Dish Network Continues Crusade

Dish Network Continues Crusade Against Pirate Iptv With Lawsuit Targeting IpguysByBill Toulas-August 23, 2019 ‘ 0/0.2570.jpg ‘ Three individuals hidden behind the Iptv reseller network have been found by the satellite Tv provider. The broadcaster is requesting compensation for a permanent injunction for damages and confiscation of equipment. Having targeted Easybox Iptveast Iptvset Tvsubmitting yet another lawsuit against the Ipguys Iptv service this time. Ipguys is a well-known Iptv pirate platform that enjoys great success in the field so Dish Network naturally wants them down for good. Dish is a Us-based satellite television provider that sees its revenues shrink month after month due to the country’s cord-cutting trend. Pirate Iptv services offer quite a few of the channels that are sold by Dish Network, so that these unfair competition companies directly and indirectly impact them. By not offering an official website Ipguys follows a common business model in this field. Instead, they rely on an extensive reseller network that sells pre-configured boxes that connect to the Ipguys ‘ servers without the need for further fiddling. Despite this “anonymized” method, complainants found a way to figure out who is behind the platform of Ipguys and included his name in the lawsuit. A citizen of Ontario Canada, he is Tomasz Kaczmarek. Two more people are named beside Mr. Kaczmarek and they are John and Julia Defoe from New York. These two provide the stolen broadcast feeds to the service of Ipguys with emphasis on Dish’s channels according to the lawsuit. The rest of the pirating group is unknown so they are referred to in the lawsuit as “John Does,” estimating that they are between one to ten people. Dish identified these people’s role as “seeders,” meaning they are providing content to Ipguys who then re-broadcasts it without having any license to do so. So John Does is considered to be accomplices.