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What Is Net Neutrality: The Basics

In 2015, a set of rules for regulating Internet service providers was named. The purpose of these rules was to compel Isps to give its every customer the same quality of service. If you don’t know Isps isn’t standalone players in this business any more. These are owned by major corporations that also own websites and Tv channels for streaming media. Hence some Isps have been able to limit your Internet connection to the website of a competitor. Of course when you’re watching Netflix Hulu or Amazon Video you don’t need buffering. That is unfair to all involved in this process. The set of rules on Net Neutrality was meant to stop that, and they did this for a while. .089.089

What is Repeal Vote Agreement with Net Neutrality?

The main reason for repealing the original Net Neutrality rules is that the laws limit infrastructure investments. Apparently these laws where Internet users are left with limited Internet service options in the Us. Often, it is very important to look at the evidence of those arguments. The Fcc has agreed to cite studies showing a 3 percent decrease in 2015 when it comes to Internet infrastructure investments; and an additional 2 percent in 2016. These same studies showed that Isps needed a lot of time to start offering new offerings, such as streaming media and home-wireless plans. That does seem like bogus information, though. .090 As reported by Wired a few months ago, during 2015 and 2016, Isps actually increased its investments. Net neutrality rules were never listed as the main reason by those who had to cut back on investments. Clearly the Fcc is far from being impartial and you the consumer will be suffering the consequences. The vote to repeal Net Neutrality is advantageous to major media companies, and nobody else.

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Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the vote to repeal Net Neutrality? Did you expect it to happen? Please let us know in the comments below. Also tell us how you plan to fight Internet Service Providers ‘ imposed future limitations?