Top Designer Yoga mens bracelets

Yoga stones designer men’s bracelets

I was honestly surprised, particularly considering the price, how pleasant these are. I had recently bought a similar package here on amazon for double what I paid for them, and when they arrived, I was somewhat disappointed. That was exactly what I was looking for, though. Under sunlight, the tiger eye stones almost shine, and the elastic band is extremely durable and appears to be of high quality. And even if you break one, the set comes with a replacement band. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


The necklace was for my teenage son, and today, Christmas Day, he was very happy to receive it. Nine hours later, with his arm gesturing, the necklace just fell apart…. beads scattered everywhere. So disappointed!!!
They’re super cute, very big… But that’s perfect. The bracelets are a little big, but the good thing is that it comes with a little extra thread, so you can easily make them smaller. This is fashion jewelry at an affordable price. Everyone at the mall can cost up to $25 in local jewelry shops. We look exactly like they were taken. May be worn on the other wrist or next to your watch. My length of the wrist is 7.25 inches and it suits well. Allow a few days for them to feel a little loose.

That’s beautiful. Excellent quality. Purchased for the gift of Xmas. I think it’s going to run high. Can’t adjust and don’t look like a good lose and dangerous style, or if you need to shoot it down your arm. Not for wrists that are shorter.
Rate it. Loving it! I purchased it for my son who is struggling with depression, and since then his mood has been better. He’s not taking it off. One of them split. I purchased another one quickly. Luckily, I’ll always have 2 on hand so without it he’ll never have to be.


The bracelets are great! The beads are a perfect weight and look great! I felt like they were beads that would take essential oil and work as a diffuser how ever I was mistaken — but the company was beyond wonder and ended up sending me a free lava bead bracelet that embraces oils to go along with the other bracelets — I was really blown away by their kindness for my confusion. I can’t say enough about an amazing customer service company!! The bracelets are lovely and the purchase is perfect!!! If you are searching for diffuser beads, make sure that the lava bead bracelets are part of your choice!!
I love the necklace. It would be good, though, if Men had a size slightly bigger. For larger than average wrist, 8.5 to 9 inches would be great.

The man I got this because he liked it and said he got a lot of comments about it… He missed it, sadly, so he’ll just have to find it himself again. Super fast delivery and the value of the bracelets I’m sooo impressed! I was a little uncomfortable buying beaded stone bracelets online because you can’t feel the value for yourself… but I’m so glad I made a leap of faith! They are so beautiful (def not cheap plastic stones) and so high quality. Pictures are not doing justice to this product.

The 8 mm Tiger Eye Stone Beads bracelets of the Hamoery Men Women are very comfortable to wear. I forgot to wear it sometimes. For men, anything larger than 8 mm would be suggested.
They delivered quickly certainly and I’m not even a member of the Prime. Even, as advertised, the Tiger Eye and three matte black agate beads are of high quality. With quality and timeliness, this vendor really delivers. Will probably buy again from the seller.

The value and color of the beads is great, I wish it were a bit bigger, and in my case, I didn’t pay attention to the size and I’m kind of tall, or chubby, my mistake, arrived quickly with a nice little gray box, and a spare cord, 1 of the 3 is smaller than the other 2, I only bought the red, came with the package, no spare string.

They loved my 18-year-old son. They are really good quality, but for his slim construction they are a little tall. In a smaller size, I couldn’t find one. They wouldn’t be working for a small wrist girl.
They’re all right. They look nice and have a good weight for them, but I noticed that for my wrist, they were quite small. When stretched out, these kinds of bracelets do not look good.
This element looks the same as in the photo, and the definition remains true. You should buy the oil separately, but for two bracelets that aren’t the same, it’s a decent price. My only concern is that it’s a little large, but it comes with a small bag and an extra string if you need to cut a few beads to make it tighter.

I’m a guy, 6,190 lbs. I wanted to wear some elegant Buddhist beads as an accessory. This package earned me many compliments. It comes with a comfortable storage bag and if the bracelet splits, it also has extra elastic. Will buy more in the future from this company.
That’s so good so far. The elastic is stiff and strong. The beads of crystal are genuine and stunning. Start feeling a sense of healing and health.
Looks good for the price, nice bracelets. At first I thought they were too tiny, but it’s a cool overall fit after a few days of wearing them. Consider it!



Bracelet of very high quality that looks great.

You will immediately notice everybody else with these on when you get it, which surprisingly are a lot of people.
My first necklace in stone. Image is somewhat in line with the brand itself. Comfortable. Suitable bead length. Stay and test the quality of the material.
This purchase was very satisfying. The beads are of reasonable quality and size; not too wide to be bulky and not too small to be imperceptible. I have small wrists, so the bands roll my arm down a touch at the default circumference if I lift it up, but I can work with that little gift for me. Larger wrists should find this out nicely, and most wrist sizes are accommodated by the elastic line running through the beads. He was also very pleased with the packaging. The beads are stored in a comfortable bag, along with extra elastic if breaking or beads needed to be replaced or removed. A great stocking-stuffer for Christmas or just because of a gift.
I really like this necklace. And this is a fantastic value. And it’s looking good. Just because it seems so fragile, I don’t wear it every day. You’re going to break like if I stretch it too much. Yet time alone is going to tell.
Value of the top notch! Beads are authentic and look beautiful. Only in case you get storage pocket and extra line. It’s much better than one I’ve bought.
This is a beautiful purchase. Has a smooth, sleek look, perfect fit for adjustment. Even comes with an additional band just in case you don’t get the original band right for you. For the good quality, very reasonable price. Surely it’s worth it. I’d buy it again, I think the bracelet design might have looked better with the colored beeds coming closer. The goods are like it, meanwhile, and I’m looking to buy more Bought these as a present. They’re good quality, but for a man they’re certainly a little loose on the wrist. Alex and Ani have similar ones for more than $100. They’re stunning rear overall, and my bf likes them and wears them every day.
I really want to like it. They look good enough, and while stretching to match most wrists, they can become a tight fit and bead spacing doesn’t look good. I’m not a little man, but I don’t have any fat wrists at the same time.
These aren’t your beads for $3 h&m. From the ouch they come in to the look and feel of the beads-to the actual strength of the group-this is through and through elegance and performance. Recommended a bit.
The brand fits perfectly with the definition and photos. The surface variations between the agate and the eye of the tiger make mantra meditation an easily measured activity without numbers bogging down.
Simply love it. Ordered this and one rule (total 3) It’s just how you see it in the photo. I don’t easily rate 5 stars, but the beads are so gorgeous. Quality is excellent and the seller also sent something extra plastic rope (don’t know what you’re calling it).

I got my boyfriend’s bracelets and thought they looked great when they arrived. But, after wearing it for just one day, one of them has already split. They’re giving you an extra loop, but I don’t believe that if it can’t hold it up for a day, it will last a restraint.
Liked it as long as I had it. It just exploded off my arm as I walked. Yeah, my wife still has her, but mine is spread across Cleveland’s streets.
These should be sold for the wrist of a woman. As a man, they’re really close on me, and I don’t carry extra weight. The stones are cool and I’m going to have to figure out a way to enlarge them to fit better with my hand. If your framed guy is very tiny, they’re probably going to work.
Such bracelets were exactly the way they were advertised and I was pleased when I realized they were made of high quality. I’m very pleased, thank you so much, and will buy from this seller again.
These are lovely bracelets! They’re made well and they’re more expensive than they are. The stones are very cool and look good quality, not cheap or plastic-like. I ordered a package for my sister and a different style. She quite enjoyed it. Sadly, because they’re too heavy, I have to return mine. I’ve got a very small wrist and I’m afraid if I make any kind of dramatic movement when wearing them I’ll lose them. Normally my bracelet size is 6.5 and while they’re not falling off on their own, they’re close to it and it’s a bit uncomfortable to have them sit so low on my wrist. I would buy them in a heartbeat again if they made them smaller.
UPDATE: I also wanted to mention that if the bracelet is too small or too large, the seller offers an extra string with the order. I don’t think I have the ability to adjust it without messing it up so I didn’t have the option to use the extra sting. Furthermore, because they were so cute, I showed my mom the bracelets and she loved them so I gave them to her instead of returning them.
I purchased these beads from his daughter for Father’s Day as a gift to my fiancé. He loves them completely and on numerous occasions he told me so. Definitely a great choice to buy.

Men’s braided leather bracelet

Quite beads of good quality. Love that looks. It’s just a more snug touch than I would like. I figured I’d have been calculating right, but I have to be on the far end of the spectrum as this bracelet leaves a slight impression when wearing it too long.
Gorgeous…. Quick Shipping….. was supposed to be one for my wife and one for me….. sadly, about 3 beads are too small for my wrist….. Daughter is pleased that it didn’t fit me….:)….
The specifications on the bracelets were fantastic if you come in an elegant bag. I hesitated at first because I had a small wrist and thought it would slide off, but I’m very happy with how sleek it looks and how comfortable it is to wear. Will definitely buy again and in various colors.
These aren’t bad wristbands. I just misjudged the size of 8 mm. At least for me, 8 mm is too small for a man. You will likely go with 10 or 12 if you have big wrists / forearms.
Because of a great experience with this service, I’m reviewing these again. I purchased these initially and gave them an OK review, although they were somewhat flimsy and tight on my (admittedly big) wrists. But I used them, so I got an email from the company a few days later offering me a new custom made bigger package at no charge. Also my wrist circumference was questioned. So who was I to say that! It took a few weeks, but today they arrive and fit perfectly; not only that, they came in a comfortable little bag with spare beads and a spare rope just in case it breaks. I’m shocked! Not to mention in their emails the charmingly poor English! Such guys are great, highly recommended!
All the time I wear these braclets, only when I take them off is when I have a shower, workout, or sometimes when I’m at home. What I like most is that they are so quiet, not flashy. Sometimes I get questions about them. This comes with a small pocket and an additional elastic cord if a split happens.
Personally, I figured that when I first purchased them, they would be much worse and much poorer quality, but I’m decently shocked. In case the bracelet snaps, they come in a suede-style bag with extra strings, so their attention to detail is pretty good. The black bracelet is good because the black finish is a satin finish so it looks matt and glosses at the same time as well. As the colors shape and bend in different ways, the brown one has very good details in it. The material feels like the jade stuff, so it’s definitely nice. It’s fitting words, I think it fits perfectly. It’s not too loose or too close. It helps to look fashionable as a good necklace and I would definitely buy it again.
Nonetheless, nice size beads as I was searching for beaves on the smaller side; the elastic is noticeable where it is knoted and stands out as a sore thumb as it was not well thought out. Dissapointed very much…
I’m a 64, 300 pound guy, and not only does this bracelet fit perfectly in my giant wrist, it also looks great. This could go through the whole day for a $200 + designer bracelet. The character and appeal of the beads is impressive, and the overall quality of the beads is fantastic. Don’t hesitate to buy it.
Although they look nice, they have a bad smell. The smell is so bad I can’t wear it. I think they came in the bag. Smell of a chemical kind, like a rubber. Maybe the smell gets stronger and I’m going to get them to wear.
Durable and sweet, my boyfriend and I both got it to match the bracelets and we didn’t want some cheesy couple stuff. It’s loose on my wrist that I like and I think my wrists are quite tiny, perfectly fitting on his though.
I really love the stones of Tiger Eye and this necklace is a great addition to my valet! The beads, together with the four black lava beads, are of good quality. I like the width of 8 mm because it’s enough to be heard, but not overbearing. I have tiny wrists and it suits well, but even with the elastic line running through the beads, it wouldn’t fit bigger wrists.
Lovely, good price necklace. She saw the same last week in a $50 bucks small store tag. That can be afforded. I’m glad that I found a nice alternative here.
Great product, a feeling of high quality. Apart from the spray paint, everything is good when you open it initially. Give it a quick rinse if it smells strong and it no longer smells!
I have on my family a lot of hard-to-buy-for girls. All of them have different personalities. For each of them, I ordered one and got them at Christmas. Each of them immediately put them and they were in love! Because they are stretchy, the bracelets are well made and fit on every female wrist. I certainly would recommend it.
Wear it less than a day before it collapsed. Was tossing a tennis ball with my cat, and when I was throwing the ball, the bracelet broke. Beads went all over the place. My dog was trying to eat it. Terrible value, don’t buy.
My wife loves raw, polished rocks, so it’s for her this bracelet. With a great glossy look, each blue bead is polished to near perfection. The other two stones are a nice touch, making this a bracelet that catches your eyes. The agate stone is organic and has a deep color that has cool effects like rock from the unpainted crater. On the larger side, the bracelet is a little, and extends well, but it fits comfortably and does not pinch. In return for this review, I was sent this product at a discount.