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How to do flat twist

If youve been fascinated by your colleague or friends lovely flat twists and would like to know how to do it, this is the right place for you. Lets see how to make flat hair twisting. First part your hair from a point at the hairline from where you want to initiate your flat twists.> Use a rat-tail comb to stretch your part back to your necks nape. Make sure the line of your part does not contain hairy patches to give it a neat look.> At the point where you started your part on the hairline, take a small section of your hair. Now divide this section carefully into two equal parts.> Start twisting these two pieces now and make sure they have the same gentle twists. Then continue to twist your hair while adding in the twist small hair sections.> Keep twisting your hair this way until you hit the very end of your strands and secure a flat twist with a hair tie or clip.> Now repeat this with the rest of your hair unless its all tied up in smooth flat twists.> Fasten them in any way you like in a ponytail or bunor and youre all set to impress everybody with your sense of fashion. Watch the following video to learn how to do flat twist hairstyle

Flat twists on medium hair

Test for women these medium flat twist hairstyles.

Natural Two Strand Twist Style

There are days when you can play with your hair as well. You can go for some stunning, intricate patterns of flat twists of your natural curly hair. They can be interweaved or styled in a way that is separate from each of them all depends on your preferences and how long you have.

Creative Flat Twist Updo

And if you have the length and thickness to achieve this kind of creative flat twist updo, why wouldnt you? Its new fresh and its so bright that we cant help but want it for ourselves.

This is definitely the way to rock it if you have length but dont want to wear it loose for a while.

Highlighted Two Strand Twists

Here the flat twist hairstyle makes a soft crown and covers the head in a subtle but elegant way.

Multiple flat twists in a bun

You can go for a simple and stylish flat twisted bun curly bun you need multiple thick flat twists running around your heads sides and then tied in an elegant bun. The resulting hairstyle will be so good that every time you want a formal and professional look, youll want to go for it.

Flat Twisted Ponytail

This is a fantastic ponytail of high quality.

Natural Hair Flat Twist Updo

Neither do all your flat twists need to follow a standardized pattern – this natural hair flat twist updo blends a combination of model thicknesses and styles for this look – the swirl on top with something a little longer down.

It is easier to change small parts of it from time to time by making sections like this look. To build the pompadour-quiff we showed you earlier, you could easily release the forward and top portion of this look. You see – these are incredibly versatile flat turns.

Tiny Twists into Chunky Bun

You can choose this sleek style for the ultimate trendy and elegant twisted Senegalese hairdo. The tiny flat twist hairstyles run along the scalp naturally and then they are all gathered into a chunky bun that accentuates all the twists separately. This is the one you have to spare for the times.

Cute And Simple Look

Instead, simply use a flat twist braid to border your hairline in the hot summer months to keep it away from your face. Only make sure your eyebrows are up-to-date and its always a fabulous idea if that fails a bright color lipstick pop.

Fortunately, this beautiful look is both sweet and easy.

Best Natural Hair Flat Twist Hairstyles

You can also try flat twisting on your natural hair. This is how it is!

Big Flat Twists Updo

Before you try your flat twists, make sure you have done your preparation work and this will involve washing your hair by adding a good protective layer of hair oil treatment and then allowing it to dry up to about a percentage point.

Some women find their twists to work better on dry hair. Do not be afraid to play around and try to see what works better for you if this is your first time. Please also remember to play around with thicknesses – these flat twists are pretty chunky but still look fabulous!

Gorgeous Curls Flat Twists

When youre starting to notice a few weeks after your look was first rocked. Un-twist the ends a little day by day and embrace those beautiful curls that keep as long as possible the flat twists close to the scalp.

Remember to use good oil treatment on loose curl lengths when twists are produced. You could also give your natural hair the best of the situation (or weave a good conditioning treatment as you go.

Flat Twist Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair women also try flat hair twists. From here, get inspiration.

Flat Twist on Short Natural Hair

Flat twisting long hair fun and simple but doing so on short hair is pretty tricky and time consuming as it is difficult to keep short hair in the twists. Nonetheless, you dont have to fear if you have short hair and want to curl flat. For you, we have streamlined the method so follow these steps and have on your short hair the perfect twists. Section your hair Use clips or bobby pins to separate all your hair in small sections. This will make twisting each section easy for you later.> Its easier to hydrate your hair short hair when its so damp that you spray a little water on your curls before you twist them.> The key to perfecting flat twists when it comes to short hair is moisturizing your hair. You should use a moisturizing liquid or oil to lock the moisture in your hair. For this purpose you can use lavender oil or castor oil.> Twist the sections Now twist the sections you first made. Bind the ends and dry your hair so that the twists do not lead to loose ends.> Follow these steps carefully and in the flat twists you want, you can style your short hair. Watch the following video to learn how to make Flat Twist on Short Natural Hair

Flat Jumbo Twist

Sometimes we need something simple and easy, but not too boring right? This jumbo flat twist hairstyle will be your ultimate solution during those times as it is easy to make but still has a classy atmosphere. You can also sweep your jumbo twist to one side to make your hairstyle feel more polished and easier.

How to Keep Flat Twists Tight

Flat twisting of your hair is not so hard to master, but it takes real effort to keep flat twists. No one wants to have loose twists or those that have split up or some hair ends sticking out of them. So its so important to keep your twists tight all the time that requires some extra effort. However, we made the process easy for you and here are some tips to help you stay tight with your flat twists. You should twist your hair while it is wet to keep the flat twists tighter and firmer. This will give it a stronger grip and there will be no loose ends for a long time to come.> A little gel or wax should be applied to your twists to make sure they stay in place.> After twisting your hair, secure the ends and roots of bobby pin twists unless your hair dries to help them stay in their place. This will keep your hair twisted for a long time as the twists are smoother and firmer.> You can use quality products such as heavy hair oil (especially castor oil to hold the flat twists tighter and last longer. You can even use any other oil of your choice if youre not a fan of heavy hair oils.> You can rope kinky twist two twists and tie them with a clip and untie them later. This will make the twists tighter too.

Easy Updo Tutorial

If you want a super-simple look after completing a flat twist all over your head, pull it back into a ponytail and secure it in place. You could add them to pigtails (ponytails on either side of the head often better for children rather than older women or leave the flat twists hanging loose.

You could even add accessories such as hair cuffs – these look great in twisted and corn-rowed hair.

Stunning Updo

You have the option of taking care of your own hair as well as protecting your braids eliminating the need for over-styling with heated tools and damage from those and the powerful rays of the sun.

There’s also a few different styles and types on offer – two strand twists are classed as ‘regular’ twists and these can be worn loosely and long and also flat twists which are considered better for those with un-natural hair.

Sophisticated Updo

If you have long and thick hair which has texture and volume to it then why not flaunt it with a sophisticated updo? You can have your hair styled in thin flat twists all around the boundaries and then have some thicker twists to add some variety to this style. Then pull up the hair in this elegant manner to get the perfect stylish flat twisted updo that is shown hair. The style is more appealing with the overlapping thick and thin twists so make sure that you give this character to your hair while going for this updo.

Flat Twist Pigtails

Pigtails are a great way of wearing your flat twists bringing a much more youthful look to the design. Two flat twists are a lot quicker and easier to achieve than rows of them all the way over your head and will be much easier to maintain.

You can sleep with your flat twists in just remember to use a silky-smooth scarf over your ‘do before you climb in between the sheets. This will help keep frizziness to a minimum.

Coolest Flat Twisted Updos

Check these updo hairstyle ideas with flat twists.

Sleek Intricate Patterned Bun

These two strand flat twists can be made in a neat and intricate pattern around the head and then tied in a kind of a bun at the front of the head. This gives you a very confident and bold feel especially when the hair is dyed in some bold color. These flat twist hairstyles are hot in fashion nowadays so make sure that you try them and impress people with your choice of hairstyling.

Flat Twists Outs at The Front

This is a great hairstyle for women who have medium length hair and are worried about how to do flat twists and rock them. You just need to be careful that the twists are tight only to a certain point as excessive twisting will lead to stress and will weaken your hair follicles also. The twist outs at the front are great to add a bit of fun and character to your hairstyle.

Flat Twists Pompadour

We love it when two classic looks come together and this flat twists and pompadour combo is – modern fabulous and sassy. Three things you definitely want your hair to be.

In order to get the best-looking flat twist hairstyles make sure your hair sections are of equal size. If you thicker bits and thinner bits the twists won’t look uniform across your head and this can ruin the entire look if a more sculpted and perfected look was the one you were going for.

Flat Twist Braided Mohawk

Bored hair life is too short, isnt it? So try this creative and fun style in an imaginative updo to put together your flat twists. You can change the template here to add your own personal touch to this updo because when it comes to putting up your hair in an updo, there are no hard and fast rules.

Best Flat Twist Bun Styles

A classic combo of flat twists and buns. Dont believe? See you here for yourself.

Flat Twists Pulled Back Style

The flat twist hairstyles will last from 1 to 4/6 weeks and you can shampoo and wash them without having to un-twist them and then re-twist them.

When you leave the twists alone and concentrate on washing your scalp instead of the length of your hair, the look will last longer.

Twisted Cornrows

If youre a confident and daring woman who loves going to extremes and showing the world that youre not stopped, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. You can fall down your back with thin braids and thickly twisted cornrows of your long hair and look as confident as you feel. This style is so cute that you can wear it wherever you go without any inhibitions.

Flat Twists Updo With A Pop Of Color

For women who like to stand out from the crowd why not add some colored weaves to your do a very simple and super-quick way to enliven the otherwise outlived style perfect for when you dont have time to get a brand new look.

All it takes is a few strands of a lighter, clearer color just like the bold blonde you can see here and the whole look is completely changed without too much alteration of the nature of the flat twists.

Cute Flat Twists Updo

Are you looking for a way to wear your long hair all the time? Like this one again, flat twist hairstyles are the answer – a cute flat twists updo designed to go diagonally across the head with ends secured with bobby pins in place. This is a great one to go for if you want to wear your hair out of your face but still keep it looking good.

Flat twist hairstyles have a huge advantage over other ways of wearing your hair – it provides natural hair protection. Going for a few weeks without the bulk length and heaviness will do your scalp wonders.

Natural Black Hair Updo

If you naturally have curly hair and want a nice flat twist updo then you should go for one. Its a decent and sophisticated hairstyle that you dont have to worry about using any hair products to keep the flat twists in place. You just need to give them some time, and theyll be simple and elegant in the way you want them to be.

Flat Twist Crownupdo

It will affect how you twist your flat twist hairstyles around your face. You can twist them back away from your face if you want the twists to fall back from your face.

In the forward direction of your face, if you want them to fall to your face, twist them the other way around.

Trendy Two Strand Flat Twist Hairstyles

The two flat twist strand hairstyles that girls can try this season will follow.

Braided Bun

If you have medium-length hair and are worried that a tight bun on top of your flat twist style wont look good even if you dont have to think about it. You can sweep your flat twists to one side and put them at the side of your neck in a bun neatly tied. Thats going to look more classy and sophisticated than the top bun.

Side Swept Style

Again, these flat twist styles are a wonderful idea if you want an easy and simple hairstyle to provide a brilliant base for more versatile designs.

If you can put a parting there plus grab enough hair to start a twist, you can twist it flatly and this opens up a mass of opportunities for hair styles and designs. Side-swept center partings zig-zagged all around the back … youre probably going to be able to do it. Thats what makes it such a good hairstyle.

Flat Twists Updow with Dash of Color

Flat twist styles are not intended to be boring in order to add a color pop. If you have naturally shiny black hair and want to add some color to it as you want to keep your lovely natural hair color too, then you should try this. Just like the one here, you can add a dab of gold to your flat twisted updo.

Pulled Back Style

This beautiful natural hair of Havana has many great advantages. The main thing about them is that every time you shampoo your hair, you dont have to untwist and re-twist them. This will easily last up to weeks, so if you dont have much time to spend on your hair, you can go for this one.

Flat Twists With A Zig Zag Parting

Use the pointed tip of a rat-tail comb to get the super-straight and smooth edges of these flat twist hairstyles. Once the splitting is finished, take a small section towards the hairline and split it into two similar parts as you would if you added a lot of cornrows but only two strands.

While these flat twists look a little like cornets, they only work with two hair strands, while the cornets work with three. This makes getting the hang of them much easier for beginners and also provides a faster way to do your hair.

Flat Twisted Pigtails

Pigtails are fun, but theyre always youthful? In two pigtails, you can tie all your flat twists that sweep your shoulders and make your hair of medium length prettier than any other style. The thick twists make your hair look bigger and bigger, so its a win – win style for you.

Big and Bold High Bun

For women who know that they are confident and beautiful, this big and bold high bun. This bold style will ensure that in a gathering everyone pays attention to you. The thin flat twisting sections around the base and the thick voluminous sections at the top pulled in a bun that can make you look like a diva a long way away.

Flat Twists At The Back Twist Out At The Front

Make sure that you have the right amount of tension so that you dont stress the section around your hair. If you use too much tension, you will put your hair under too much stress and snap or break easily, and if you repeatedly add too much tension to your hair follicles, you will damage your hair follicles, which can even result in bald patches.

As you move further down your hairline add sections of hair to the twists (almost as if you would when French-braiding your hair and eventually (if you have long enough hair you’ll get to a point where you are no longer adding hair and also are no longer working along the scalp. You can use clips or grips to hold the twist in place or continue to twist until you get to the ends and this is when you can use natural colored hair elastics to keep the twist secure. You will need to continue doing this over the entirety of your scalp dependent on the kind of style and design you’re going with.

Flat Twist Updo For Shorter Hair

Just because you don’t have length to your hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock the flat twist updo. This one for shorter hair is a perfect example of how to mix a combination of thicknesses to your flat twists to achieve a rocking updo without the heavy length attached.

If you’re having flat twist hairstyles as a form of protection for your hair losing that length for a while is a necessity.

Elegant Updo

As well as making sure you have the right sized sections of hair for your flat twists you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right kind of tension all the way down. This elegant updo uses different thicknesses and styles of braids in one but if this is not the look you’re going for different chunks of hair won’t be good for you.

If you change the tension as well as the hair-chunk sizes the twists will change in appearance and size at various points throughout the design and once again this will change the outcome of your hairstyle.

Stunning Protective Style

For those days when you have some time on your hands think outside the box and opt for flat twist hairstyles that are a little unlike something you’ve seen before. Twist them around weave them into intricate styles do whatever you want to do.

Come up with the latest hottest new way to wear them. Sometimes it makes sense to stand out and this stunning protective style is super awesome for that.

Sleek Two Strand Twists

This sleek flat twist medium length hair.

Flat Twists with A Pompadour

Flat twists look great with short hair so you can pair them up with something fun and bold like a pompadour. A pompadour comes naturally with short hair and you just need some brushing for that. It is easy to make and carry style which you can try to uplift your style game this season. You can even dye your hair in a bold and attractive color if you want as that will make this style look even more appealing.

Chic Updo

Women with short haircan rock lovely flat twisted updos just as well as the ones who have long hair. You need to pull up the flat twists in a way that they give a fuller and thicker texture at the top of the back of your head. The gentle curls on the top at front complete this updo in just the perfect manner.

The Jumbo Flat Twist Look

And for those days when you just want something simple easy and to the point one jumbo flat twist is a perfect idea using the concept of a sideways-swept braid but with your larger flat twist instead.

A look that is both simple yet fierce those killer earrings help to brighten things up something we’ve decided is a definite must-have for an elegant or fresh flat twist updo. Sometimes it’s all about the accessories. So there you have them – of the hottest and mostgorgeous flat twist hairstyles we think you should be rocking this summer! Which one’s your favorite? Let us know your views. <