CracksNow Uploader Banned from

CracksNow Uploader Banned from Several Torrent Sites for Spreading MalwareByBill Toulas-February 18, 2019 ‘ 0/0.2060.png ‘ Recent uploads have been identified and found to contain both malware and ransomware. The user was active and had long trusted one before turning rogue. After repeated attempts to propagate malware and ransomware tools through the files he / she shared, one of the most popular torrent uploaders out there CracksNow has been banned from several torrent sites. Sharing malicious software through cracks in games is not something newpeer-to-peer (P2P) networks are riddled with threatening scripts that take over pirate systems. Nevertheless, seeing a well-known uploader turn rogue against a loyal user base is not a daily occurrence. The positive element with the CracksNow ban comes from the torrent sites ‘ apparent reflexes which responded to user reports. This moderation is the only measure that can protect torrent users so it’s good to see that that part has some level of file scrutiny. A 1337x representative and senior administrator told TorrentFreak: “He was blocked by me because I found malware in his uploads. I also searched him for the same uploads on a couple of other torrent sites, and got the same results. I immediately warned their team to investigate and take appropriate action as they did. “The admin found fresh versions of the GandCrab ransomware one of the most common pieces of malicious programs on P2P network platforms right now. For a long time CracksNow had been a reliable uploader with a presence on several torrent sites beyond 1337x such as the PirateBay Demonoid GloTorrents and the TorrentGalaxy. All of those have now banned the user but kept older torrents clean. That said, if you still see a torrent of CracksNow on the above pages it is likely safe to download and run.