Disarming Styles of Sexy Beard

Beards are the mark of manhood, they distinguish the boys from the men, and they have become synonymous with sexy for that reason. A beard needs to grow and maintain patience and attention, and these are both desirable features. We immediately know when we see a man with a well-maintained beard that he cares for his appearance. We know he can take care of himself and always put his best foot forward.

Pristine facial hair

23 Race in red

This beard is so lush and beautifully hued notice a slightly lighter hair just below the lips. This beard covers the lower part of the face that was grown to a medium length and also wears a full moustache clipped to clear the upper lip. Was that beautiful red hair? Get the beard started!

Whisker Fancy

35 A Covered Beard

Daily maintenance is required in order to keep the hair of the face untouched. Here we see an example of a well-kept beard the shape is perfect, the hair is shiny and soft, and it seems to have been meticulously brushed out.

Shapely Beard

19 Just a hint of rebellion

In this example, we can see a full beard and moustache growing just below the jaw line. The moustache was snipped in order to clear the top lip and join the chin’s neatly sculpted hair. This is a simple yet desirable style of beard that is very versatile.

Manhood stamp

27 Beard Love

Beards look warm on with any hair color but dark hair has an extra sultry benefit! This beautiful deep color and this beard’s soft-looking texture make it ultra-wanted. The moustache has been brushed into the beard and is slightly lighter.


His beard was grown from the sideburns down to the chin and kept at a smooth length. The look is intensified by the moustache and chin hair’s natural highlights. Like the rest of the facial hair, the moustache has been kept short and his clipped moustache just hugs the lip.

Perfectly patchy

37 Informal style

This picture focuses most of the length on and around the area of the chin. The sides are a little patchy and it has grown the moustache just to drop off the edge of the lips. As a consequence, this look is rough, informal and playful.

Timeless style

31 Captivating contours

This look is perfect for him. The beard only covers the bottom of the face and his moustache has been smoothly combed to the side. This is perfect for the workplace’s polished look.

Short and sweet

A beard’s best thing is that it’s free. Please grow and sustain your beard alone, and no one can give it to you. Cultivated facial hair can be the ultimate statement of fashion and can be used to represent aspects of your personality. The appearance represents the time and effort you make to care for your hair, and thereTMs nothing quite as attractive as a person who takes pride in themselves.

Handsome Full Beard

15 Golden Trim

Here we can see how the beard covers its sides in a thin layer of hair just below the jaw line. Everything hair, including the tidy moustache, was kept at a uniform size. With his long wavy hairstyle, the short style looks incredible.

Big City Beard

33 Perfect picture

This clean beard has a medium length and under the bottom of the lip is some attention to detail. As well as the moustache, this part of the facial hair has grown a lighter brown gray that enhances the mature feel of this look.

Oh So Manly

7 Dashing Style

This gentleman looks so stylish and fashionable with his suit and sunglasses and his look is perfectly completed by his sexy beard. In a narrow line, the beard crosses his jaw line from chin to sideburns and has a small patch of moustache and eyes. The hair on the chin is the longest while the moustache is trimmed to fit over the nose.

Pleasant to the eyes

41 Heart Breaker

This beard style keeps the face open, as the hairline of the face begins just above the jaw. The beard is the longest over the chin and a cute short stubble moustache is worn by heTMs.

Heart Melting

47 Close-up

This close-up picture provides us with an excellent view of a well-kept beard. To keep it at a consistent length, you can see how the hair is cut. Also we can see how the razor was used to clear the face above the lip and to create the smooth lines.

In this picture, the lower jaw is completely covered by the beard and the portion of the skin under the lip is squared off. HeTMs also wearing a so stylish narrow stubble beard!

Shapely Full Beard

3 Desirable Depp

Here Johnny Depp sports a short moustache which only curves in on the edges of the lips, along with a small patch of soul below. HeTMs wearing a short beard just below the chin where a few sexy silver hairs can be seen.

Beard Allure

9 Silver Fox

This gentleman’s beard is wholly silver. ItTM is a full beard clipped to a shadow while the moustache is slightly longer, just curling off the tip of the lips. The soul patch below adds to his refined style a trendy edge.

Appealing Clipped Beard

13 Hunky Handlebars

His medium-length beard begins just below the sideburns and covers his jaw and chin. He wears a bold, slightly longer handlebar moustache, then brushed to the sides and curled upward at the edges.

Groomed Beard

17 Almost Scruffy

This full beard covers his jaw and chin completely and the texture makes it almost messy. You can see, though, that his facial hair is well kept and trimmed. The moustache of the handlebar was slightly lifted out of his lips.

ThereTMs an alluring beard looking for each shape face so if you’re ready to make a statement, start your own sexy beard. If you need inspiration again, remember to refer back to this article!


face to face45 Got Swag?


Captivating curls

Thanks to its incredibly soft curly texture and shine, this long beard is made breathtaking. For that artistic feeling, the moustache is also smart, brushed out and curled up.

Sultry Sophistication

25 Beard Life

His deep brown beard and moustache were grown to a medium length with a pleasant round shape. Keeping beards well formed does not make them look messy and adds to their appeal. His moustache curls inward, covering the top of his lip.
So what’s sexy about a beard then? Well, itTM is a mix of elements. First of all, a beard should always look good, so this means having all the right tools and products to keep it in tip-top shape. Second, it needs to look at some of these examples in an appealing style.

5 Walk Line’

‘ Here the beard was rasped along a line stretching from the corners of the lips to the edge of the jaw. The beard goes on into a moustache that is the same length as the rest of the beard; smoothly cut.

Cute Goatee Style Beard and Moustache

11 Soft and sensual

This guy gets it right! His beard is lush and full along the jaw’s edges and slightly shorter around the chin. HeTMs wearing a short moustache that touches both the lip and a small patch of the soul. His allled hair ties in well with his facial hair’s bushier look.

Beard Craving’

43 Dashing Van Dyke’

‘ This hair style is sometimes referred to as Van Dyke. ItTM is a short moustache that is connected along the chin with a thin beard. The hair is trimmed to approximately the same length.

Sexy Stubble

39 Moustache Dazzle

While some men prefer to keep their moustache above their lips, it may look as hot as long as itTMs. The trick is to keep it clean, smoothly brushed out; as we see in this picture.

Dapper Style ‘

21 Dreamy Beard’

‘ Jason Momoa knows how to sizzle in a beard! Here we see the actor of the Game of Thrones with a full beard that is thicker and snipped into shape around the chin. His moustache handlebar brushes the top lip while the hair is shaved below the bottom lip.

Marvellous Moustache

29 Classic Beard

Beard and moustache were kept away from the lips in this style. His hair is medium in length and has been trimmed along the face with straight edges that help to highlight the structure of his bone. The beard is falling just below the chin and is well rounded off.