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Sling Tv vs PlayStation Vue: Live TV headerPlayStation Vue Bundles Sling Orange ($25/mo) Sling Blue ($25/mo) Sling Orange + Blue ($40/mo) Access ($39.99/mo) Core ($44.99/mo) Elite ($54.99/mo) Extreme ($74.99/mo) Premium Channels Customization: Hbo Showtime Starz Cinemax Epix CuriosityStream Pantaya Up Faith Family Dove Channel Stingray Karaoke Outside Tv Channel Bundles: Sports Pack Espanol P Expandable by another 50 hours with an extra option 500 shows for 28 days Free trial Yes 7 days Visit Sling PlayStation Vue Now that’s a bit straightforward let’s see what scores both Sling Tv and PlayStation Vue got during our tests. Criteria PlayStation Vue App packs Customization options 9/10 Supported devices 8/10 8/10 Usability 9/10 Overall Score 8.8/10 9.3/10 The figures do not fully explain why one platform will win instead of the other so let’s go into detail. Sling Tv vs PlayStation Vue: Contrast side by side

The next step in our comparative guide is to get to know these platforms and find out which one has the best features. Let’s get to it, then.

Network Bundles.526 Both platforms deliver a rich network set distributed across several packages. Sling Tv: Three starter packs are available on Sling Tv. Orange and Blue are $25 a month each and Orange + Blue is $40 a month each. You can also choose multiple bundles if you choose Sling Latino, too. PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Vue offers four packs with prices starting at $44.99 a month and up to $74.99 a month with the latter also offering several premium channels. Winner: A tie to folks here! They both offer a lot of channels each with tons of packages. You’ve got a lot of value for the money which is obviously good. Customization Options

.527 Can you make your own service? Can you add Premium Channels? Let’s work it out! Sling Tv: If there is one thing Sling Tv is great when it comes to customizing. There are various channel packs you can incorporate depending on your preferences whether it’s in shows or entertainment for kids in sports news. And you can add loads of Premium channels.Sling Tv: The fact that there is no integrated Dvr is perhaps one of the most disappointing things about Sling Tv as a network. So, to get 50 hours of storage space, you must pay $5 per month. It’s also quite a messy situation when it comes to simultaneous streams, because you only get one stream with the Orange bundle three with the Blue bundle and four with the Orange + Blue Bundle. PlayStation Vue: While we got used to having a Dvr limit expressed in hours, PlayStation Vue has a cap expressed in the number of programs you can record-500 of them. The recordings can be kept for 28 days. You can also simultaneously display any of the content on up to five different devices. Plus you can simultaneously watch up to three different programs on the same screen. Winner: PlayStation Vue takes this one by a landslide due to the amazing Dvr feature and the way it allows users to simultaneously view content on so many devices.

Streaming Quality.529 Do you have what it takes to stream live television for ages without buffering? Let’s work it out. Sling Tv: According to the company you will need a 3 Mbps Internet connection on phones and tablets or 5 Mbps on computers and TVs if you want to watch Hd content on Sling. If you want to stream content to multiple devices on the same network simultaneously, you will need a better Internet connection than this. PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Vue suggests that users can download speeds of at least 10 Mbps to stream high quality content and an additional 5 Mbps for each concurrent simultaneous stream. Winner: Sling Tv takes this one as it’s a tiny bit easier on the network than PlayStation Vue so hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the content even with a weaker network connection. Supported Devices

.530 Does your favorite devices work on the platform you are looking for? Let’s work it out. Sling Tv: Sling Tv works on a wide range of devices including Roku Chromecast Samsung Smart Tvs Apple Tv iOs Ios and Xbox but PlayStation is not on the list. Winner: A tie! Both are fantastic and have one console each as well as the majority of the major platforms we’ve seen on the market.


.531 Sling Tv: Easy-to-use Sling Tv has an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly reach their favorite guide channels, etc. PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Vue is easy to grasp and allows you to simultaneously view multiple live streams in a split screen format. Winner: This is yet another tie! Nowadays, the sites look so similar that it’s difficult to tell whichever is better. Ultimately that’s a good sign for consumers who don’t need to “relearn” how to use any tool they’re trying out.

Sling Tv vs PlayStation Vue: Which One to Choose