Enrique Villn – Biography of Enrique Villn

Actor Enrique Villén was born in 1960 in Madrid.

In 1976 he began to work in various nightclubs as a comedian, impersonator, comedian and showman in general, performing throughout Spain. Later he also dedicated himself to puppets, with the company Juan sin Miedo.

He began working on television in 1990, and did so in the series “Eva y Adán, matrimonial agency.”

In 1994 he took part in “Villarriba y Villabajo”, and that same year, directors Santiago Aguilar and Luis Guridi offered him a role in their film “Justino, a murderer of the third age”. Shortly after, he would work with them again on “Matías, line judge”.

In 1995 he participated in the film “The day of the beast”, directed by Álex de la Iglesia, under whose orders he would return to work in “The community”.

The actor has extensive filmography, and has worked with some of the most prestigious directors in our country, such as Bigas Luna in “Volavérunt”, Miguel Bardem in “The ugliest woman in the world”, Fernando León de Aranoa in “Barrio” and “Mondays in the Sun”, José Luis Garci in Tiovivo c. 1950 or “Luz de domingo” or Gracia Querejeta in “Seven French Pool Tables”, among many other titles that appear in his filmography, just as prestigious.

As for the small screen, after his debut in the aforementioned series, he continued to intervene in some of the best known, such as “Oh, Lord, Lord!”, “Kangaroos”, “Hands on work”, “Sisters” , “Central Hospital”, “There is no one living here”, “Wolves”, “The commissioner”, “Paco’s men” or “Los Serrano”.

In 2007 he joined the staff of the series “Ulises syndrome”, in which he played the role of Ceferino, a mafia character who works for Rai.

He also participates in other productions made for television, such as “The footprint of crime”, in the chapter “The kidnapping of Anabel”, “The murder of Carrero Blanco” or “Plaza de España”, among others.

The actor has to his credit a large number of awards and nominations. We cannot make a list of them here. Suffice it, by way of example, to point out some such as the Award for the best male performance at the Elche International Independent Film Festival for his role in the film “El As”, or the Award of the Official Short Film Section for the best actor in the Alicante Film Festival for “Adios papa, adios mama”.

He has also been nominated for the Goya Award for Best Supporting Male Performance for his work in the film “Ninette.”