Ellen Woglom – Biography of Ellen Woglom

Ellen woglom He was born in 1987 in Nashville, Tennessee, but due to his father’s work, he lived in various places such as Vermont, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Los Angeles.

She grew up on a farm, so from a young age she practiced in horse competitions until a serious injury caused her to leave the sport.

From a young age he decided that he wanted to dedicate himself to acting, so he decided to move to Hollywood, where he made his debut before the cameras with a participation in an episode of “CSI: New York”In 2005. From then on, he developed a promising career, focused so far on the television environment.

She is primarily known for her regular participation in “Californication“, Where he played Chelsea koons during 2009, and also had a recurring role as Lily on “Crash”.
Since 2010, she can be seen in the series “Outlaw“, Where he embodies Mereta Stockman.

His other credits include participation in the programs “Criminal minds“,”The OC“,”open case“,”Long live laughlin“,”Ghost whisperer” Y “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.
He also participated in the short “Nameless“, The horror tape”Dead tone“, The dramas”April Showers” Y “Privileged”.

Soon she will be seen with Matthew hutchinson in the dramatic tape “Hated”.