EJ Johnson Net Worth 2020 Bio

EJ Johnson Net Worth 2020 Bio W The legend Magic Johnson is his dad.

He earned most of his fame after being able to appear in the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! This series was about watching the kids whose parents were very popular.

Bio EJ was born on 4th June 1992. His birth place was in the United States of America, in Beverly Hills California. His parents were Earlitha Kelly and Magic Johnson. EJ has two children. He has a sister and a wife. The brother’s name is Andre whilst the sister’s name is Elisa. He grew up in The Pentecostal Church. He did study at the University of New York. He was able to pursue a Hospitality Degree here. His main interest was in the management of event planning and their construction. He has proclaimed his identity to be a gay person openly. At the age of seventeen, EJ Johnson did open his sexuality to his friends. His father never subjected him to prejudice. He has been given full family support on being gay. Upon admitting he was a gay he left the Church of God in Christ in the West Angeles. This is the Church in which he grew up. His declaration of homosexuality inspired the cause for his departure. He was able to undergo surgery for the gastric sleeve. Thoughts about changing his gender have often crossed his mind.Johnson is 1.88 meters tall.



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EJ has a net value approaching $3.5 million. This wealth resulted from his work in the film and television industries.