Dawn Olivieri – Biography of Dawn Olivieri

The actress Dawn Olivieri He was born on February 8, 1981 in St. Petersburg, and grew up in the town of Seminole (Florida), in the United States. There he studied at the local high school and then won a scholarship to study at the University of Florida, where he earned his degree in Chemistry.

As a child, her passion was to entertain people, be it her family with improvised plays or performing in school performances or playing in the school band. After completing her studies, she began working as a model but her transition to acting occurred very shortly after, when she decided to move to the city of Los Angeles in 2006.

His first film and television work dates from the same year, when he appeared in feature films “Devil’s Den“and in the series”Las Vegas“,”Veronica mars” Y “How I met your mother (How I met your mother)“.

After filming some TV movies, where he stood out in “Hydra“, a science fiction / fantasy story that she co-starred with George Stults; and guest starring on other series like”Stargate: Atlantis“,”Trust me“,”The fantastic car“,”My Boys“,”Entourage” Y “Open Case (Cold Case)“; obtained the first of her most recognized roles, when she was chosen to play Lydia in the series “Heroes: Slow Burn“, which he repeated in the most recognized”Heroes“.

His career continued with the characters of Pepper potts on “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” Y Andie star on “The Vampires Diaries“She is currently playing the role of the wife of Don Cheadle’s character in the comedy series released on January 8, 2012 on Showtime,”House of Lies“.

She will soon be able to see it in the feature film “Missionary“(2012) a dramatic thriller starring alongside Kip Pardue; and in the horror film”Growl“(2013) where he leads the cast with Katee Sackhoff and Victor Webster.