Carol Channing – Biography of Carol Channing

The future Broadway star, Carol Elaine Channing, was born on January 31, 1921 in Seattle, Washington. Daughter of a prominent newspaper editor, very active in the Christian Science movement, Channing He attended high school in San Francisco before enrolling at Bennington College in Vermont. She specialized in theater and dance for a year before dropping out to try her luck as an actress in New York.

Channing I was a substitute in the work Let’s face it (1941) on Broadway before joining the cast of Proof Thro ‘the Night, which premiered on Christmas Day in 1942. With its giant smile, big eyes and raspy voice, Channing made a name for himself years later in 1949, when he played Lorelei lee in the theatrical staging of Los caballeros they are preferred blondes. It was in this role that he immortalized the hymn “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend“.

Although he lost the role of Lorelei lee opposite Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film version, she was active in nightclubs and magazine appearances throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. He also continued on Broadway with roles in Wonderful Town (1953) and The vamp (1955).
His next Broadway hit didn’t come until 1964, when he played Dolly gallegher levi in the hit musical Hello, Dolly!, which ran for several years. Carol she won a Tony Award for her performance, but again lost the big screen role to young Barbra Streisand. In 1966, Channing starred in the 1966 television special An Evening With Carol Channing, which earned three Emmy nominations. She later received an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for her performance as a supporting actress in the 1967 film, Thoroughly Modern Millie. The film starred Julie Andrews, with Channing playing the hostess of the party, Muzzy Van Hossmere.
Later, Channing acted both on Broadway and in the remakes of Hello, Dolly!, eventually played the title role more than 5,000 times. Over the decades, he has also guest-starred on television series and lent his distinctive voice to animated films, including Shinbone alley (1971), Happily Ever After (1990) and Thumbelina (1994).

In 1995, Channing she was honored at the Tony Awards with an award for her lifetime achievement. In the new millennium, in 2002, he published his autobiography Just Lucky I Guess. Later that decade he performed in the one-man show The first eighty years are the hardest.

Married twice before, in 1956 Channing She married for the third time to TV producer and manager Charles Lowe, they were together until her death in 1999. She later married her high school boyfriend, Harry Kullijian, at the age of 82 in 2003. Kullijian passed away in 2011. Carol channing He also has a son, Channing Carson, who is a famous cartoonist.