Upside-Down Braided Topknot

Man braids that start at the nape of the neck and weave upwards are stunning. They’re impressive as well. Not only is this style a conversation starter it also makes the man bun topping it look that much better.

Mens Bun

This is the ideal for men who need a new natural braided hairstyle. The cornrows are not too deep and match the curve of the neck, then the ends are carefully tucked into a puff of the top knot.

Twisted Rose Half-Up


Individual Braid

Just long enough to accommodate a perfect French braid is the line of the hair topping this undercut. It helps to keep it loose and thus provides sufficient lift to create a front-facing debonair pompadou effect.

How can man braids be asked for?

Youve picked mens braids. What isnt it? Go to a nice lounge first. You may want to have a few pictures for comparison when you sit down with your barber or stylist. This depends on what youre looking for. After all, cornrows are completely different from a braid accent. You also need to discuss what is possible with your stylist. Its impossible to braid anything for a while if you grow a buzz cut. Hair thats very fine cant handle certain braids and styles so you also need to make sure that your hairs texture is compatible with the style you want

Purple HairBraids

Some men are reluctant to experiment with hair colors but its a good way to do something new and experiment with different looks to update your image. Dont forget that adding some color to the mix will not only spice up things, it will also accentuate your braids. You can choose some unusual hair shade like purple for an even better effect.

Sleekly Cornwed Bun

Here is another masterpiece of braided mens hairstyle. See how many braids are involved in fact? The braided bun on top of the most stylish sundae is like the cherry.

Scruffy Taper Fade

Men with curly hair usually do better with braided styles. The plaiting works well with the texture. On this particular look — yes, on the subject. Yes to it all.

Mohawk Braid

Mohawkbraid is a great option for edgy and adventurous men if youre looking for unusual braid hair.

Best Guy Braids Copy Styles

Braids are for all. There is often nothing more suave or debonair than a man who steps out in a perfectly put-together braided hairstyle. That personas polished man braids will swoon the passers-by. In addition to braids, its not just stylish. While still looking fresh to death, you can tame your hair. Lets not forget that theres something that people still love about braids for guys. Theyre making people look twice. You dont want someone to look at you twice?

Braids Merging in A Ponytail

Create a few short braids and merge them in a small ponytail together. You may want to shave your sides or choose to taper and low fade for a cool vibe.

Jumbo Braids

A jumbo mens braid hairstyle just looks cool. Its a mixture of urban and sophisticated. Its an easy do to achieve — start by playing them all the way to the ends with two Dutch braids, then roll them into a tidy bun together.

Mens Undercutwith Braid

After a lot of practice, the undercut on guy braid is easy. You need patience and the ability to plait small strands of hair to make a French braid look that smooth. Dont be nervous even if you dont have thick hair! This is something you can do.

Voluminous Braid Ponytail


Dutch Braids

Many of todays best braided hairstyles come from the Black community. Observe the level of skill here — its not just a hairstyle, its art.

Double Fishtail Braid

This double fishtail braid is so large and looks totally glamorous! You can also change it! Even though it already seems to be so fine, accessories will embellish every hairstyle. Big Dutch Fishbone Braid


Can men get a braided hairstyle with short hair?

Looking for different mens braids, but have short hair? To pull off the braid hairstyle of a man, the hair must naturally exceed a certain length. Tiny, thin braids can accommodate short hair though. You can easily create a French man braid if you have an undercut and youre sporting a fairly long hair thatch. Of course, if your hair is only a few inches long, it is much harder to create even tiny braids, and depending on your hairs texture you may have to wait until it grows a little longer. It also helps if you have more or less one length of your hair. It is possible to braid layered hair, but unless the layers are also long, the braids tend to look choppy.

Now if your hair falls below your ears or your necks nape if it sweeps over your forehead or touches your shoulders, you can wear almost any hairstyle you like from braided buns to long flowing braids. Some YouTube videos should be looked at by guys who have long locks and want to wear braids so they can learn the different techniques themselves.

Man Bun Undercut

Were seeing the rise of mens buns and thats more than incredible. Buns are easy to make and lets be frank in reality – they look great. On the regular bun, heres a nice twist – braids. Make and pick up multiple thin braids in a nice bun. Perhaps this is one of mens simplest braid hairstyles and you should try it out.

Twisted and Crowned Braids


Half Up Fishtail Braid


Mohawk Mullet

Long hair gives us so many styling possibilities but it can still cause a lot of stress when we work on something. Heres a trick to help you avoid the hassle – make thin braids for the guy to pick them up in a ponytail. Rasped your head sides and produced a pattern of your choosing.

Man Bun Braids

These mens braids combine several braided haircuts in one cohesive appearance. Its not an undercut, but its similar to the idea. See the Man Bun Braids demonstration below:

Double Fishbone Braids


Hip Hop Braids

Every time you look at it, a new detail appears.

Undercut tapered braids

Smart people know how to keep things casual but also gentle on their ears. Split your long hair in order to make braids on top and catch them in the bun. Let the rest of your hair fall down your back, but there too you can make a braid or two.

Messy Ponytail Braid


Thin Rows

Even if your hair is soft and of a different texture than the ideal type for cornets, this white mans braideddo can still be taken off if you like. It usually leads to small but elegant braids.

One Side Fishtail Braid


Man Bun with FadeBraids

There is nothing new about cornrows leading into the mens bun. Now its just getting the attention of the mainstream — because its new as hell.

Suave Braided Ponytail

Try this braided mens ponytail if youre going to be smooth and polished. If you can wear a suit and work it like this, you get bonus points.

Multiple Braids

People with braided hair are imaginative, confident and edgy, but these designs can also be quickly turned into something elegant. Another awesome look you can make in your long hair is to create multiple braids. The best thing about these guy braids is that both casual and more formal styles work great.

Two Braids

Is it more fun for blonds? When wearing this hairstyle, you will find out for yourself. Dye your blonde hair and make two elegant, stylish braids. Its quick! Just remember that men like women need to prioritize hair care to maintain blondes perfect shade.

Side Braid


Double Dutch Fishbone


Twisted Braids

It all begins with a twist. Those twists are then braided intricately into a woven hairstyle you just dont see every day. Each detail is done perfectly — thats awesome.

Sharp Edges

Seriously search for someone who knows braids before trying such a hairdo. You want someone who knows what he / she is doing because the zigs and zags are based on those sharp angles.

Half-Up Fishbone


Half-Up Fishbone


Thickly Plated Viking Dreads</h2

Half-Up Braided Half-Up

Spinning Spinning

Let nobody tell you that braiding is not a form of art. In people, these braids are hypnotizing. That man is the one who has ever been most soaring.

A challenge to try a braided hair. Its good as an example of thickly braided locks. Thats a serious braid. Thats Braid

Mile Long Braid


Omarion Braidsand Pattern

patterns are versatile and thats exactly what were doing.

Box Braids

You can go crazy with your man braids with dreadlocks or extensions. Do with them anything. Pile them on top of your head and wear them in a thicker braid — anything.



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