Derek Jeter Parents and Net Worth

Derek Jeter Parents and Net Worth 2020 Early Life Employment Career and Success

In 2001 Jeter signed a ten-year deal with the Yankees for $189 million to stay. He was named the 11th acknowledged captain in the history of the Team in 2003. He also holds the Yankee record back in 2009 for the most hits to beat Lou Gehrig’s existing record. Derek’s popularity and clean cut reputation has drawn many highly lucrative sponsorship deals with companies such as Nike Gatorade Discover Card Fleet Bank VISA Ford and XM Satellite Radio. He’s regarded as one of the most marketable players in baseball history. Jeter never married though he was related to a number of very attractive and well-known women including Mariah Carey Jessica Biel Jordana Brewster and Minka Kelly. Derek revealed on 11 February 2014 that he plans to retire after the 2014 season. As of this writing, over his years in professional baseball Jeter has earned just over $250 million in salary alone. That is before the expenses and taxes.

Who are the Parents of Derek Jeter? Sanderson Charles Jeter (father)

Dr. Charles Jeter also made a career in another area he had always been very athletic and encouraged his son to play sports. But using his mental abilities he earned his living, not his physical ones. Charles moved his family to Kalamazoo MI from Milford NJ, as he wanted to continue his education at Western Michigan University. There he earned a doctorate in sociology and found a job in Kalamazoo as an alcohol and drug counselor. Playing sports games in the fresh air was a common type of entertainment within the family of Jeter. Then Derek fell in love with baseball and his father understood the intentions of his teenager to make this game his life’s main business. On warm days he played with his son for hours and gave him the requisite advice to improve his play skills. Dorothy Jeter (mom)

Dorothy Connors Jeter is Dr. Charles Jeter’s mother of two sons, and aunt. Dorothy had met her husband in Germany when they both served in the army. Despite the fact that they belonged to different races, the couple started dating, Charles is African American and his wife is of Irish descent. In some of the states at that time inter-racial marriages were banned. That is why Charles and Dorothy went to Tennessee to tie a knot. They settled in Kalamazoo MI. As an accountant, Dorothy made his living. She was very busy but was always finding time for her son and daughter. She made Derek and his sister Sharlee sign the deal that required them to get good marks at school and fulfill the family duties required.