Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

Comb over hairstyles has become very common. Not only are they chic, they work great with so many designs as well. We’ll show you how nice you might be looking over with a new comb!

Trendy in 2019 Comb Over Men’s Hairstyles

Let’s look at the suggestions. Men’s Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

Men’s hairstyle comb is perfect for any texture and wavy hair is no exception. For a super neat look, which however features nice texture and a statement side part, you can keep back and sides extremely short.

Brown Side Part Style and Bushy Beard

A comb over men’s hairstyle fits perfectly with the lumberjack chic or lumbersexual style that is frequently mentioned. There’s something about bearded men that drives women crazy, but if your look is more organized make sure you pair a complete one with a coiffed side part.

Men’s Long Top Short Sides Haircut

Blondes are said to have more fun, but it means business. This is a streamlined style with every piece of hair perfectly in place that would pair with a suit just as well as with jeans and sneakers.

Faded Side Part

Ask your barber for a disconnected fade during your next visit if you were a fan of Fury’s tough haircut. The shaved side part delimit the contrasting parts correctly with the fading short sides on top and medium-length hair.

Long Polished Waves

This is a beautiful look for a social person who is always out and around. By combining classic long waves with a trendy low-fade comb over you create a style that is sufficiently balanced to fit into a variety of different events.

Taper with layers

Although tapered comb overs are typically associated with shorter strands, there is no reason why long-haired gentlemen should miss the highly trendy and beautiful look. The classic taper is the ideal midway point for people who want to take the plunge with messy long layers on top.

Soft Comb Over Hairstyle

Paired with soft locks worth running through your fingers and a near cut on the sides of this pompadour comb is perfect for oval-shaped men. And this kind of style could move seamlessly from day to night with its versatility.

Shaved Shaved Crop

This PJ Barber Shop haircut is a classic and cool epitome. On the sides, the skin fade contrasts with the long top and the shaved part accentuates it. Keeping it fresh with a modern hairstyle facial.

Deep Side Part with Slight Highlights

Although it is common to see comb over fade cuts popping up pretty much everywhere today there are more than a few ways to make them stand outincluding adding subtle sun-kissed highlights. Keep layers allled for that messy effect, which is easily sexy.

Short Buzz Fade Crop

Super-long layers may not be appropriate to any person. But as this short comb over shows you don’t need to look like a hipster on the side to divide your hair. Only keep the sides (and top) cut fairly short so that you look perfectly groomed and dry.

Comb Over with Gelled Hair

Sadly (and wrongly) there is a misconception that people are trying to hide something (namely balding) by combing their hair over with part. But it can be youthful new and trendy as this drop-dead sexy blonde cut exemplifies combovers. We suggest that locks be smoothed with a pomade or putty.

Deep Side Pompadour

Sweeping Combover for Silver Foxes

For men with full hair there is really no more youthful or fresh look than a brush, even if the hair is salt-and-pepper or gray all over. Browse away from your face trying to achieve the dynamic texture that displays your strands ‘ movement and your active personality.

Razor Sharp Comb Over with Dramatic Fade

Spiky Side Swept Layers with Fade

Razor Sharp Comb Over with Dramatic Fade

But when combined with long hair on the top of your head, a high chiseled fade to the skin the look a little more impressive and state-making.

Traditional Comb Over with Modern Twist

One of the most eternally appealing haircuts for men was popularized in the’s and’s traditional combovers. But this old-time theme achieves a sexy modern twist when combined with an eye-catching midfade. For this one, keep hair shaved above the ears for a long, short and smooth, cool contrast. Thirty-one.336.jpg” />

High Fade with Beard and Long Layers

If this fashionable high fade beard cut unexpectedly encourages you to start drinking craft beer listening to indie rock bands that nobody has heard of and wearing tight jeans, you can certainly blame us for that. Channel your inner hipster by loosening and uncempting your beard.

Low Fade with Sleek Side Part

While pompadors are incredibly flattering for gentlemen with round or square heads, this super-sleek low fade comb over is suitable for more oval or narrow faces. With a smoothing pomade gel or putty, keep that side part sleek and prominent.

Curly Low Fade

While combovers are typically seen in men with straight smooth strands, some of the best modern looks in this genre can be sported with naturally wavy and curly hair. Compared to a standard pompadour, use a styling gel to keep your hair slightly lifted in the long front parts.

Taper Fade with Sleek Top

Hipster Fade with Ultra Long Hair

Undercut Combover with Bleached Layers

A boy’s band-friendly style from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that should remain locked in a vault? We really think you ought to think again. This undercut combover demonstrates that sporting well-mixed bleached layers can provide a sleek edge that is undeniably sexy.

Side Brush with Short Sweep

The barber blended the model’s hair from the bottom to the top with shear over brush to perfect the fade. What look’s the best aspect? That way, whether you want to rock facial hair is entirely up to you.

Front Comb Back with Five O’clock Shadow

Although most combovers flip the hair horizontally across the head in some situations (such as the comb over the hairstyle pictured here) the hair is peeled from front to back and tapered towards the neck nape. Through adding a strong fade into the mix, keep things simple and carefree. Thirty-one.344.jpg” />

Cool and Classic

Make your blue eyes pop over fade haircut with a deep brown comb. You allow your face to shine by brushing the hair back and show off the chiseled chin with strong angular features.

Vintage Vision

Something very dappering about the polished side-sided fade is reminiscent of days when people would not leave the house without pocket watches and three piece suits. This is the ideal look for you if you’re in love with the elegance of days gone by.

Cool and Clean Men’s Cut

If you were a fan of early 90’s retro spiked hair but would rather wear a more modern style try this good-looking mid-length messy hairdo. For extra height, it has a good volume and doesn’t look outdated.

Curly Side-Parted Men’s Undercut Hairstyle

Just because you want to keep your hair long does not mean you need to stop haircuts entirely as this look demonstrates. For a style like this, it’s best to stick with a classic fade (which normally disappears halfway through the sides and back of the head)

New and Fun Cut

This is a clean look for a guy who needs to appear presentable at work but doesn’t want to give up on his own personal flair. With a low-cut beard, this slick preppy style is the perfect balance between work and play.

Added Volume Waved Hairstyle

Look none other than Mariano Di Vaio for a truly modern comb over hairstyle. With plenty of root volume and even a bit of a textured wave, his cool comb over is really trendy. This style’s easy laid back feel is truly irresistible!

taniavolobueva /

Side-Parted Textured Comb Over Hairstyle

If you are looking for a more modern style than conventional Robbie Rogers Comb over fade for inspiration. Robbie has an elongated textured top with a side part divided from very short sides. These features give a very modern feeling altogether.

Helga Esteb /

Neat and Elegant Preppy Hairstyle

Pete Ploszek was inspired by retro looks to give a very stylish preppy touch to his classic comb over hairstyle. An ordinary mens short haircut can be turned instantly into a very trendy and chic hairstyle with a mod quiff theme. Jaguar PS /

Modern Side-Parted Comb Over Hairstyle

This preppy look by Jamie Dornan is probably one of the best modern men’s looks. Please note that the side part of Jamie is very distinct. It’s one of the men’s hair trends this year.

film festival /

Short Rugged Style

Similarly, Jesse Metcalfe certainly has more of a sleek look on his short comb due to the razor-shaped, extra-defined ends. If you want to keep it short, this is a great idea for thick hair.

Helga Esteb /

Edgy Blonde Comb Over Hairstyle

Cody Simpson adheres to the lines of a more classic comb over hairstyle. Cody’s blonde hair looks really cool with extra short sides in this edgy comb over. With a short tapered cut and blonde dye, it is easy to recreate the look.

Helga Esteb /

Comb Over with Added Edge

Matt Ryan keeps his haircut side for a relaxed feeling a little longer. His hair’s ends are cut point to add an extra edge. Make sure you describe the ends of this cut as a comb over. The shadow of the clock would be right to the point of finishing the look.

Helga Esteb /

Cute Blonde Pompadour

Helga Esteb /

He looks not only stylish and friendly, but also eccentric with his blonde quiff in a chic pompadour! Definitely more modern than traditional is Tyler’s chic comb over hair style.

DFree /

Short Textured Comb Over Hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyles, many people are traditional, which is why some of you may not cheer the look above. Dean O’Gorman presents us with a nice traditional comb over look for perfectly acceptable short hair in any environment for casual wear.

Jaguar PS /

Comb Over Hairstyle with Bleached Top

A very funky hair-cut with highlighted top. This quirk certainly adds to the trend something new and fresh!

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