Eazy-e Height Weight Age Education Career

Eazy-e Height Weight Age Education Career Awards Death and Net Worth 2020Eazy-e Height Weight Age Education Career Awards Death and Net Worth 2020 Height and Net Worth-Eazy-E was a West Coast rapper and co-founder of the N.W.A. group known for albums such as Straight Outta Compton.


Born in Compton in middle-Eazy-e, he dropped out of high school and spent some time working as a drug dealer using his money to co-found the Ruthless Records label with music industry insider Jerry Heller. After some years, for completing school, he went back to school and started again in the music business. Measurement

Age – 31 Height – 5 ft 3 or 159 cm Weight – 70 kg or 154 pounds Career

Eazy-e was a US-based rapper who used to perform individually and with the hip-hop group (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) N.W.A. He is usually referred to as the Godfather of Gangsta rap as he was one of the earliest and most significant popularizers of the s. Eazy-e and two other youngsters from the O’Shea area Ice Cube Jackson and Andre Dr. Dre Young who began making songs for Wright’s label. I am furious that if I wanted to protect my privacy Eazy-e said in April 1992, I was put in a position to lie. Much as I’m sure everybody in this room has some personal matter that he or she wants to keep private, so have we. With my medical condition, there definitely was no compelling mental or physical need to go public. How I thought about a year ago was that there’s been a secret and benevolent scheme to help me protect my privacy. On February 6, 1993a year after his announcement, Eazy-e passed away from pneumonia a complication of AIDS.

Eazy-e Net Worth is $8 million.