Diego Dibs – Biography of Diego Dibs

One of the most prominent musicians in Lima Peru is the young singer Diego Dibós Caravedo, born on January 4, 1976 In Lima city. This young interpreter is the son of a renowned Peruvian agronomist and politician, Jose Luis Dibós Prada, who was also the mayor of a district in the city of Lima a few years ago.

Diego Dibós began his artistic career singing in the youth rock group TK, he was the lead singer of the band, which won a MTV award in 2003 as Best New Artist. Second prize MTV 2004 They obtained it as the best Central Artist with the album Tentando Imaginario.

Wanting to achieve better results as soloists, the group dissolved in 2007, it is there that Diego began to work as a soloist and released his first album called Introspective and start promoting the theme Close by several countries in Latin America and also releasing his second single Moon.

Diego Dibós has participated and accompanied other singers of trajectory like Diego Torres and has even made a tribute album to soda Stereo with a new version of the theme Game of seduction.

One of his most listened to songs internationally has been “If you go” Y “Love and Pain”. Already in 2010 he released his new album “Charming prince” and immediately promote his album “12 Roses”. Diego Dibós has also composed songs for famous artists such as Puerto Ricans Dyland and Lenny, the song was called “Rich Girl”, in which he also participates and sings along with them.

This young and capable singer has been summoned to participate as a guest jury in the talent program “I am” and in the program “Red Fame Against Fame” Peru. He has also been part of the staff of teachers of the program Triumph operation. His latest achievement has been the recognition of Triple Platinum for his album Anna Carina and Diego Dibos sing for Christmas.