.

Thin and Wispy

This look is great for artistic-looking guys. It is also possible to grow a thin and wispy style into a thick and full beard.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how French beard styles are made: try a stylish new look by turning your facial hair into a French beard style. For guys who want to emulate celebrity style, this look is very popular.

Messy Inverted French Side Braid


Fishtail French Braid

Simple French fishtail braid is a perfect finger braid hair. Check out this video tutorial if you dont know how to braid French braid fishtail.

Salt and Pepper

A goat looks great on guys beginning to go gray. The look of salt and pepper is often regarded as very refined, particularly with a well-kept French beard.

French Chinstrap Beard

Use a chinstrap beard to improve the incredible French cut beard by adding it to your sideburns. This shows a strong, male jawline.