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ByBill Toulas-March 25, 2019.262 Two U.S .- based chemical producers, Hexion and Momentive, are struggling to get back to normalityByBill Toulas-March 25, 2019. The two companies are working to recover their correspondence, although there does not seem to be any way to restore the encrypted backup data. Last week the unsophisticated and in many cases unprofitable development of LockerGoga ransomwareNorsk Hydro shut down. Two large-scale infections of the Us-based chemical industry firms Hexion and Momentive have apparently occurred. Kaspersky lab sources claim that many more companies in the corporate environment have been hit by their systems suffering from global outages that disrupt internal communications networks and shut down their major operations. Just as LockerGoga leaves much to be desired for the attackers on the ransom front it certainly shows remarkable ability to lock up corporate networks and strike their technical infrastructure hard. In both cases the indication that LockerGoga was the ransom note containing only contact details for further negotiation and not a ransom amount as usual was the indication. Hexion is working to restore normal operations as soon as possible, but isolating different core systems which was a critical move in suppressing the infection has caused them considerable headache. Hexion’s primary harm is focused primarily on its organizational operations, which are internal communication. The production units are dependent on different network infrastructure, so that they are now operating unimpeded. We also confirmed in their official statement that no employee supplier or customer data has been compromised. Likewise, Momentive works feverishly to restore normality by sending new emails to their staff locked out of their accounts in their operations. The company is working with the authorities and an external cybersecurity specialist firm as their first reaction was to get somewhat surprised by the ransomware infection’s speed and effectiveness. No mention has been made of backups or any other means of data restoration in either of the statements so it is likely that both companies will have to buy new computers and get on with it. Hexion is an Ohio-based producer of thermoset resin that markets its products internationally and maintains a number of customers participating in a wide range of industries. Momentive is a global leader in quartz silicones and other highly-specialized products along the same lines. Both are organizations whose networks are deemed “critical infrastructure” so it should be a no brainer to spend more in effectively protecting them. However it seems like none of them did that and they find themselves in a desperate situation like Norsk Hydro. Ea Drops Loot Boxes from Upcoming Ww2 Shooter Battlefield V

ByNitish Singh-May 28, 2018.263 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Electronic Arts Ea revealed last week its next Battlefield game with a mixed-response reveal trailer. Despite the positive changes there has been some controversy surrounding the trailer of Battlefield V due to female representation in the game. While the game deviates from historical accuracy, the developers want to represent all who were part of the First World War. The team has also indicated that there would be plenty of customization options and players will be able to create their choice of characters.