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The Weather Channel has fallen victim to a Ransomware AttackThe Weather Channel has lost its live show for 90 minutes probably as a result of a ransomware attack. Not many specifics about the incident have been released, as the Fbi investigation is ongoing. The channel had a backup so their devices were restored and they went live again in a short time. Yesterday The Weather Channel, instead of the regular “America’s Morning Headquarters” broadcast, was forced to air a taped programme. Millions in the Us are watching and enjoying the specific news and talk show as it’s a day kick-off show for many out there running every morning from 5 am to 9 am Et. That said this unannounced move was highly disappointing. The Weather Channel has apologised to its viewers on Twitter saying that they have suffered a malicious software attack on their network and that after 90 minutes of downtime and speculation, they are now broadcasting live again via backup infrastructure. / ovSgrgHxXy The Fbi is investigating the incident, and there aren’t many specifics yet, but according to sources called The Wall Street Journal, the issue was the direct result of a ransomware attack. Putting aside the viewers ‘ jokes on Twitter and their funny theories about who could be hiding behind the ransomware attack the matter is that TV broadcasting stations are not prone to cyber threats and actors know they can’t afford to risk their daily schedule on time. It’s not just about giving audiences what they want as ad revenue always takes a hit and you can’t have an ineffective advertising broadcast network. Crooks know all this and know that they will earn their money quickly if they manage to hack networks belonging to companies like the Weather Channel. This should lead all television channels to take their cybersecurity more seriously and invest more money in this area using reliable security tools and upgrading as often as possible their entire technical infrastructure. Finally they were rescued by the fact that The Weather Channel retained a backup, because they were back in the air in just 90 minutes and potentially without having to pay a dime to the actors of ransomware. This is what having an appropriate backup strategy does so everyone takes notes. Where there’s more fresh news posted daily.