Francisco Algora – Biography of Francisco Algora

Francisco Algora was born on December 7, 1948 in Madrid. As a curious anecdote, it should be noted that he was born in the Astronomical Observatory of said capital, because it is the place where his father worked.

According to the actor, it was the fact of seeing the film “Comedians”, directed by Bardem, which aroused his interest in cinema. So much so that when he left school, at just 13 years old, he had to go to work and looked for a job as a bellboy in a film distribution company.

Determined to become an actor, he works in several different trades in order to pay for his studies. He started, like most actors, participating in various plays. Although he left the theater in 1984, he returned to it in 2004, although as the author of a play, “My name is jonah”. Later, in 2009, he wrote a book of poems, “Crazy romance, blind couplet”. In this same year, he joined the Dreamcatcher collective to carry out the project known as “Living Poetry”, Whose objective is to bring poetry to every corner and make poets such as Miguel Hernández or León Felipe known. From here he returned to the theater again, where he is still active.

On television he made his debut in 1971, with Miguel Picazo. In this medium he has participated in a large number of dramatic performances, plays and series.

He also made his film debut in 1971, working under the direction of director José María Forqué in the feature film “Virgin wax“, Which was followed, after two years,”Natural size”By Luis García Berlanga and the famous“Speak mute”, Directed by {bio: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón}.

Francisco Algora has worked with the best directors in this country, such as, apart from those already mentioned, Mario Camus, Vicente Aranda, Carlos Saura, Antonio Mercero, Fernando Fernán Gómez or José Luis Garci, among others.

From the 70s we can highlight feature films such as “Tocata and Lolita fugue“,”I am Fulana de Tal“Or”A man named Autumn Flower”, The latter directed by Pedro Olea and which he performed with José Sacristán.

From the next two decades we can highlight titles such as La colmena, Requiem for a Spanish peasant, “Time of silence“,”Chard face“,”The rats“Or”Neighborhood”.

From the 2000s to the present day, Francisco has continued to participate in feature films for the big screen, such as “Lazaro de Tormes“,”Story of a kiss“, They look at us or”Sunday lights”, Among other titles.

He has to his credit several awards, among which we can highlight the Award of the Cinematographic Writers Circle for the best male stellar performance for his role in “Tocata and Lolita fugue“, As well as the Union of Actors Award for the best supporting actor for his work in”Neighborhood”.