Chespirito – Biography of Chespirito

What would have been the childhood of many children without Roberto Gómez BolañosWithout a doubt, this multifaceted Mexican actor remains in the hearts of many people who grew up enjoying each of his hilarious entanglements like “The Chompiras“Or his childish antics like”The Chavo of 8“The truth is that each of the characters that he characterized always left the public with a smile on their lips, that is Roberto Gómez Bolaños, better known as “Chespirito”, A man who with his talent and dedication has given and continues to give magic and joy in his wake.

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, was born on February 21, 1929 in Mexico City – Mexico, he lived his childhood with his siblings Francisco and HoracioIn addition, together with his parents Francisco Gómez Linares and Elsa Bolaños Cacho, who instilled values ​​and respect for art in their children. His father, who in his profession as a painter, draftsman and illustrator of various publications, showed them the beauty of his career, however in his youth Roberto decided to enter the National Autonomous University of Mexico To study engineering, of course she never finished her career, because it was not her thing.
This is how he intruded on the world of literature and he dedicated himself to working in advertising agencies as a creative, then for several years as scriptwriter of various comic showsHe also collaborated in radio, television and film projects.
The pseudonym “Chespirito” as it is known worldwide, was put by the film director Agustin Delgado, referring to William Shakespeare, because Roberto was short and considered him a great creative talent at the time of writing to compare him with this literary man.
In the following years he continued to dedicate himself to writing very successful scripts such as those of the comic programs and songs and The Study of Pedro Vargas, who at the same time compete for the first tuning place, but without a doubt a proposal that changed his life, It was the one that made him in 1968 at that time, the recently inaugurated Independent Television of Mexico, who gave him a space of half an hour every Saturday to use it as he wishes, there the programs arose: The Super Geniuses of the Square Table Y The Gomez citizen, where he also acted.
These projects were so successful that the hours were extended, so he decided to integrate other programs such as: El Chapulín Colorado Y El Chavo del 8, who broke records in tune for their excellent production and the charisma of the other actors who made up their cast.

Due to their success, these programs were broadcast throughout Latin America, the United States and Spain.

Gómez Bolaños also made films such as: The chanfle Y The Chanfle 2, as well as theatrical works with which, for many years he toured the world.

He married the actress in 2004 Florinda Meza after many years of relationship and coexistence. Thanks to his artistic career, he has received awards and tributes around the world and more frequently he surprised with his Twitter account that he had just opened millions of followers.

Chespirito received countless awards. In 2003 he was awarded the keys to the city of Cicero, Illinois. In his honor, Mexico has released a series of postage stamps.

Roberto Gómez Bolaños He passed away on November 28, 2014, of heart failure, at the age of 85. His films, soap operas, plays and books were very successful; but it is because of his work on television that Chespirito it will be better remembered.

Chespirito He will always be known as a pioneer of Latin American television and one of the most creative writers and actors. His legacy continues today: the animated series “El Chavo del 8“, launched in 2006, is very popular. The shows continue to be broadcast around the world, reaching a new generation of Latin American youth.