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It’s difficult to achieve a compromise between privacy and ideas such as security or convenience. Most people are of the opinion that if you have nothing to hide, your privacy doesn’t matter. In other words, the premise is that of those digging through our private information, only unacceptable individuals have anything to fear. The first issue with this idea has to do with what is “opposable”? Just because you think you’re falling on the right side of current laws and morality doesn’t mean it’s going to remain that way. Respect for everyone’s privacy is the same as behaving in your own interest. The other big issue is the idea that privacy is only for the unwanted. Privacy is an integral part of human dignity. If you have no private life, then you can not have a dignified human existence.

.1115 Figure 1 Picture Courtesy of MySmn A real advantage is the right to be anonymous. It is a luxury which also is truly scarce. We are constantly monitoring. Now there is technology that can distinguish single faces in a crowd of stadiums. Nearly everything we do has already been digitized or will soon be. It’s becoming harder to do anything without making a note in a government or business computer system anywhere. The truth about you can be deduced from a small circumstantial bit of data that doesn’t mean much on its own. Either they know who you are and use the data to influence your behaviour, or they can recognise you. Neither of these are great options for us. Anonymity and Expression Equality

.1116 While you can say what you want in most civilized countries without the government (legally) going after you, real freedom of speech is not so easy to find. The internet was once a place where you could say things behind an anonymous shield. A genuine exchange of ideas, although the establishment did not accept many of them. Now anonymity is dying on the internet and if you try to put controversial thoughts into the world without making yourself a target for those who disagree with you there are a million ways you can be outed.

Government and Big Business Don’t Care About You

.1117 Figure 2 Picture Courtesy Of Softsonic Most of us happily laid out these platforms. Only now the expense of doing so is becoming evident. People have lost their jobs for comments online and that is just a short-term problem. Really the internet never forgets. There is a record somewhere of any regrettable thing that you have done or said. You don’t want to have power over this?

Privacy is won

While we may have the right to privacy on paper, the fact is that we must continue to actively protect our privacy. If people stop taking care of privacy it starts eroding. Just because there’s a lot of lucrative apps to violate our privacy.