When it comes to men’s hairstyles diversity is often the last word that comes to mind. However, we have seen a gradual shift towards trendy less black-and-white looks in recent years, including the fade haircut with its many variations.

Men’s Fade Haircut Types

In a fade haircut, the hair length gradually decreases to the bottom, usually bare skin. There are many hairstyles that include a fade, yet it is difficult to find two completely alike fades. Popular hairstyles with major types of fades are highlighted here.

Hipster Taper Fade

One of the sexiest fade haircuts is the look of hipsters and well-dressed men in general. And the best part of everything? It is extremely low maintenance requiring only some light styling with some gel or pomade.

Fade with Side Part

Fade haircut> Side part is very trendy right now and also attractive for different face types. This helps when the hair is longer on top as well. A fade and comb over are a common combination.

Low Fade

One of the best fade haircuts for men with rounder faces is a low taper fade pompadour.

High Top Fade

Complete with spiky punk rock ends when the hair on top is relatively long, a high top fade works best. Try to make sure the gel you’re using is a very high-hold one because you don’t want the mid-concert look to fall flat! ‘

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‘ Face (Bald) Fade’

‘ A face fade haircut is a particularly bold form of men’s style. While many shadowy looks still have a whole head of hair technically, this style is bare up the neck to just about an inch from the crown. ‘

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‘ Medium Fade’

‘ The mid-fade cut offers the best of both worlds to guys. The style is not as severe or edgy as its bald counterpart, but it catches in general the spirit of the shadowy fashion. The hair is combed away from the face in this instance.

Temple Fade

Ideal for quite literally all hair temple types fades probably look the least shadowy but they offer an option for more conservative men making it a great choice for your first fade.

Undercut Mohawk with Faded Temple

Also known as the South of France Fade the burst fade mohawk is a perfect> Mohawk with a fashionable touch. Usher rocked this look in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (in case you’re a R&B fan!).

All Around Fade

Longer Hair Faded Undercut

Last year’s popularity for faded undercuts has actually picked up speed and the new trend is just looking to grow. The hair is slicked back and either kept with a gel of coloring or let loose. The key is that the top hair is much longer than the rest of the head.

Fade Line

Simple (and encouraged) to get a bit wild with all the different types of fade haircuts. One of the easiest ways to get up the ante is with a rasped line where the arc begins at the temples and continues towards the neck’s nape. ‘

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‘ Fade with Designs’

‘ When it comes to fade hairstyles incorporating geometric abstract designs, the sky is really the limit. Choose lines with acute angles and mirror them in your facial hairstyle if you have angular facial features.

Brush Over Fade

One of the best fade haircuts in general, a brush over fade haircut provides so many features to help make it your own. Here, an extremely slick hair and razor-sharp lines make the look more distinguished.

It is an excellent choice to refresh your current style by selecting a fade haircut (high or low). Fades can be tailored to your personal preferences and make you stand out to a greater or lesser extent. Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Related Posts Call Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way Trending Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men Best Drop Fade Haircut Ideas for Men Sexiest Men Curly Hair Sexy Man Bun Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. Regardless of what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Care

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