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Here’s What Vaginal Steaming Does (and Why Chrissy Teigen Is Thinking About It)5/5.121 5/5.121 Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars Freeform On the series Aria Montgomery plays actress and singer. She’s got the group’s most unique style and got a complicated relationship with her teacher Ezra. In 2014 Hale released her debut album Road Between while working on the show. So what are her post-show plans? She is with Austin Butler in 2017’s Dude and stars in two episodes of Miles in 2018. It was also revealed that she would be in a drama called Truth or Dare and the forthcoming Life Sentence fall television show of the CW.

5/5.122 5/5.122 Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars The Emily Fields of Freeform Shay Mitchell has been a complicated character since the first season of the show. She was singled out by A in particular, and had strong romantic feelings for Alison. The character would just not have been as cool if any other actress had played her. During the series Mitchell was working on other projects such as the movie Mother’s Day. It looks like she’s going to slow down as she’s just got one movie named Cadaver coming up. Sasha Pieterse

5/5.123 5/5.123 Sasha Pieterse on Pretty Little Liars Freeform The entire series started with the death of the character Sasha Pieterse and the mystery surrounding it. We later discover that Alison is not at all dead, and that her family has a lot of secrets. Pieterse does a good job, when she wants to be enigmatic and cold. But then when the role calls for Alison to be compassionate she is believable.

Ian Harding

5/5.124 5/5.124 Ian Harding and Lucy Hale in Pretty Little Liars | Freeform

Janel Parrish

5/5.125 5/5.125 Janel Parrish on Pretty Little Liars | Freeform Caleb the genius of the machine helps to get the group information. He has some of Hanna’s cutest romantic scenes too. But don’t think too much about the long haired actor being in the Hello Again musical.

Keegan Allen

5/5.127 As Toby Cavanaugh, we know him a character who’s been everything from an inmate to a police officer on the show. The character was also in a difficult long-term relationship with Spencer. Lots of fans over the years have fallen in love with him. Sadly he has nothing lined up so it’s going to be a while before he gets back to the screen.

Tammin Sursok

5/5.128 Tammin Sursok in Pretty Little Liars Freeform You know her as Jenna Marshall Blind and Untrustworthy. She has been wary of our favorite characters over the years, and was suspicious of her. The actress has nothing lined up at the moment but we are eager to see what she will do next. @ Nikkibernice Movie Facebook cheat sheet! Issa Rae Carry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The network has just starring the hugely popular online comedian Issa Rae to greenlit the pilot for Insecure a comedy project that is growing. Rae is known for her highly popular web series Awkward Black Girl’s Misadventures, which she began after struggling to find an accurate portrayal of young black women in mass media. The series depicts her experiences in contemporary society in a frank and practical way. Awkward Black Girl has received over 20 million views and over 180,000 subscribers on YouTube since the show’s online debut in 2011. In 2012, it also won Rae’s Shorty Award for Best Web Show and landed a spot on multiple top lists including Rolling Stone’s 23 Funniest People in America and Forbes ‘ 30 Under 30 annual. Larry Wilmore Nervous, co-created and written by Rae and The Nightly Show, will concentrate on similar themes as Awkward Black Girl. As described in HBO’s official synopsis, the series will chronicle a modern African-American woman’s awkward encounters and racy tribulations. The project has been in the works for over a year according to TheWrap. The series was originally produced in summer 2013 at the network. Rae is set to work alongside Wilmore as an executive producer although it is uncertain if the latter will be involved in the project in any other capacity now that he is headlining his own late-night talk show on Comedy Central.22 Shows Worthy of Avoiding Getting Axed Will Heroes Reborn Benefit From Original Success? 9 New Comedies in the Works at ABC22 Shows Worthy of Avoiding Getting Axed Will Heroes Reborn Benefit From Original Success? 9 New Comedies in the Works at ABC