The 60 Hottest Haircuts for Women Right Now

Purple Pastel Hair This slender hair style just shouts color. If you can allow your hair to bleach and die, this orange, pink, and dark purple combination can blend well with each other to give you the ultimate style of color bomb. With thin hair, however, be careful about the harm hair dyes can do! … Read more

20+ Elevated bob ideas

Razor Cut Bob Razor Cut Bob has a lightweight feel. Versatility is likely this’ do’ best feature. This medium bob haircut can be styled in distinct ways due to the layered texture, including curling, braids, pulling it back, you name it. Red Blunt Bob Redheads have more fun and if you’ve ever wanted to rock … Read more

Haircuts for winter 2020

Do we really need to take out our blow dryers once cold weather hits? Needless to say! Whenever you make the greatest break from these devices, fall and winter should be. Your hair blows with heat and hotter showers–not to mention the static that comes with a hair that is too dry. If you’re concerned … Read more

60 Pixie Styles Ideas

Pixie This style works fantastic for a fiery, flirtatious look with bold colorful streaks such as red and orange combination. Add a textured item to your hair and blow-dry directly to style, brushing up your bangs until they are flat and soft. Next, in tiny parts, flat iron your hair and add a shine serum … Read more

20 Low Maintenance Haircuts for women

Short Layered Bob Haircuts We can’t believe of any better way to get our list started than a brilliant hairstyle. Not only is the bob dramatic downright, but so is the coloring option. This is the perfect hairstyle for the unconventional woman who can’t wait to demonstrate off her real colors. Flirty Short Layers This … Read more

65+ Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy Updos for Long Hair Complex hairstyles generally come to mind when we think of lengthy hair updos. Sometimes, though, the trick is nice and easy. All you have to do for this small bun is divide your hair in half and wrap it over your nape. Ballerina Buns Ballerinas have been inspired for centuries … Read more

50+ African braid styles

Cornrow braiding styles What better way to begin our selection than with a traditional braiding style? For as far back as we can remember, Cornrows have been in fashion and are as fashionable as ever to this day. You can get yours in a classic, laid-back way or integrate a portion or distinctive design into … Read more

60+ Senegalese Twist Colors Ideas

With Senegalese twists, you can choose from various dimensions. Because of the dynamism they provide for your general look, jumbo twists are quite common. Half Up Half Bun Hairstyle This is by far one of the most frequently used hairdos when it comes to styling your Senegalese twist. In a nutshell, it’s about half-down dividing … Read more

15 Short shag haircuts

Medium Shag Haircuts We always like to begin with a balanced choice when presenting fresh hairstyle thoughts. For example, medium-length, with an all-natural aspect, is one of the best modern shag haircuts you can rock. The key is the choppy layers. Beach Hair The notion of beach hair falls within the wider category of timeless … Read more

25+ Wedge Haircuts

Wedge Hairstyle Textured Want to wake up like this? Ladies, it’s simpler to get flawless than you believe. Considering getting a brief, strongly layered wedge cut in this shot, like Raquel Welch. You’re not going to have difficulty getting the textured aspect–with this haircut it will all come naturally. Feathered Pixie with Balayage Highlights If … Read more

70+ Light Brown With Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights If you naturally have dark brown hair, you just need a fantastic set of platinum highlights to bring it to life. Not only will the magnificent contrast form your beautiful locks, it will also add some color to your wealthy roots. Blonde Highlights Below You can go for highlights … Read more

Black Women Hairstyles

  Short hairstyles for Black Women Pixie haircuts are all wrath for females of all skin tones if you’re carrying natural hair, this pixie cut with smooth curls. Box Braids African-American females enjoy a broad variety of braided hairstyles Box braids are one of the most common choices that complement any beautiful face shape. Black … Read more

30+ Short bob for round faces

A-Line, Short Bob with Bangs: If you’re searching for something to spin your face down, then your short hair is a intelligent choice The way your cheekbones are framed by the A-Line Short Bob and your jawline will certainly accentuate your facial bone structure. Your plump and fleshy lips are no longer to be ashamed … Read more

29+ Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas

Balayage is a trendy hair dye technique that involves hand painting the hair with  highlight color. It looks gorgeous with the hair from darker color to lighter color. 1) Platinum Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut Isn’t this hair look gorgeous? The platinum color is the main highlight of the hair that immediately capture people’s attention. As … Read more

21 + Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

  Change into another color from top to the tip of the hair. It is derived from a French word which has the meaning of shadow or shade.  Everywhere you go, you can see people styling their hair in ombré. Many people easily get mixed up with ombré and balayage. Balayage is different in that … Read more

Havana Twist Hairstyles

Havana twist hairstyle gives you a sophisticated look by tying your hair into braids. To attain Havana twist hairstyle, you must use hair extensions. The extensions are made from synthetic fibre that resembles real hair. You can give your hair a complete change by using Havana twist extension. Carefree Havana Twist Hairstyles for Women You … Read more