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Samsung SmartThings Hub Receives Significant Security UpdateByNitish Singh-July 29, 2018.205 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of The Verge Talos partnered with Samsung to address the underlying security flaws and supported the Korean company in delivering an automated security update. The security flaws allowed attackers to access Cctv devices with smart locks, and more. Samsung’s SmartThings home security program received a major update that fixed bugs recently discovered that left the software vulnerable to hackers. The vulnerabilities that were patched had the potential to allow attackers to hack into SmartThings users ‘ Cctv footage and also conduct unauthorized acts using the center. The recent firmware update was built with the support of security intelligence firm Cisco Talon which helped secure 20 exploits for the Korean tech giant. While the number of vulnerabilities for a security system sounds high Cisco has reported that a large number of the exploits found will require advanced hacking skills to execute successful attacks. Nevertheless, if a large number of attackers launched a coordinated attack, it could result in a large data breach on the Samsung SmartThings platform. Data that could be obtained by taking advantage of the exploits includes personal identity data about the linked smart devices and hardware details. Thankfully credit card and bank account numbers are not stored on the SmartThings website. Only the first-generation SmartThings Hub systems had the vulnerabilities. A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that the new automated update has already patched all of the bugs and that all of the current SmartThings Hub V2 systems available for purchase are up to date. If you own the smart home system from Samsung, it is suggested that you connect it to the internet so that automatic updates can be made as soon as possible. Grip.