Cool hair styles

Spiked hair in the 1990s was very trendy, but with a modern touch its back again to make it look even more adorable. Any man who wants to keep up with the trend should wear this fantastic haircut because it works for any hair type and size, regardless of his hair type. And youll look beautiful if you pair it with a fade or taper on the edges. The gallery below shows styles this chic hairdo can be cut and styled.

Easy Natural Spikes

These spiky locks do not have to be made by any material because a good cut is appropriate. You will give the sides a fade to fashion them and then sweep them towards the top of the head in different directions.

Upswept Brunette Spikes

The golden hint in these brunette strands gives them an amazing shine, but the cut still makes it a top-notch design. It involves leaving on the crown some thick strands, making them spiky and then ending up sweeping them.

Wavy Up Sweep

Its not enough to shape some spikes because you still need a good style. With some subtle waves, this style has some thick spikes, and you should style them upsweeping and fading in the sides.

Magnificent Textured Crop Cut

The front sweep of the slightly layered chunky locks on the crown is perfect, but the texture of this cropped cut makes it look so charming. This hairdo also has on the sides a sleek taper improving the overall look.

Funky Spiked hair and Side Razor Line

This haircut is a high and tight style combination with thick spiky locks that give it a funky look, a rough razor line on the side and a bald fade.

Cute Brush Back

This haircuts taper on the sides and back is fantastic, combining with the thick brushed back spiky hair on top to create a very cute hairdo.

Thick Texture and Bald Fade

If you have thick hair, you shouldnt have trouble creating the rough texture of some top locks like these. Once youve got them, you only need to sweep a messy front and finish on the sides with a bald fade.

Fine Blue Locks

While these strings may be short, they are still ideal for spikes. You will need to trim the strands on the sides and back with a taper and then give them some blue highlights to create the spikes. You just need to use some gel or any other material to spike the strands to finish the look.

Edgy Look with

highlights like this can make a big difference for your locks. There are also some mild spikes at the top of the locks with a slight raise and a smooth taper on the sides that holds an excellent length overall.

Beautiful Blue Pixie

This haircut proves that pixie cuts can also work for guys. The short pixie has a shiny blue shade and a few short textured spikes that you should style by sweeping across the forehead sideways.
Thick Textured Top Bangs

All you need to create a beautiful hairdo is a little originality. This hairstyle shows this, and it involves leaving some thick textured bangs on the crown that you should style by tapering the sides with a slight lift and sweeping back and finishing.

Feathered Messy hairdo

Feathered strands such as those in this style can look on your head and feel nice. And you can be sure of a chic haircut if you give them a zero fade on the sides and a messy look.

Disheveled Top

One of the things that make it special is the effortless appearance of spiky hair, which means that you dont have to do much to build it. Before finishing with tapering on the sides, the strands will only need a beautiful trim and a slight lift at the top.

Texturized Top with Skillful Side Taper

This is another design showing the importance of texture when making spikes. The textured locks also have on the front a beautiful upsweep and on the sides a very skillful taper that gives some elegance to the design.

Cool Short Spikes
A quick haircut like this will still make a very stylish man stand out. It involves cutting short strands to form a few small spikes and a quiff at the end. You should spice it up on the sides and back with a simple fade.

Neat Tapered V-Back Cut

This sleek haircut is ideal for a man who prefers to keep his look clean. This includes shaping the strands with a taper on the sides and a V-shape on the back into some medium size sweep spikes.

Front Swept Taper Fade

An experienced barbers clipper can produce a beautiful look, and this model is a perfect example. It involves cutting the strands to form a few short spikes at the top that should be styled with a front sweep and giving the sides a nice fade taper.

Textured front sweep

These strings have a fairly uniform overall length and a light brown chocolate hue. A style involves sweeping the top strands in delicate layers to the front and the rest backwards.

high and Spiky

Sweeping your strands is always a good idea because the extra height helps to accentuate your facial characteristics. These spiky locks, apart from the lift, also have a beautiful taper fade on the sides, which gives them extra elegance.

Up Swept Comb Over with a side part

This style is perfect for men with thick dark-toned hair, leaving a few long tapered strands on the crown and fading the sides. The front of the long locks should be swept over and up and ended with a curvy razor line on the side.

Spiky Locks

Grass-Line Neat Spikes

These grass-like spikes are perfect as a conventional cut, and their neatness will make everybody look elegant. All you need to style them is a gentle sweep and on the sides also give them a smooth, quick fade.

Faded Blonde Spikes

Short spiked hair is amazing, but with a stunning shade like this golden blonde and a subtle fade on the sides, you can still improve yours.

Feathered Bangs for Asian Men

The feathered locks at the top of this haircut look amazing, and this is due to their exquisite texture, dark hue, and front sweeping across the forehead. And youre going to look magnificent if you dress them with a taper and a line up.

Cool Spiky Golden Blonde Bangs

Its all about making the texture right. The locks on this headdress top section have an excellent texture and a beautiful golden blonde shade creating a beautiful contrast to the dark tapered sides.

Undercut Quiff with Taper Fade

The thick spikes are a simple but very elegant quiff hairstyle in this design. This fancy hairstyle also has a hard side part and an undercut with a trendy fade taper that adds to the designs appeal.

Metallic Violet Bangs

A special shade of metallic violet is enough to inspire you to try this haircut. The cut is also fine, though, and it includes holding some thick and heavy textured bangs on the crown and giving a smooth taper to the sides and back.

Classic with Matte Finish

This stunning model can be produced with any type of hair as you only need to use a blow dryer to give extra volume to your strands. Use something like pomade for a great hold as well and offer a matte finish to the short locks. The cut is critical, and you will also need a high taper on the sides apart from leaving some short textured locks on the edges.

Messy Cropped Spikes

The awesome look you get when you inventively crop your strands. And just run your fingers through to make them messy for styling.

Skin Fade and Chunky Spikes

In this beautiful haircut, men with thick strands will look best. And it involves forming on the crown some thick pointy bangs, giving them a hard side part and finishing on the sides with a skin fade.