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Craig T.Nelson Net Worth 2020 Education and CareerGodswill Emmanuel January 29 Net Worth 2020 – Craig Theodore Nelson is a well-known American actor and producer known for his role in

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Godswill Emmanuel January 29 Net Worth 2020. His first important role was in the 1982 American supernatural horror film Poltergeist, directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg.

Craig Theodore Nelson was born in Spokane Washington, United States, on 4 April 1944. His mother was a dancer to Vera Margaret while his father was a businessman to Armand Gilbert Nelson. He had been quite interested in sports as well as martial arts from an early age. Nelson used to play both high school football and baseball. He has also received a brown karate belt himself. The first wife of Craig T. Nelson was Robin McCarthy, and he had three children named Tiffany Chris and Noah. In 1978 the pair divorced. Later he married a martial arts teacher and freelance writer Doria Cook.

He attended Central Washington University where he studied criminology with the intention of joining the United States Central Intelligence Agency. He dropped out however, and went to Yakima Valley Community College where he studied English literature. Again, He bowed out. He later went to Switzerland where he studied communications at the University of Herisau in Northfield. He eventually received a drama scholarship at the University of Arizona, after spending a semester there. There he financially supported himself by working during the day as a security guard while at night he took the acting classes. Upon his return, he appeared for the first time in the American court drama film Ánd Justice for All in 1979. The film directed by Norman Jewison turned out to be a hit and brought Nelson to the fore. He starred in a major role in the 1982 film of supernatural horror, where he played the lead role. The film was a huge success becoming the year’s highest grossing film. Both the viewers and the critics enjoyed it too. Craig T. Nelson, fueled by his growing popularity, began to appear in several films as well as television programmes. He appeared in the 1983 movie All the Right Moves where he played the role of football coach Tom Cruise. After his performance, Air Force Colonel played a role for which he received much praise in the 1984 TV series Call to Glory. He starred in 1986 in the movie Poltergeist II: The Other Side, an American supernatural horror film, and the sequel to the 1982 film Poltergeist respectively. The movie was a success though not earning as much as its prequel. The show turned out to be a big hit and can be counted as Nelson’s most important career work. It has also won him the 1992 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a series of comedies. Having earned a lot of recognition for himself, he starred in many television programs such as a CBS police drama [ CBSI-New York ] a police procedural TV series and a mystery TV series [ Monk ] during the 2000s.

In the meantime he starred in several films such as » The Skulls (2000) » The Incredibles (2004) » Blades of Glory (2007) » The Proposal (2009) and » The Soul Surfer (2011). His latest appearance was directed by Stephen Gaghan in the 2016 American crime adventure movie ùGold where he played a supporting role. Net Worth

The American actor Craig T. Nelson has a net worth of $20 million.