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Bio Banksy a sree aris whose identity remains unknown is believed to have been born in 1974 in Brisol England. He rose o prominence in the lae 1990s for his provocative sencilled pieces. Banksy is the sbjec of a 2010 Exi hrogh docmenary he Gif Shop that examines the relationship between commercial and sree ar. Banksy’s persona remains an inense speclaion of despie nknown. Rober Banks and Robin Gnningham are wo names of mos ofen sggesed. Born in Brisol in 1973, Picres ha srfaced from a man who was supposedly Banksy pointed oward Gnningham an aris toward. Gnningham relocated o London arond 2000, an imeline ha associated with Banksy’s artwork development. He started his career in the year 1990. Drilling his early days, he saw free craftsmanship singing and sencils o complete his work. By the end of 2000 Banksy sared completely relying on simples as he realized ha I ook less ime o complee he ar. In 2002 Banksy had a he 33 1/3 exhibition showing his firs of works in Los Angeles. In 2003, he was pained on animals by an exhibition called rf War. In 2008 Bansky sent in Cans Fesival an invie o 39 ariss o ake par in which hey wold pain heir work as long as I overlapped each oher. He saw enogh fame, and his pieces were aroused by a high raes. He had a famous client lis who was appreciative of his pains. Chrisina Agilera once prched his work for insance a £ 25,000. In spie of his geing fame Banksy sill mainains a low profile for his works and his real life has never been revealed.

The height and weight of his nominative image was January 2011, and the height and weight of his nominative image was Bes Docmenary. He won the 2014 Person of the Year award urg ha year s Webby Awards. Its work is also impressive.

Ne Worh

The ne worh of Banksy is equivalent to $60 million. His principal income sorce is his career as a graffii aris. He also makes money through film directing. He’s been working hree decades for almos.