How to Make Meringue – Easy

The meringue, also known as French meringue, is a cream that is prepared with very few ingredients: egg whites, a pinch of salt and sugar, but it is delicious. There are some variants such as the Italian prepared with syrup or the Swiss meringue that is prepared in a water bath. It can be baked … Read more

How to remove pimples from the buttocks

The fact that acne invades your buttocks in addition to being uncomfortable is very unsightly. Has it ever happened to you that you had to hide that embarrassing pimple under the sarong? Can’t wear your favorite bikini bottoms because of the pimples? If you suffer from having acne on the buttocks, This oneHOWTO article will … Read more

8 cuts for wavy and long hair

A beautiful wavy hair requires specific care so that it looks in all its splendor, but it also has the advantage of offering endless possibilities in terms of cuts and hairstyles. It is especially important to provide it with the nutrients it needs to avoid problems such as split ends or frizz, as well as … Read more

Home remedies for blackheads

The black spots They are the product of excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, because when more than necessary is produced, the pores of our skin become clogged. In normal-sized pores, a protective layer is created over them, giving rise to the very annoying blackheads. But, when they are larger than they should, this … Read more

How to write colors in English

German 10/22/2020 How do you write the color brown in English Klevarit 07/01/2020 How to say lila in English manuela titanes yoloriana exists 02/11/2020 good ynko added colored videos and written red was designed red pink was designed pink str LOURDES DURAISIN 10/27/2019 the colors are very williannys 11/17/2018 Wow, this is very interesting to … Read more

Wanda Nara explodes against the ‘escort’ who claims to have had relations with Icardi

In the last hours a new protagonist joined the ‘Wandagate’: a transsexual escort by name Guendalina Rodriguez, who claims to have had sexual relations with Mauro Icardi on several occasions. Some statements that would have completely set off Wanda Nara who, until now, had preferred to keep silent. And we say “would have” because it … Read more

How many vertebrae do we have

Human beings are vertebratesThis means that we belong to the species of mammals that have a backbone, a detail that has allowed us to evolve in an outstanding way, move around the world and adapt to the most diverse environments and environments. We are born with a certain number of vertebrae, but when we reach … Read more

How to make juices to cleanse the liver

Among the best juices to cleanse and detoxify the liver are beet and lemon, citrus, orange and ginger, apple and carrot juices. The organ in charge of eliminating toxins from our body is the liverTherefore, it is important to take care of the liver, guaranteeing its health and proper functioning. But sometimes due to an … Read more

Why do I have a low hematocrit?

Hematocrit refers to the percentage of red blood cells that are present in our body in relation to the amount of blood we have. When its values ​​are too low or high, it can be due to various pathologies and health conditions that should be determined to treat properly, so when the result of our … Read more

What to do if my platelets are low

It is normal to wonder what it means to have low platelets in your blood when you see the results of your tests that indicate that our blood count thrombocytes or platelets it is very low; in fact, we tend to be alarmed and it is that something in our body is not right. The … Read more

Why does my dog ​​vomit yellow

Have you seen that your dog has vomited yellow and you don’t know why? Like people, dogs if they have an empty stomach for a long time can accumulate a substance called bile. It is a digestive fluid that is produced in the liver, which accumulates in the gallbladder and is normally released by the … Read more

How is Taurus in love

Image: Taurus It is one of the strongest and most persevering signs of the horoscope, a characteristic that is evident when people of this zodiac sign try to conquer someone. Patient, reserved and faithful, they are usually people with long-lasting relationships who give everything when they love their partner. But these are not its … Read more


Is the diet of your faithful friend one of the things about his care that usually worries you the most? It is normal, since surely you want to give your furry the best possible health. The reality is that there are several natural foods that we eat frequently that you can offer your dog and … Read more


If you have suede objects, you know that it is a much more vulnerable and delicate material than most. Due to its composition, suede (also called suede or suede) is a material that stains quite easily and can be difficult to clean. When we talk about suede shoes, we also have to consider that it … Read more

12 home remedies for mouth sores

Although they are very common and usually do not pose a serious health problem, the appearance of canker sores or sores in the mouth can become a painful and uncomfortable problem. These small white ulcers usually appear in the soft areas of the mouth either due to hygiene cases, contagion, oral lesions or episode of … Read more

Why do my testicles itch?

Itching in the testicles is a symptom related in the vast majority of cases to skin infections. The itching or stinging can appear spontaneously and intensely and be accompanied by other symptoms such as redness and swelling of the area. Itching in the testicles is likely due to other less serious causes such as rubbing … Read more

How to know if an ARGENTINE DOG is PURE

Adopting a dog is a momentous decision. As such, it requires deep reflection on your part about whether you are prepared to reconcile your life with that of a dog. All breeds need specific care because there are genetic traits that are linked to certain aspects of their health and, also, like people, each dog … Read more

How to make protein shakes

Image: The Protein shakes They are becoming increasingly fashionable and vending machines proliferate in gyms. But it is healthier for you to prepare your Protein shake, which will be cheaper for you. In addition, it is very simple. The key is to use a food with high protein content, such as eggs, fruit that … Read more

28 Shaved Haircuts for Women

The term “shaved” is undoubtedly associated with the total absence of hair, a style that for many years has seemed to be only available to some. And it is not a simple look, on the contrary, it is an innovative and drastic option that, however, has come stomping. Shaved hair can be worn in so … Read more

“Have a little dignity”

The scandals surrounding Mauro Icardi and Wanda nara. The marriage, which would have been totally broken after the infidelity from the footballer to his wife with the ‘China’ Suarez, continues giving what to talk about. In addition to the ‘darts’ that the businesswoman and representative of the forward of the Paris Saint-Germain has released through … Read more

Names for women’s teams

When creating a team, be it sports, work or any other field, one of the most complicated decisions is to choose a name for that team. Deciding on a name that convinces, everyone likes and represents the spirit or values ​​of the team is not an easy task. In the following unCOMO article, we bring … Read more

All signs of the zodiac

Sports world offers you one more day today’s horoscope, Friday, October 22, 2021, for each of the zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Aries You are trying enormously with work and all your effort could be rewarded. Do not let your guard down and maintain your … Read more

How many foot bones do we have?

The feet have a very important function in the human body, they are responsible for supporting all the weight and suffering the daily impact of each step when you walk. They are made up of different bones and joints so that the mobility of the feet is possible, so it is essential to take care … Read more

How do you spell not even or not even

Not even or not even? How is this written? The truth is that there are many of us who have raised this question when it comes to write and use this word, even though we know its meaning. If you want to know the correct way to write it so as not to make spelling … Read more

How and when to take creatine

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that is often used as a dietary supplement. Its molecular structure works as an anabolic, helping the body to gain anaerobic energy and fulfilling the function of improving sports performance. However, its use has been medically questioned, mainly due to the different possible results and its side effects. Before … Read more

How to Study the Bible – 6 Steps

The Bible It is a book that has generated controversy for centuries; In it, texts that were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek are compiled, which brings together a series of stories of God’s relationship with man. Some dispute its veracity and others have simply decided to take what it says there as a manual … Read more

How to MAKE RED COLOR – Easy Step by Step!

Art has a different meaning and value for each person, but it also has essential elements as a common denominator. In this sense, colors are one of them. Combining them, using them for a certain purpose and with different techniques are some of the key points that artists dominate, but for them to be a … Read more