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What is the marital status of Mili Avital? Married How many children are there for Mili Avital? Two (Benjamin and Fanny) Charles Randolph In marriage to Mili Avital? 2004 Israel Film Academy Award winner Mili Avital is a successful Israeli actress who has built up an international career. She has kept a deep career both in America and in Israel. She received critical acclaim for her lead role in Stargate, a film about science fiction in 1994. Additionally some notable works by Avital include Dead Man Kissing a Fool The Human Stain etc. She has a well-maintained married life with her husband apart from a fruitful professional career too. According to that she had been in a relationship with a popular actor David Schwimmer. Married Life with Charles Randolph

Mili is a married woman who lives happily with her husband Charles Randolph of many years. The pair were married July 4, 2004. The marriage ceremony of the pair took place in Jerusalem, in the presence of a Conservative rabbi. Afterwards they moved to a spacious New York apartment. In 2007, Mili bore her first child with a son named Benjamin. We named their second child Fanny after the Moroccan grandmother of Avital. Like his wife Charles also works as a writer and producer in the entertainment industry. The screenwriter, who received the Academy Award, is known for his work on David Gale’s The Big Short Love Other Drugs and The Life.

At the age of 25, Mili revealed she had the most memorable experience of her life. She had a lead role alongside Schwimmer in a film Kissing a Fool. She and David both started dating early 1999 but broke down in November 2001. When asked about her much-publicized relationship with David Mili she said she felt undervalued because of his ‘ Friends popularity ‘ height. Sadly their affair only lasted two years.

Net Worth As mentioned earlier, Mili became less involved in films but often appeared on television shows in lead roles. Avital has managed to gather an impressive net worth of $1.5 million from her successful acting career. Her earnings are measured on the basis of the box office returns of the films she acted in. Mili’s highest grossing films include, among others, the 1994 movie Stargate starring stars such as Kurt Russell James Spader Jaye Davidson.



Avital began her professional stage career and was first introduced to the Israeli audience in the title role of a TV film. She won the 1992 Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for their feature film Me’ever Layam (Over the Ocean). She won the 2007 Israeli Critics ‘ Circle Award for Best Actress for the film Noodle. She also starred in the best drama of the Israeli Tv Award entitled Prisoners of War. Please follow to find out about your favorite star.

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