Christopher Plummer – Biography of Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer is a well-known Canadian-born film and stage actor, famous for his extensive career and for the iconic character Von Trapp of the movie “The Sound of Music”.

Arthur Christopher Plummer was born in 1929 in the city of Toronto, located in the province of Ontario in Canada.

His parents divorced at a very young age, so Plummer he had to interrupt his piano lessons to move with his mother to the city of Senneville, in Québec.

Thanks to this, he was able to find his true calling: the theater.
He started with some minor works within high school, but little by little he projected his ability much further than that.

I used to travel long hours by train just to study at the Canadian Repertory Company, in the city of Ottawa. Fortunately, all this instruction helped him in a great way for what was to come.

On 1954 took its first steps inside the theaters of New York, after having had relative success in his native country. Almost no time passed until Guthrie McClintic take him to Paris.

From that moment on, his name became recognized not only in Europe, but also in the whole world, engaging in great works such as the Cyrano from Anthony Burgess.

During his long years of career he was constantly alternating between high-caliber works in the theater and also film productions.
It should be noted that when he arrived in England he had a brief passage through the Royal Shakespeare Company.

His first wife, Tammy grimes, almost coincided with his debut on the big screens, back in 1957. This first feature film was “Stage Struck”Which guaranteed him a countless series of films in the future.

He can be seen credited in films such as “The Man Who Would Be King“,”Battle of britain“,”Waterloo“,”The Silent Partner“,”Malcom X“,”Wolf” Y “Twelve Monkeys”, Among many others.

His most recent works may place him as a wise and powerful old man as in “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell crowe, or also “Alexander”Where he played Aristotle next to Colin farrell.

Even so, we cannot fail to mention in his repertoire his most remembered character, the Captain Von Trapp of the feature film “The Sound of Music”, A classic of cinema of all time.

Regarding his personal life, his daughter Amanda plummer She has become a great actress and all thanks to her own abilities. She is the daughter that Thomas Y Tammy grimes had before parting ways 1960.

After this he remarried in 1962, with Patricia lewis, this union lasted only five years.
Shortly after this, Thomas remarried, this time with Elaine taylor, whose husband is since 1970.