50+ Wow Faux Hawk styles

Backward Tapered Faux Hawk

This false hawk’s front is big and bulky, slowly tapering back to almost nothing. Shortly on the sides, the backward tapered false hawk is trimmed and looks great for any occasion to suit casual and formal wear.

Bedhead Faux Hawk

The bedhead faux hawk is precisely what it sounds like: a guy just rolling out of bed, running his hand through his hair and leaving the house. It looks good on people going to university, a casual job, or just a city day.

Braided Faux Hawk

Braided faux hawk is a fun twist that adds excellent personality to the typical faux hawk. You can use a lot of braids in this style. This versatile cut looks good for daytime casual wear or night out.

Choppy Faux Hawk Style

The choppy faux hawk is a extremely textured and dimensional style created by the use of gel in abundance and is good for both official and informal wear. The look involves separate pieces of short hair styled into a forward rabbit and is sure to catch your eye.

Classic Faux Hawk with Fade

This is a classic faux hawk style spin as it features a dense faux hawk on top with a beautiful side fade to add a little depth and personality to the look. For anyone who wishes to produce a drastic impact, it is ideal.

Classy Faux Hawk

The hair on the side is backswept instead of cut down with the classy faux hawk. Still, by sweeping the hair back and gelling it around the sides, leaving the top to do as it pleases, or gelling it as well, the false hawk look is accomplished.

Clean Cut Faux Hawk

Welcome to The clean-cut faux hawk works excellent for people who often have to participate in company conferences and dinner parties but still want to enjoy a fun hairstyle casual look. Short, smooth and well kept, this versatile faux hawk can fit anyone.

Clean Cut Faux Hawk

False sides of the clean cut are almost completely rasped. The hawk itself has soft, clean lines and a couple of inches of hair gelled back in a smooth manner. If you have an outfit that requires some dressing up, this is one of the finest hawk haircuts you can go with for males.

Cliffhanger Faux Hawk

Another drastic style of cliffhanger faux hawk that begins subtle and downplayed in the back before emerging with a sharp front jut. It’s as good to wear suits as casual wear.

Cool Mohawk Haircut Designs

There is always space for designs when it comes to shaving your hair. The most needed are simple lines and geometric figures, but you can get anything you want. Adding a hair color will add creativity to the picture.


Curly Faux Hawk

Curly false hawk is a wonderful, simple way to curly hair. Just cut or fold the sides down, and then let the top do its own thing. You may not even need products for hair.

Dramatic Wave Faux Hawk

The faux hawk dramatic wave is the ideal declaration hair cut as it will surely attract your attention. For anyone looking to accentuate their suits, play up their beard, or just want to add more volume to their hair, this is a excellent cut.

Eccentric Faux Hawk

Have some fun and add an excentric faux hawk color pop. Perfect for any false hawk style, select the color you discover most daring and courageous and dye your hair for a false hawk declaration.

Faux Faux Hawk

You don’t even have to cut your hair to the look with false haircuts for males. Simply gel back the short hair and give down the middle a little volume to the top.

That’s all it takes you to pull it off. We say it’s ideal for people who want to shake stuff up a bit with medium-length hair.

Older Men’s Faux Hawk


Faux Hawk with Hard Part

If you feel the difficult portion of your hair as a whole. The difficult part is shaved to increase definition as opposed to a periodic portion. We think that it is incredibly good for males to complete any false hawk haircuts.

Fish Fin Pomp Faux Hawk

Its name comes from the height of the style that makes it look like a pompadour cut. The sides are dissolved, leaving the eye to move only to the top of the hair pile. It is perfect for the gentle person who loves to wear a beautiful, classy suit.

Front Curl Faux Hawk

Curled-cue faux hawk’s grandpa is the front curl. Inspired by the s’s greaser style, the front curl has a separate sensation of rock and roll. Measuring your front curl faux hawk up a bit in the front for a contemporary adaptation.

Gentle Fade Faux Hawk

Smooth fade faux hawk starts on the front as a voluminous piece of hair sliced back on the head. It is accompanied by a amazing fade, gradually tapering from a lot of hair to none.

Green Mohawk Haircut

The ancient mohawk is an exciting purchase. Why don’t you make your hair patch look like an AstroTurf patch this summer if you’re courageous and enjoyable enough? It will be appreciated by all your colleagues, and the women will dig it.

High and Spiky Mohawk

In fact, this Mohawk haircut is a heavy fade. The hair on the sides is held short and the hair on the top is left long and spiked to produce a significant contrast. The hair dye also adds to the appearance, making it modern and trendy.

High Fade Mohawk


Layered Faux Hawk

Layered faux hawk features a textured, chunky look that brings a haircut to the wearer’s brief layers and then styles to obtain one of the finest casual hawk haircuts for males.

Long Loose Curls Faux Hawk

If you have loosely curly, medium-length hair, the lengthy loose curls will perfectly fit you. It features a top that hangs without any item in it, allowing free running of your loose curls. To outdoor people, we suggest it and a more casual look.

Loose Faux Hawk

The loose faux hawk generally features an accentuated, gel-free fade on the ends and medium-length hair upside down. Outdoor events or other informal occasions can be worn.

Low Faded Mohawk Haircut

One of the greatest trends in recent years has been low fade. The primary reason is because it looks cool. Men go for it too, though, because it’s very flexible. This implies that almost any other hairstyle can match it.

Low Taper Faux Hawk

Would you like your fake hawk to look more like a natural mohawk? Use tapering methods to get you there. You can also generate the silhouette of a traditional, broad beard with long hair with the assistance of a reduced taper haircut.

Messy Classic Faux Hawk

The chaotic faux hawk classic operates around the classic faux hawk attraction, but without all that crunchy gel. It’s a more casual look, with light texture on the sides and smooth tapering. This hairstyle is ideal for any occasion and goes with any attire.

Messy Pomp Faux Hawk

The messy pump faux hawk is an outstanding way to give any occasion a bit of casual flair. The haircut pompadour is a dapper hairstyle and this way you’re going to bring your own allled spin on a classic style, and with little effort!

Messy Sideswept Faux Hawk

All you need is some gel to get the chaotic side-swept false hawk. Run a little gel through the hair locks with the sides short and push them to one side. Leave enough gel to move the hair on its own.

Mohawk Haircut with Buzz Cut

One of the finest summertime concepts is to combine a buzz cut with a buzz cut. The sides are buzzing, being only 1⁄4 inch thick. The top portion remains long. Plus, with your fingers, you can style it upwards.

Comb Over Mohawk

has good hair but you still want an impressive haircut not to be big and voluminous. You can leave a thin hair strip and produce a pompadour that is high but fine.

Muted Faux Hawk

Muted faux hawk is incredible for those who want a formal or casual all-day wear hairstyle that suits any environment. It has close-cut sides and a false hawk that is gelled to one side and lays flat.

Parted Faux Hawk with Fade

Parted faux hawk with fade emphasizes a sharp portion separating the top of the faux hawk from the sides of the surrounding hair. While the top of the hair is often short, as long as it is divided, it can be any length. The sides show a smooth downward fade.

Piecey Faux Hawk

False hawk haircuts are nothing but texture, texture and texture for males. Thanks to some heavy gel, this style comes to life piece by piece for a layered, dense false hawk. This haircut works well for activities that are casual or even dress up any ensemble.

Polished Faux Hawk

Look no further than the polished faux hawk for people who need a classy, advanced manner of wearing their short hair.

To get the look, you need to have a bigger hair section on top that’s dense in the front and starts to thin as it passes backwards. To complete the look, pair it with a contrasting fade.

Pomp Crossed with Faux Hawk

You might not be able to decide if you want a dapper pump or an edgy false hawk. Well then look no further than the faux hawk-crossed pomp, which incorporates both.

It features a top-style pompadour leaning slightly to one side, much like a false hawk, and almost entirely shaved sides.

Relaxed Faux Hawk

Easy to go, the relaxed faux hawk has a loose grip on the side. With some assistance from gel or spray, the hair is often unkempt but still shaped into a false hawk form. For males who spend more time in casual matters, it’s fantastic.

Ringlet Faux Hawk

The ringlet faux hawk differs from the curly faux hawk, as ringlets are described as loose hanging ringlets without any item being used. This is a beautiful way to wear curls that are difficult to wear.

Shark Fin Faux Hawk

The name of the shark fin faux hawk comes from the classic piecey mohawkhair. It features allled locks that are gelled into location facing backwards.

If you’re going to party, this spectacular look will look good and just fine for your nightlife. It can, however, also be worn on several other occasions during the day.

Short Faux Hawk

Short hawk is what you expect to be. It is comfortably flexible with shaved downsides and just an inch or two of hair on top.

Make sure you’re styling the top with just a little lift to lie mostly flat. Short hawk haircuts for men are great for any man who often doesn’t like to style his hair.

Tousled Faux Hawk Sideswept

The side-swept allled false hawk is distinct from a chaotic side-swept false hawk because it needs no gel, much like the variant of the bedhead. Simply cut the sides and allow the hair to go as long as it likes. For casual occasions, it’s just what you need.

Slicked Back Pomp Faux Hawk

Perfect for males who want to maintain up a little bit of length, the sliced back pump faux hawk is a beautiful combination between a fake hawk and a flat-laid pompadour hair cut, offering this style a variety of wearability that is bordering on dapper.

Spiky Faux Hawk

Using gel or spray, a frequently worn spiked texture. It is often one of the larger faux hawks styles and can create a declaration as large or small as you want it to be.

Subtle Faux Hawk

The subtle false hawk is good for weddings, semi-formal activities or casual day wear. It’s understated yet full of haircut style. In addition, its subtle nature provides a bit of class and elegance to the wearer without overdoing it with formality.

Subtle Gelled Faux Hawk with Longer Sides

Choose the subtle gelled faux hawk with longer sides for a sleek look that can be worn anywhere. The sides are not shaved with this hairstyle, just trimmed. In addition, the false hawk itself is shaped into a subtle wave form gelled over to one side.

Tall Faux Hawk

Look no further than the tall faux hawk for those who want an extravagant hairstyle. It’s brief in the back and for a kind of wave impact it gradually gets bigger towards the front. As a consequence, for parties or wherever you want to create a fashion statement, it’s ideal.

Taper Fade Mohawk

If you are not ready for modifications in wild hair, you can simply settle for side sweeping. You can generate all kinds of exciting hair wax if your hair is long enough on top. Don’t miss the finishing touch of some hairspray.

The Afro Mohawk haircut

It is regarded to be a popular haircut for black males. Trim the sides as quickly as possible and leave the curls on top free. The hair begins and runs circular at the top of the forehead.

The Mohawk Afro Weave

This Mohawk is certainly not for the weak of core. It’s an Afro weaved with dreads into a hive pattern. So this really shows how versatile Mohawks have become and you can get whatever style you want.

Aqua Mohawk Haircut

If you think a high-crested Mohawk doesn’t make a sufficiently large declaration, you can choose an excentric color. Go for water or expand your possibilities, therefore. Consider producing something out of the ordinary by mixing it with colors of smaragd or sapphire.

Asymmetrical Hawk

If you go for asymmetrical style, your Mohawk will look even more eccentric. Nothing is more intriguing. Instead of maintaining it in the center, start with a difficult portion on one hand. Add a color to non-traditional hair, and you’ll really stand out from the crowd.