Devon Sawa – Biography of Devon Sawa

Devon sawa is an actor born in Vancouver Canada the September 7, 1978. Of Polish descent, he is the son of Ed Sawa, a refrigeration technician and television producer Joyce. Devon is the eldest of the children, having two brothers named Brandon and Stephanie.

As a child, he began his acting career in some theater productions in his hometown with the Vancouver Youth Theater, while studying at the Vancouver Film School.
His mother always wanted her first-born son to have something to do with show business, that’s why she never opposed his decisions and gave him all her support at the beginning of his career and always.

Some time later, a young Devon is discovered by an agent and is given the opportunity to appear in some television series such as The odyssey of the year 1992. A year later he would be in the United States with some work projects that would give him greater popularity.

His big screen debut was in the sports comedy Little giants from 1994 next to the actor Rick moranis.
A year later he was selected to appear in Casper sharing credits with Christina Ricci. Months later, he was in Friends forever, again working with Christina Ricci, in addition to Demi moore, Thora Birch and Melanie Griffith.

But fame would come to him at the end of the nineties, especially he became well known and popular among the adolescent public with the title The devil put his hand filmed in 1999, a horror and comedy film that had as its female protagonist Jessica Alba and was directed by Rodman Flender .

Also noteworthy is Final Destination 2000, also a horror film directed by director James Wong, and the 2002 action film Extreme Risk, which was filmed by Christian duguay.

Devon has been in the music video of the famous rapper Eminem titled Stan and later starred in Why Store’s Father.
He has had several girlfriends, one of the best known being Alessia Lancia. His last works as an actor have been in low-budget film productions, and in some series such as Nikita.