Different hairstyles for males

Men’s Hairstyles For oval hairstyles

haircut for your face shape can be frustrating if you don’t have any cool cuts. Thankfully, men’s oval-faced hairstyles are both prolific and trendy. Compared to… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

GrazyLook With Hair Locks

It definitely belongs to rockabilly days and looks very cool as long as you wear it gracefully. It requires a lot of greases and the object of hair locks is one hair strand. Use oil, all the hair is put backwards.

Nice boy haircuts

Nowadays, nice boy haircuts and hairstyles are all nuts. These short sides with long flowing top hairstyles may need a little more styling and maintenance work, but the end result is… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Shape Up Haircut Styles

Other terms are used to shape the haircut, including’ line up’ and’ edge up.’ Shape up haircut types, particularly after a fresh fade, offer a great way to clean the hairline. Even though there are some guys… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

How To Make A Roscoe Dash Mohawk Hairstyle

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Only Spikes Haircut

but the hair on top is short, unlike Mohawk hairstyles. The resemblance is in both cases on the shaved sides.

Suavecito Strong Hold Pomade

It is considered a water-soluble pomade of the new generation! This is as good as the previous edition, but it lasts longer and is better. The pomade has a rare scent that both men and women enjoy. Buy>>

The Gel Effect

Marine Haircuts For Men

You could ask yourself-why should I have a marine haircut if I’m not in the army? The best reason is because marine hairstyles and haircuts are plain, manly and low styles… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

How to make a pompadour

You can also turn your hair into a true pompadour with a little practice. After you have washed your hair, graze your hair with pomade properly. You can either section it or just comb it backwards as you brush it. Push the pompadour slightly on the front to raise it a little. It has to take on the shape of a wedge when you look at your hair from the side.

Men’s Top Knot Hairstyles

The top bun knot is a cross between the fashionable undercut and man bun. The top knot of the men features shaved or faded sides on top with long hair. View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Coolest Anime Hairstyles for Boys Men

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Nerd Look

The job profile generally requires a professional look, whether it’s dress or hairstyle. And, for all working men who have a desk job, this Rockabilly hairdo is a must. Nonetheless, the nerd looks really sexy, a choice is to use or not to use a gel.

Man Ponytail–Ponytail Styles For Men

Man ponytail is a natural result of men getting longer hair and having new hairstyles. In addition to the obvious fact that many women prefer ponytails with men, ponytail hairstyles give a simple… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’


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Akanishi Jin’s Japanese Hairstyles

Akanishi Jin hairstyle as well as a radio host, is considered by the Japanese media to be one of the most attractive male faces! Akanishi had instantly become a female heartthrob in Japan within no time of his debut. Apart from his band popularity and acting stints, Akanishi Jin is also well-known for his well-styled hair, which he keeps changing from time to time for a better and sharper look! To give the lead protagonist a voice in the so-called Hollywood Speed Racer film. Akanishi was voted Best Actor at the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. He has also represented popular brands in a variety of advertisements, both earning him recognition and adulation in ratings. Men’s fashion with a matte effect. This Akanishi style has achieved near-cult status today in Japan. Akanishi Jin has long been with immense fame and publicity attention in the coveted spotlight. Yet running parallel to his fame as a singer-actor is his’ style-icon’ tag, a distinction given to him primarily because of his oh-so-stylish-and-always-fashionable-hip hairdo!


Best Hairstyles For Men To Get In’

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Sexiest Rockabilly Pompadour Men

Hairstyles was in vogue. It was then the intense and sensual mentality of working-class men and women that set the trend, later even housewives and high-class circles embraced rockabilly hairdos.

Betty Page and Elvis Presley were iconic figures who wear these hairstyles as a signature as rockabilly fashion was born rockabilly in a subculture like Japanese pompadour following rock and roll and fast cars. Even now, many actors wear and design their own these looks, incorporating personal touches and mixing them with modern fashion. Style for men This is a modal screen. Due to too many successive transfer failures, the media replay was aborted.

Summer Hairstyles For Men

It’s again your favorite time of year and you’re looking for the best men’s summer hairstyles. There are a lot of fashionable men’s summer haircuts to choose from and they’re all short… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Quiff Haircuts For Men

In recent years, quiff hairstyle has become one of the most popular fashion trends. The quiff haircut is similar to the pompadour as both on the sides require short hair and… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

RockabillyHairstyles For Men

and Frank Sinatra are good examples of men’s rockabilly hairstyles. The pompadour is a style that wears the top and back shorter than the arms, as it is also called. Also girls with short hairstyle like Pink and Rihanna are doing it this way today. If you want this authentic pompadour, you need to let your barber know you don’t want the traditional rockabilly, but a genuine high-hit pompadour. There’s a different way your barber wants to cut your hair.

Miyavi Japanese Mullet Hairstyles

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Rockabilly Haircut

This fashionable hair men’s style is undeniably a trendy subject, but it’s definitely a high level of maintenance as it should look good. Whether you’re looking for a short or long pompadour, both look just as elegant.

Category Punk Hairstyles

Comb Over

Like a Mohawk haircut, this haircut has a side and short sides width. It’s not shaved, though, for this haircut you don’t need any maintenance. The length of the front hair is short, making it look spiky. It is a simple comb over the hairstyle of rockabilly. For men with straight hair

male hairstyles fit well with dense, straight hair. From the… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Brushed Up Hairstyle

Brushed up hairstyle has no iconic title like other traditional men’s hairstyles like quiff, pompadour, or fade. But, you certainly saw a haircut that was brushed up and… See MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Blonde Beard Styles

However… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

French crophaircut

French crop haircut is the perfect low-maintenance but fashionable haircut for people. A twist is all it takes to get this trendy and simple look on the traditional, military Caesar cut. Ideal for… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Caesar Haircut Styles

Caesar haircut may be one of the oldest and most common men’s hairstyles. Before it became popular in the s, Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire invented the Caesar cut, from whom…

G-Eazy Hairstyle

smooth back… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Low Maintenance Haircuts For men

It should not be difficult to find simple, low-maintenance men’s haircuts. In reality, there are plenty of simple, simple hairstyles for men-the best style for you depends on the texture of your skin,… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Smartest Spiky Hairstyles for GuysMehndi Designs For BeginnersMehndi Designs For Beginners

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Black And White Pomade

This brand celebrates the best natural groomer comment of the publication In Style. The brand is fragrantly mild and contains natural oils of coconut. Massage the drug vigorously in your scalp for best results. Buy>>

Side Part Look

This hairstyle is very appropriate for athletes and other sportsmen, and it’s certainly men’s hairstyle. It can be achieved with both long and short spikes, and besides that, with the trim, you can style a moustache. With a pair of jeans or shoes.

Spiky Look

on the sides with either shaved sides or short hair. Guess what you can take to casual outings as well as to your desk jobs without any effort.

Black Men’s Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk black men’s hairstyles give a chic but rugged look for style-changing people. While Mohawk haircuts by most modern black men look more like fake hawks (fohawks)… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Layrite Super Hold Pomade

It’s a really great vanilla pomade! This is perfect for people with a thick mane, being super thick and waxy. Being water-soluble, washing is also simple. The formula properly regulates wavy hair and holds the hair straight, without causing any damage. Try any theme and you’re going to get it. Being available at nearly, $however, some found it a bit pricey!

Hottest Anime Guys With Black Hair

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Men’s Haircuts Women Love

If… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Young Men’s Haircuts

Styling some of these fashionable young men’s hairstyles might seem a little bit… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Classic Men’s Hairstyles

Those classic men’s hairstyles will never be out of fashion. Because these conventional, classic haircuts have always made men look and feel soft while attracting artistic women at the same time. View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Neat And Messy

If you like a clean look but are also a fan of messy hairstyle, this is one of the well-known men’s rockabilly hairdos. Cut your head sides and make room in the middle for long hair that should not be covered with gel. Let it breathe messily and it’s going to look sexy naturally. Shadow Fade Haircut

Shadow Fade is one of the most common haircut styles for men. And like other cool fades, there are many variations in the shadow fade haircut. Guys can choose to have a shadow low, medium or high… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Kim Nekroman Psychobilly Hairstyle

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Barbershop Haircuts

Proving how great your… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Peaky BlindersHaircut

The haircut of Peaky Blinders rages on the men’s hair scene. As the hit Peaky Blinders Tv show’s host, many of you were likely to wonder how to get and style the haircut of Cillian Murphy. As… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Ken Watanabe Hairstyles

Korean Hairstyles For Men

helps some very cool Korean men to… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Modern Samurai Hairstyles For Men To Get Inspired

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Best Hair Pomades For Pompadour

Skater Haircuts For Guys

For Extreme Biking and Skating Girls. Some skater boy haircuts usually medium in length swoop across the head, however… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Frat Haircuts

Frat hairstyles will help you make the right picture and look at… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Best neckline haircuts–Blocked, rounded, tapered

Choosing the right neckline (or nape) haircut for you is a mix of how you choose to cut your sides ‘ hair and your personal preferences. For example, if you have chosen a… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Classy Hairstyles Men

Classy men’s hairstyles could easily turn ordinary men into debonair men. Classy men’s haircuts really offer the best first impressions, making you look smart,… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Suavecito Pomade Review

Suavecito Pomade Firme and Original Keep styling products are all-in – one, all-in – one… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

How to Style Your Hair ForMen

hairstyle that transforms your appearance. As far as style is concerned… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Manlyhaircuts and beards

Manly haircuts and beards have become an enormous phenomenon in men’s fashion in recent years. The clean-shaven, metrosexual look was all the… before the rise in manly hairstyles and thick beards. View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Goatee Styles–Best Men’s Goatee Beard Styles

In recent years, goatee styles have become incredibly popular. The goatee beard, as facial hair, is the perfect compromise between a full beard and mustache, offering an elegant but masculine way… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Hideo Kojima Hairstyle

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Long Men’s Hairstyles

is great for you! … View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Best Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

Round Face Hairstyles is not about the latest trends or trendy shapes, but more about choosing the best haircut for your face shape. While most barbers agree with this round… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners


Taper Fade hairstyles did not belong to rockabilly days, but because of the growing popularity it certainly makes it to the list. This looks incredible as long as the bottom looks voluminous. Whether pompadour or spikes or side sweeps can be picked, etc.

The Jared Leto Haircut

film project. Jared Leto has therefore worn so many different cool hair styles, ranging from… View more

Shaggy Hairstyles For Men

Shaggy men’s hairstyles also reflect the convenience needs of a person. Because you can style a men’s shag haircut with any type of hair–short, medium, long, thin, heavy, curly, dark or blonde–… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners


Men’s V-shaped haircut is a stunning cross between hair and fad. Although you may not want your barber to write in your hair the name of your wife, V haircuts are the best… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Category Japanese Hairstyles

European Men’s Hairstyles

While there may not be an exclusively European haircut, we must admit that some very trendy European men’s hairstyles are worth sharing. Even if the rest of the world has the same thing… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

is manufactured in the United States. The product contains completely harmless petrolatum, mineral oil and perfume–no alkalis or acids. Taking in your hand a small amount of pomade, hold it a little to soften and then add it to your hair. It’s a good recipe for hairdressing which keeps your natural waves in place while holding your skin. Buy>>

Celebrity Hairstyles For Men

Before your next haircut, checking out famous celebrity hairstyles will keep you up to date with the new and most popular hair trends for men. To help you find the best known haircuts quickly, here… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Fresh haircuts Looking for men’s best fresh haircuts? Part of looking the best at work or at a party is getting a new fade, line-up, undercut, or whatever hairstyle you look clean and trusty. … View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Bees Knees Pomade

This is an all-natural product that includes beeswax, lanolin and essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree. Take a small portion in your palm, rub it vigorously until it becomes a smooth, lump-free mass and then add it to your skin. Buy>>

Asian Beard Styles

Asian Beard is not as rare as you think. In reality, bearded Asians can style just as many different facial hair types as any other race, including white guys. From the mustache of Asia to… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’


Gentleman’s Cut, men’s haircut styles and fashion trends… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Samurai hairstyles For men

Samurai hairstyles, also known as chonmage hairstyles, refer to a distinct Japanese male hairstyle developed hundreds of years ago. Originally designed to hold a Samurai’s haircut as a soldier… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Black men’s apphairstyles

. Usher Raymond can usually be found sporting a shape-up buzz cut or a trendy Mohawk blast, a new one… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Korean Japanese Hairstyles For Asian Cool Men

Distinctive characteristics of Asian Hair Our hair is one of the most important features of our body that distinguishes us. The beauty of hair lies in its diversity, and Asian hair is a form exclusive to Orient people. Here are some important features of Asian hair

Lee Jun Ki shoulder length Asian hair style consists of round fibers, resulting in very straight hair. They can spike their hair easily with straight hair. They can also shorten their hair on the back and blend it with the top to get a jagged, textured look. Men’s Fashion Play Video Many Asians have oval-shaped fibers with wavy and curly hair. On the back and sides, a clipper can be used to combine it with the hair above to give it height and to retain the natural curls. Some Asians have coarse hair that, if not properly styled, results in cowlick when they choose short hair. As they typically have better hair growth upwards, it is possible to choose medium-length hair and use a good lightweight hair styling product that does not weigh down the hair to smooth the frizzy hair. It will help to wash your hair well, use a hair straightener for curly hair and apply a small amount of hair spray or mousse to the roots. An average Asian’s hair strings are thinner than the hair cuticles of a Caucasian. Because of this, hair styling can be done in different ways, the most common being the razored cut, adding layers and volume to the skin. Since Asian hair is dark and almost always black in colour, slight highlights are hard to see. You can try blonde highlights or streaks and dye your hair in layers to give it more structure instead of completely changing the color of the hair. The hair has a high level of porosity, it can well hold moisture, look brilliant and nourished. Coloring and coloring can be achieved without drying the hair, so spikes that remain intact for a longer period of time are easier to obtain. Although they seem to have good hair quality, due to the thick hair shaft their hair looks thick. The average Asian, much less than a Caucasian, has to, hair strands. Therefore, one must ensure that the scalp does not reveal the very short hair when styling. years. Asians are also fortunate as their hair is increasingly greying than their counterparts in the Caucasus. As a consequence, common style choices.

Kim Jae Joong rasped hairstyle Those who want to be more rebellious wear their hair in a rasped mullet or razor cut shag. This rough cut shows that a man is very self-assured and a little dismissive of authority.

spiky hair of Takeshi Kaneshiro.

long faux-hawk hairstyle of Kim Jae Joong.

hairstyle of Kim Jun Su from Asia. The Asian version is much more advanced. Here, long are left the arms, back and top of the head. The hair is styled using pomade to produce messy-looking spikes across the head, causing the stripe down the center to randomly lean that way.

long hairstyle Asian emo. That’s catched people and women all over the world. To bring one an air of mystery, the fringe is swept down over one ear.

Xiah Jun His short hair of emo. How to spike

. Some are straight spikes that are plain. Others strive to get the kinds of designs typically seen in characters with anime. Spiky hairstyles are among Asian men’s easiest to make, but not everyone knows how to spike Asian hair. One of the simplest techniques is to cut the hair to one-half or one inch in length. Asian hair is very rough and rigid, which means it wants to stand up from the head naturally. However, people in this area are prone to having more cowlicks or unruly hair patches that don’t want to be tamed. At this point, to get a spiked look without any material, you can simply run your fingers through the skin. The spikes can be held in place for long periods by a small amount of pomade or wax.

Mohawk haircut taeyang.

hairstyle of Ichigo Kurosaki.

hairstyle of Goku Super Saiyan. It’s not hard to spike Asian hair. Men in this area have hair that seems more often than not to want to stand up from the head. This makes it easy to choose where to find spikes and what direction to point to. Then add the right product to keep the spikes in place. Asian Hairstyles Gallery Kim Bum Hairstyles > Tomohisa Yamashita Hairstyles > Kim Jae Joong Hairstyles > Lee Jun Ki Hairstyles > Bi Rain Hairstyles > Akanishi Jin Hairstyles > Jun Matsumoto Hairstyles > Kim JunSu Hairstyles > Lee Wan Hairstyles >

When it comes to cutting their hair, this gives men many more choices. Usually, Asian hair is black and very straight as well. Treatments such as perms and coloring a lighter color of the hair can be used in conjunction with any of the above cuts and techniques of styling to give one a truly unique look.

Dapper haircuts Cool men’s hairstyles below for men

. Among pompadours, undercuts, high and low drops, pebbles, quiffs, and many textured… Mehndi Designs For BeginnersMehndi Designs For Beginners

Over the years, the haircut of Drake has remained relatively the same. With a buzz cut and line up on the hairline, Drake’s hair featured a fade on the sides at its shortest. But like the skin of Drake… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Bald Beard Men

Nowadays, going bald with a beard is a hot trend! Yes, studies show that women with beards prefer bald men! Maybe it has something to do with a man with a shaved head’s masculine roughness… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

Dope Haircuts For Black Men

dope haircuts are needed. For men, dope hairstyles add to their fashion, swag and confidence, making them stand out from the crowd. But every guy can’t wear every haircut because we’re all… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Which hand is my hair to be part of?

Men’s broken hairstyles, such as the traditional comb over and side section, have again become common, giving rise to an age-old question: Which side should I cut off my hair?The answer is simple… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners

Ivy League Haircut–A Classy Crew Cut

Often referred to as the Princeton haircut or Harvard clip, the Ivy League haircut is a mix of a classic crew cut and a side section. The hairstyle of the Ivy League starts with a short cut on the sides… View MoreMehndi Designs For Beginners’

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