Cool Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel hair colors are a fun way to change your look – in the spring to match the flowers in the summer to match your swimsuit in the fall to match the leaves and in the winter to complement your favorite winter coat! Would you like to know how to obtain pastel hair? You have plenty of options, and twenty of our favorite ones are here!

Pastel Hair Colors

Trends in fashion always come back with slight updates to make things look fresh. We have been actively wearing pastel colors in clothes and now our locks have been grazed with pastels. A possibility to customize it according to your taste is the best thing about any trend. You can keep the color of your natural hair and get some additional pastel highlights or go for funky rainbow pastel hair. Numerous pastel-inspired ideas for hair color are available below!

Lilac Bob with the highlights of Peek-A-Boo

Blonde hair is a great canvas for all hair colors, especially for pastels. This bob has purples and blues peeking across the layer from below the silvery. Match your outfit with darker colors to bring out the subtle shades and count on all your friends to impress!

Grapefruit Waves Pastel

This pale orange that reminds us of sherbert is a fun way to bring darker blonde hair to life. Pastel hair is so much fun and with a sweet treat, these almost yummy-looking curls bring warm summer afternoons to mind! Wear brighter colors and be a bright star! ‘

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‘ Just a Peek of Pastel Pink’

‘ According to the latest trend, there are usually less permanent iterations, including the more subtle one-color stripe on one side. Chunky light pink highlights so well stand out from pale platinum hair!

Purple Balayage Mermaid Hair

This long hair style has a large purple accent producing a glow around the base of the curls. Brown hair, when shown off, allows the violet to really pop. With a flowing gown, this elegant look can be worn to conjure up images of a seaweed swimming in the ocean.

Textured Pastel Pink Hair

Pink hair is not the dream color of everybody but we love it all over pink hair color! Lighter natural colors work better with this shade, but no matter what base color you get your results, if your colorist really has skills!

Lavender and Purple Curly Hair

You will look like a princess every day with a feminine swirl of pink and purple hair. Seamlessly blend together the lighter shades of rose and lavender. Show off with large loose curls the slight variation in color.

Pastel hair does not always mean bright colors. Go with a mixture of silver and copper for a moody and ultra chic feel. It is possible to combine warm and cool toned metallics so don’t be afraid to be adventurous.

Pastel Rainbow Hair

With such a beautiful array of colors you might make Rainbow Bright jealous. Notice how the pink saturates the roots generously and gradually fades to the tips in lighter shades, allowing the additional colors to fall seamlessly in.

Pastel Colored Undercut

Try adding dense chunky highlights to your base color while keeping your look edgy. Go with a cut that allows for a variety like this undercut with a shave on one side in your styling. When combed in a layered look, the colors look fantastic.

Purple Ombre Hair Color

Would you like violet pastel hair but can’t choose a shade? Maybe Ombre is your solution! Use the roots with a dark plum color and gradually work your way through the lighter shades to the very ends of a pale lilac.

Pink and Green transitional hair color

Pink and mint green are two colors that have been made for each other. There is no exception to the colors in your hair. These two pastel shades flow beautifully together when placed side by side when the opposites are on the color wheel. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Pink and Purple Pixie Cut’

‘ Pixies have their own rim. If you really want to crank up the wow factor, however, go with a combination of pastel colors like pink and purple. The colors are perfectly intertwining. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Colored Pastel Hair with Yellow Pops’

‘ The color choices are infinite with varying hues and intensities. You don’t feel like you have to limit your creativity if you’re looking for short pastel hair options. Why not go with your favorite color with a range and then accent?

Dark to Light Red Balayage Hair

If you think about pastel hair, red may not be your first thought. If you’re an existing redhead, it’s a great option as you can add soft pink or orange sunset highlights to really show a darker shade below.

Blush and Blonde Hair Color

Beautifully combined pastel pink with super light blonde hair to create an ethereal look. The purple announces without being overwhelmed. The glam look you’re looking for can be done, but in a more subtle way.

Cool Toned Silver and Blue Hair

If you’re a fan of cooler pastel hair colors you might find a blonde silver or white base shade with chunky blue accents. Go with a long layered cut of the bob and concentrate the front light. D Several slight touches of blue to tie the theme together sparsely throughout the layers.

Fuchsia Hair

Fuchsia is not for the weak of the soul but the ultimate hair color comment! Go maximum strength from roots to tips or taper towards the ends of the hair in some lighter shades. Pair this bold color selection for a punk-meets-chic look with a flat shoulder-length angled cut. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Green and Purple Hair Color’

‘ A delicate balancing act is to find the perfect shade of green. You don’t want to appear like you’ve been in a chlorinated pool for too much time. Work with your stylist to find the right shade. Pale purple is a great pastel green accent color.

Pastel Hair Colors with Red Accents

To make the most of your pastel rainbow hair, add an extra color such as red to accentuate the varying shades, for example. Longer hair shows off the power of the rainbow. Pair the distance with a rasped side to vamp the image of the rock star.

Blue Hair Color and Moody Silver

A gradual shift from a deep blue to a pastel blue to silver tips produces a beautiful cool tone effect. Your hair will look like icy waters in curls. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Ash Blonde Hair with Pastel Highlights’

‘ used to be reserved for older ladies in silver and ash blonde. But adding to a mix of pastel highlights really brings out the silver’s beauty and makes it a more accessible color for a younger crowd. French/201.299.jpg” />

Long hair with mixed pastel colors

The longer your hair, the more space you need to combine unique colors to reveal the beauty of the hair. This picture shows a combination of cold and hot tones with violet pink blue and pastel green hair. In loose curls, style your hair so the colors swirl together.

Green Hair Pastel

Green is another great pastel that fits well on its own or together with a brown or blonde silver base. It will add a chic twist to your hair by adding greens like mint and pistachio. Spend time perfecting some quirky styles such as messy pigtails or half-up knots so you can run through an assortment of go-to choices.

Hair with warm red shades

The sky is the limit when using red pastel tones. Combine colors from strawberry blonde to copper to auburn to achieve a warm look. A wavy finish will reveal the red variation.

Mint Hair with Subtle Highlights

While pastels can certainly be used together in some awesome combos with a single color set off with very subtle dimensional highlights, a more elegant style is developed. When choosing the ideal pastel hair color go with a shade that matches your skin tone and is not going to compete with your favorite wardrobe.

Destiny Pastel Color Wheel

Pastel hair colors blend together like a color wheel! Simply by mixing, you can create a simple but stunning rainbow from the three key colors! Start at the top with reds and work your way through Roy-G-Biv to get this super fun look.

Primary Pastel Dreams

Look no further than your first art lesson when you’re looking for color ideas. Red yellow and blue are the first three colors to which we are generally introduced, and we can create an abundance of hues with them! By dying small sections – one color at a time – this look is achieved. The key is patience!

Pastel Blood Moon Rising

Pastel goth may seem like an oxymoron, but those beauties of the night still want some fun! When you light them up, red and black turn to pink and gray and this two-tone look is perfect for a fairy tale costume or a wedding!

Purple and Blue Streaks

Blue is a daring color at times and a black hair background is a great way to show it off. Blue and purple stripes blend to spice up a color that is otherwise visually plain. Be distinct from Blue Cabbage!

Playful Pastel Layers

Hair of medium length is so flexible and the layers look great! Such pastel hair colors combine to create a vibrant over-tone with muted shades below. The almost neon-blue over yellow elements produce a sea-green for which to dye!!!

Lilac Pastel Locks

Lilac is a color once reserved for the puff ball of your grandmother, but no longer! Paired with bangs, this more lasting change in style starts with lightening hair and then applying lilac over tone as a brightening.

Sunflower Yellow Waves

Like this mid-tone yellow, pastel hair may also be an understated shade. It’s an easy way to tell you that I’m a special chat? People will not be able to help with this cheerful mood-lifting color but will smile when they see you.

Atlantean Ice Bob

Pastel hair dye can be any hue you dream of, including this frosted baby blue cartoon-inspired shade. With the dramatic darkened roots, the shaggy shorter style with a side part highlights the tender tone. It’s a perfect way to spread your wings to differentiate your body!

Choppy Green Haircut

Pastel hair ideas are everywhere and no exception to this minty emerald! This shade is excellent for starting a conversation and catching looks green with envy, close to vivid greens found in jungle foliage.

Lavender Pastel Curls

is a very relaxing color and is clearly the best way to accentuate pale skin. Such big curls evoke waterfall pictures and magical scenes all around in misty forest with shimmering fireflies. Fantasyland is becoming a reality! ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Feather Pastel Rainbow Strands’

‘ This medium-length hair pastel rainbow is one of the most complex we’ve seen. For this one, block a good chunk of time as it will take precision and a creative eye to recreate. The representation of every color of the rainbow creates a truly mesmerizing look.

Purple Princess Bob

It is only possible to classify this pastel hair as Fun! It’s clear that this popping grape shade is accompanied by a short adorable bob crop. Modern times call for modern colors, and that will add to the power of your superhero! From casual to formal, d your favorite outfit and you’ll be ready to wow them all! The 2013/201.315.jpg” />

Elegant Make-Believe Highlights

The best friend is the non-commercial beauty chalk. This quick way to make your hair brighter comes out in one wash – no need for appointment! Is there a better way of expressing yourself in a whim?

Knotted turquoise updo

This turquoise pastel hair is associated with the kingdom of the underwater. The ideal variant for both formal events and casual strolls are three messy buns embellished with the simplest hairclip.

Rapunzel Let Your Emerald Hair Down!

Pastel hair sometimes pushes the boundaries and this is one of those combinations of colors! A green mid-tone swims so beautifully at the jet black base! A perfect combination of darker shades for making a brooding soul a little bit more!

Pastel hair colors have endless potential and wait for a new whim to hit you! Imagine being a super hero or cosplay mermaid and let your imagination run wild. Be inspired by today’s pastels! Icy Light Blue Hair Color Concepts for Girls Futuristic Graffiti Beauty Ideas Black Hair How to Get It Right Blue and Purple Hair Ideas Cotton Candy Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas for hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Braided