Fab and Cool Flat-Top Haircuts

A flattop is a type of short haircut where the hair at the top of the head is usually upright and cut into a flat-looking deck. This deck can be flat or sloping up or down.

Flat-Top Haircuts Variations and Ideas

A flat-top is a high cut, often with slightly faded or fully rasped sides and back into a box shape. Although a man is not the most traditional haircut a flat-top is still very trendy and one of the hipster set’s new go-to haircuts. If you’re eager to give this hip-hop-influenced haircut some inspiration and a close look at creative styles, try to see the pictures below.

Side part flat-top

The best way to set your look apart is to take an understated flat-top haircut and add a simple feature for customization. This flat-top features a soft edges and filled in sides of a neat side section.

High Flat Top with Angled Front

Both precisely angled above the forehead and accentuated with a smooth fade cut this flat-top haircut shows how fantastic it looks when you mix two styles of haircuts into one design.

Black Faded Flat-Top

Black men look best with flat-top haircuts due to their natural texture. The high flat-top has a fade in the center of the skin along the sides and back.

Flat-Top precision

This low flat-top is rarely accurate and expertly cut, but the perfect cut shown here is definitely in line with the invoice. This flat-top also features the perfect right angle above the forehead in addition to the expertly buzzed sides and back. 129.jpg” />

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Salt and Pepper Seductive Cut

Showing how attractive the color of the hair is to the trim, this flat-top variant shows black and gray throughout the hair and facial hair. Such a trick makes it look less traditional but more free-spirited than a flat top haircut.

Neat Casual Flat-Top

In order to try a flat top you don’t need too long hair. Also, if your hair isn’t thick or dense enough, it won’t be straight in longer lengths, so if you want this style, a short flat top is the only possible variation.

Natural flat-top with designs

A flat-top haircut is already a style that requires a lot of attention, but when you add some edgy shaved designs you take it to the next level. The designs are along the sides in this example, while the flat-top extends downwards to create a pointed look in the back.

Flat-Top Pompadour

This is a moderate flat-top edition. The pompadour is often associated with past decades and a neatly coiffed appearance but by combining it with a flat-top as seen in this picture, you can bring the style into the modern era. Complete on the side with part and wear as a formal hairstyle.

Lightly Faded Flat-Top

A fade is definitely one of modern men’s haircuts ‘ most popular techniques. A particular flat-top picks the temples that are easily faded and the top of the cut short.

Textured Flat-Top with Designs

One of the best things about a flat-top haircut is that it’s edgy and cool enough to give you a lot of fun playing with different appearances. This one has a single lateral lightening bolt design and a thick textured top section.

Mini Flat-Top

This mini flat-top can hardly be considered a low flat-top. The sides are entirely rasped and the top section is extremely low-cut imitating common military haircuts.

Blunt Blonde Flat-Top

A flat-top plus fade combination is very popular for guys of all ages. This cut’s top section is sharply cut to give it a rigid, detailed look set off with short sides.

Very High Flat-Top

Black men love experimenting with flat-top haircuts with shaved design parts and extreme height. You’ve got a tall fading flat-top sides and a great section.

Fine Hair Flat-Top

You can still pull off a flat top with fine and thick hair. It’s not going to be as steep and upright as its thicker hair analogs, but you’re going to get your personal touch to the feel.

Gray Flat-Top

The natural color of your hair is not incorrect. In reality, this picture shows that with a flat-top it also looks pretty good.

Artistic Asymmetric Flat-Top

Flat-top haircuts should be as quirky and trendy as they can be when worn by black men. Thanks to its precise asymmetric rounded cut that gives a slanted look on one side, this is one of the most amazing flat-tops around.

Receiving Hairline Flat-Top

The best for straight hair is a smooth mid-fade and short flat top. Even if you have a flat-top receding hairline, you should make it your personal characteristic. The edgy V-shaped contours will gain the front-framing hairline.

High flat top with designs

It’s all about trendy styles to keep the design trend going on flat tops like this one. The mid-faded sides and thick top section finish off the look with rounded edges.

Flat-Top with Partial Fade

By extending the back section of flat-top haircuts like this one create a kind of faux hawk appearance. In one, you have almost two haircuts that are always good.

Flat-Top rounded

Another natural hair concept. What distinguishes this haircut from other flat tops is the thickness and slightly rounded form of its top section.

Based on the above pictures, we can summarize that there are many variations in the men’s flat-top haircut. All depends frankly on your personal style and the look you want to achieve. Whether conservative classic edgy or cool the flat-top always seems to have a place among the haircuts that men just don’t seem to be getting enough of. Related Haircuts Forms That Are Trendy Now Name It A Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts For Men Best Fall Fade Haircut Ideas For Men Sexiest Men Curly Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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