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No-Logging Vpn Ipvanish Leads Homeland Security to Child Abuse SuspectByNitish Singh-June 5, 2018.968 The company has allowed Homeland Security to monitor a suspect child abuse using a Comcast Ip address. The old team in charge of the Vpn was responsible for the details being turned over to Homeland Security according to the new operators of the Vpn. Ipvanish has told its users that in the future after the incident their privacy will be protected. Vpn Provider Ipvanish seems to have violated a strict no-logging policy after Homeland Security monitored one of its users following allegations of child abuse. The user used a Comcast Ip address to post images of child abuse on the internet. Vpn Operator Stackpath believed that it was the responsibility of an older team running the service to send information to Homeland Security for the investigation and the current team decided not to comment on the situation. The Vpn however vowed not to allow these breaches of security to happen again. Homeland Security monitored the user’s Ip address and obtained a summons from the Court to disclose the suspect’s identity. It is possible that the Ipvanish compelled to demands from Homeland Security and blew the Vpn user’s privacy. Despite claims by the Vpn that without authentication, it would not be possible to log user information transmitting information to Homeland Security. The information provided by Ipvanish, through its Comcast Ip address, allowed Homeland Security to track suspect Vincent Gevirtz. The law enforcement was also provided with details on his network activity to further incriminate the suspect. After the incidents of internet users speaking out against the Vpn provider, there was a massive uproar in the internet community. Despite the no-logging policy, court documents show that Ipvanish has thoroughly logged its users. The service provider argued that there was a change of ownership and that the current management is not involved in any logging operation.