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Full Name Eamon O’Sullivan First NameLast Name O’Sullivan Career Assistant Director NationalityEthnicity White Born State America Gender IdentitySexual Orientation Single Marital Status Married SpouseWeight 75 kg Networth $14 M Marriage Date


Eamon Osullivan Body and Relation StatusWhat is Eamon Osullivan marital status? Married How many Eamon Osullivan children have? 2 Who marries Eamon Osullivan to? When was Married to Eamon Osullivan? 2008 What’s Eamon Osullivan’s Height? 160 cm How much does Eamon Osullivan weigh? Eamon O’Sullivan is an American film assistant director who is well known in TV shows and movies like Disconnect and Perfect creature for his scripts. Eamon O’Sullivan was raised on American soil. The exact date of his birth is not available. He is of White origin, born to his American parents, and holds an American nationality.

O’Sullivan’s Marital Life

A film assistant director’s average salary ranges from $101,000 to $150,000 for some s. Therefore, we should presume Eamon O’Sullivan’s annual salary. One of his world-renowned film Disconnect made $3428048. The total net worth of the acclaimed assistant director as of 2019 is valued at $14 million which is more than the assets of another director, Jacob Bernstein. Whereas the total assets of his wife Bridget’s are $2 million.

Early Career

In the following year, Eamon worked as assistant director for the television series Casualty @ Holby City, which was broadcast for five seasons.

Breakthrough Career

By working as assistant director in The Lavender List, O’Sullivan made his breakthrough career in 2006. He served as an associate director in the television series the following year titled Amazing Extraordinary Friends. Recent work by Eamon O’Sullivan includes a reality documentary titled Cancerman: The Milan Brych Affair a thriller drama Disconnect and a television series called Ice. Keep Up With Married Actress On American Directors For More Interesting Biography