Flower Braid Tutorial

Don’t you just love it when something very difficult or complicated ends up being a piece of cake? Yeah? I, too! One day as I click through my Instagram feed in search of inspiration I came across the most beautiful flower braid hairstyle I’ve ever seen. I knew immediately that no matter how hard it was, I needed to learn how to recreate it. But what do you think? It’s been quick! Today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful flower braid how to integrate it into different hairstyles and some of my favorite products I use to achieve my looks.

Step by Step Tutorial Flower Braid

Follow the instructions below to control one of the most magnetic braids ever. For all hair lengths and textures, this tutorial works. So let’s start to braid! Step by Step. Starting with a few stitches of a standard three-strand braid.

Step. First, tug softly on the outside edge of the braid stitches to make them look large and fanned out. This is called the pancaking technique.

Step. Continue down your braid through these steps. Just braid a few stitches and go back to pancake as you go. When you wait to pancake, the braid will be too tight when you reach the end and the pancakes will look messy and uneven.

Move. You protect it with a small elastic once you reach the end of your braid. This

step should look like it. Next start rolling your braid in a spiral on the outside with the pancaked side. ‘

‘ Continue to roll your braid until you hit the head with the pancaked side facing forward. (Having a pancaked outer edge gives your flower a more ‘ petal-like ‘ effect!)

Keep your flower steady and in place with one hand once you have finished rolling up your braid and pin it down with the other. Here I use the magnetic bracelet of Lala’s Updos and Pink Pewter to hold my bobby pins. ‘

‘ Try your best to wiggle your bobby pins just catching the bottom of the braid under the rose. It means that once you are pinning, you won’t see any bobby pins.

Move. First use your favorite hairspray to put in place your rose. I love getting powdered hairspray with Big Sexy Hair. It sprays as a really nice easy to control mist that’s perfect if I don’t want to have thick hairspray globs on my braids. ‘

‘ Tweek your flower as appropriate to pull even them out on some of your ‘ petals. ‘ And then you’re done!

See? How quick it was? Now for yourself, you can try it. You’ll get a lot of compliments for sure!

How to use Hair Styling Flower Braid?

I’ve done some styles with this flower braid technique in the past!

French Mermaid Braid with a ‘ Bouquet ‘ of Flowers

Three Strand Loop Braid with a Flower

Topsy Tail Flips with a Flower

French Bow Braid Ended with a Flower Braid

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Multi-Braided Bun

You can certainly add a few braids to your bun for some extra pizzazz but nothing compares to a black braided bun with a head full of multiple braids that come together to form a tight, high knot. There’s never a corn bun out of style.

Side Bun with Fishtail and Dutch Braid

One of the most flexible aspects of bun hairstyles is that you can put your bun in a variety of ways. Worn slightly off to one side, this bun is loosely formed from two dutch braid and fishtail crisscrossing plaits. The final result is an intricate-looking voluminous bun that will surely turn heads.

Low Braided Bun

This updo is also made of a vertical French braid for the upper hair portion and a fishtail wrapped in a bun for the lower section. The way this messy bun gently sits on the neck’s nape ties together the whole look.

Front-Braided Messy Bun

Braid fun is part of the creative process of testing various updos. Use a twist of the waterfall as a braid headband and raise the rest of the hair into a messy bun. This updo will look even more pretty with a little bouffant.

Pinned Mini Buns

A row of buns that gives a Mohawk look to your updo is the only thing better than a single bun. Thanks to the concept of gathering mini buns in one hairstyle, bun hairstyles rarely get any cuter than this. Such tiny knots are fun and modern with just a touch of curl, perfect for shorter hair or medium-length locks.

Highlighted Twisted Bun

The highlights may be the first thing to catch your attention, but the fascinating twist bun technique is what you’re going to do twice. What makes this updo special is that it seems to be put together naturally, but after closer inspection you will see that twisting hair tucking into a bun is actually very tactical.

Polished Brown Bun Chocolate

Sometimes the simplest bun styles are the most beautiful. This is a lovely formal bun but also suitable for the office, ranging from the rich chocolate brown hair color to the sleek twist over the base.

Black Bun with Twisted Base

Elegant bun hairstyles excel when the bun is thick and at the top of the head. A beautiful braided black bun looks like a crown. This requires different thickness twists and beautifully smoothed edges. From

Messy Side Bun with a Braid

Coloring of balayage and a big loose braid prove they can go the distance and add some flavor to a banal low side bun. The updo itself is actually quite simple, effortless-looking and messy, even if there are no flyaways, with a bun carefully placed off to one side.

Half Up Half Down Seashell Bun

If you’re blessed with natural thick or curly hair here’s a way to wear a bun while at the same time showing off your natural texture. The half-up half-down is the best of both worlds and shows this beautiful style. The half bun is wrapped in a form of the seashell and the remaining hair is twisted into elegant ringlets. The hair looks very distinctive and fluffy.

Braided Bulky Bun

Braids have become popular bun hairstyle companions, but no one has ever incorporated a fishtail into a bun so flawlessly. The braid is not wrapped around the bun, but it’s part of it! Very awesome!

Twisted Low Blonde Bun

Transforming it into a chignon is a chic way to jazz up a low ponytail. The blonde twist bun is placed right at the neck’s nape and features simple details that create a distinctive updo. The base of the bun as well as the sides are twisted. Secure the hair covering the crown slightly before gathering it at the neck’s nape.

Two Buns in One

Instead of one, two buns are a fresh take on the classic hairstyle that can sometimes be considered bland because you can see it on so many women. Often, when you include a wrap around its middle, a double bun looks more voluminous.

Complicated Braid and Looped Pony

This is not just a simple bun hairstyle but a complex redesign with detailed details and a sloppy touch to the overall appearance. If you want to replicate it, however, you only need to through the styling process to the elements that you are going to cope with even if you are a novice. These include a jumbo dutch braid with a fishtail and a ponytail that is looped.

Twisted Side Bun

Normally a donut bun sits high on the crown or near the nape. If you’re going to experiment with an asymmetric (side) bun, it’s better to choose a twist that can be sleek and polished like on the photo or messy and imperfect to the full. The side place, however, is very deliberate and adds to your look’s drama.

Fishtailed Seashell Bun

Playfulness of this particular bun creation adds to the side position. It looks very lively and cute as we can see the texture of the hair and wispy flyaways. Despite being very carefully rolled up into a perfect seashell bun, the fishtail braid. jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/451/451.478

Blonde Bun overlapping

This is at the top of the list of cute bun hairstyles as a big bun and a formal bun come together to form a stunning wedding or gala updo. The bun is covered in different angles with chunky strands that offer the traditional hairstyle a futuristic look.

Medium-sized Braided Bun

This is a traditional way to wear your braided bun made simply from a braided pony a hairstyle you can do yourself within minutes. For long hair, of course, it works best because a bigger bun promises longer strands.

Long Back Braid Middle Bun

Maybe this bun take is best suited for costume balls or dramatic performances but that doesn’t mean it’s not charming. You would definitely need extensions for this style unless you have extremely long hair as the extra long braid in the back is the highlight of the look. An accent for gold hair and a small side bang add nice touches to the look.

Blonde Bun with Side Braid

Here’s a cute bun hairstyle that’s totally casual and easy to complete even if it’s the first time you’re doing updo alone. A single side braid enhances this bun and is complemented by wispy side bangs.

Asymmetric Bun for Wavy Hair

If texture steals your hairstyle spotlight the development can and should be very easy. This romantic curly bun is, to say the least, tender and beautiful. Whether you’re having natural curly or wavy hair or just using a curling iron to create texture, the right curls are the most important element to create it. Once you have plenty of loose waves all over your face, you simply direct them to one side to form a bun and then loosely lock it in place.

Afro Buns

It never looked as cute as it is here to wear your hair in two buns. Equally fun and flattering are the curly buns for shorter natural hair being a pretty upgrade of the more conventional bun look. This particular style is suitable for black hair, but with highly backcombed skin, it can also be recreated by other races. To complete this modern take on the updo, the bright red spots add the perfect punch of color.

Dreadlocks Bun

Buns hairstyles win only from new, unusual colors and textures. Such rich burgundy dreadlocks are shaped into a very tidy bun with a segment of bang dropping from one side to the other. You can put as an accent a few shiny beads.

Coiled Side Bun

Lovely and very feminine, it’s not big or overly dramatic yet small. This twisted low-side bun looks decent even with very fine hair. Section twist loosely and pin them in loops that also remind the petals of the flower. jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/451/451.486

Two Sculpted Buns

Two such buns need a lot of hair so you can choose to use hair extensions. Every bun is sculpted expertly and produces a perfect look that is certainly a head-turner.

Triple Coil Bun

It’s a great way to show off your facial features and neckline to wear high bun hairstyles. There are three medium-sized coils that are lined neatly on top of each other. The rest of the hair is smooth and to detract from the sleekness and elegance of lines and form, there are no bangs braids or stray hairs peeking out.

Thick High Bun

Another way to wear a bun at the top of your head is to take the extra thick path. The actual bun is the priority, so no other things need to be taken care of. Once placed in a bun, the hair is pinned and tucked into thick rolls that create depth and dimension in three sections. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Basket Weave Braid and Bun ‘ ‘

‘ A basket weaving braid uses more fibers than a typical French braid, resulting in a chunkier and intricate-looking plait that you can attempt to diversify with a bun. You can also use a Dutch braid to replace basket weaving and get another cute and slightly different style.

Sleek Fancy Bun Updo

Side bun hairstyles can border on art, just look at this highlighted sculpted style that looks like an origami flower. For a very special occasion such as wedding or prom, you would wear something like this, so if you like the design, you trust this masterpiece to a professional.

Four-Braid and Messy Bun

If you want to make a wide braided headband, a four-strand braid is the best. Finish it with a messy bun and another thinner four-strand plait to get a casual hairstyle that is perfect enough for a big event to wear.

Sleek Bun with Mini Hair Bow

Upgrade your sock bun with a twist around its base and a smooth detail like a hair bow. It’s put just below the twisted base and slightly off to the side – an unexpected and edgy touch that spices up things.

Red Hair Bow Bun

The red hair color of the fire engine gets your attention, but that’s what makes your jaw drop. Today, trendy bun hairstyles take on new forms.

Sleek Bun with Full Bangs

Buns are popular, but you seldom see them look sleek and smooth. The dense bangs are cut with no hair out of place just above the eyebrows. The bun is shaped just below the crown and accentuated with a single romantic and feminine pearl hair accessory.

Half Up Bun with Middle Braid

Half Up Half Up Look hits again and has a very thick middle braid this time. A dense, loosely braided plait is the perfect way to highlight a cute half bun sitting right on the crown the point from which the lower locks fall.

Greek style Messy Updo

Braided bun hairstyles can be made in Greek style and matched with an empire waist dress for a very special occasion when you want to look quite feminine. This blonde bun is messy and decorated with a fishtail braid, but with details and textures, you can just take the idea and try.

Pine Cone Bun Braided Around

This bun is reminiscent of a pine cone that is a nice bun. To go even further, add a side braid and a braided edge to a casual style when customizing your bun updo.

Fishtail Braid Bun

Clever fishtail braid style is another charge of inspiration for low bun hairstyles. Stray hair is a lovely item. We make a spikelet look like the braid. It’s also a plus that there’s no obvious use of styling products.

Side-Braided Bun

Playing with braids is a great way to customize your bun and add some flavor to it. In one hand, braided hair is a chic feature that turns your ballerina bun into a fancy updo. There’s a single twist braid going around the bun as well. With just a slight edge, the final result looks effortless.

Braided Base High Bun

Choosing a braided information bun is a way to add a little more personality to your updo. This style is a perfect example to take your cue from if you want to try a braided foundation. The real braid is thick enough to make the look like a fancy hair piece the main attraction.

Beadhead Bun Updo

The best thing about a messy top knot bun is that you don’t really have to do a lot of styling and the real mess is what makes it so appealing. Dress without any prior combing and pull the bun gently when some bits are loosened more than others.

Big Round Bun

Proving that it is possible to use hair extensions and hair accessories to create the perfect bun this look is a perfectly rounded wonder. To achieve the sculpted roundness, you might add multiple hair extensions or simply insert a bun-maker hair accessory that you put on a ponytail and shape a bun around it.

Sleek Formal Bun

The stunning black hair against the red lips and matching apparel is the main attraction of the look, but the voluminous bun style is also worth a double take. It has a kind of half-crescent shape that is smoothed to perfection without leaving out any messy strings or hair wisps.

With so many bun hairstyles to choose from, it’s easy to get distracted so don’t forget to save your favorite ones and try them in the near future. Enjoy your new updos and style! One thing is for sure that there’s never a dull moment when you settle on a bun. Related Post Ideas for Boho-Chic Messy Buns to Pin and Recreate How to Make a Chic Chignon in Easy Steps Ideas How to Spice Up Your Half Bun Volume Boosting Sock Buns You’re going to love to Try Easy and Pretty Top Knot Hair Quick and Easy Short Hair Buns to Try Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Regardless of what your hair type is, we will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsBob